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Pinkie Primus

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Gon look at htis later.

Ponies AND Primus?! :pinkiehappy:

You. Rock.

Pinkie Claypool was just too good to pass up! :pinkiehappy:

It's a fantastic fic, even on it's own. Pinkie Claypool is very interesting as a character. Only one problem...primus sucks! :raritywink:

Thanks very much! :twilightsmile:
And as an added bonus, have the live recording I listened to about 50 times while writing this. PRIMUS SUCKS! :trollestia:

PRIMUS SUCKS :flutterrage:

Delightfully twisted.

I am confused by this story. It was just OK for me because of this.

What was it that confused you? Perhaps I can clarify :pinkiesmile:

1942268 who did Pinkie kill? It was never mentioned, and it seemed important. Also, who was the the pony who stopped her? I am confused, because the pony that stopped the burying process was a pinkie pie. How many pinkies are there?

I intentionally left it a little vague, but it was supposed to be a conflict between personalities in Pinkie's head. One half of Pinkie was trying to bury the other in order to be the only voice left inside her head, while the other was resisting. The first half, the one doing the burying, thinks she's succeeded in burying the other half but then the half she thought she had buried snatches the shovel from her and chases her back to Sugarcube Corner where she accepts that she can't get rid of her second personality by physical means and is forced to become one with her other half. All this happens within Pinkie's head. If another pony were to have come across Pinkie, all they would see would be a mare talking to herself while she digs a hole, fills it without putting anything in and then runs away. Does that clear things up a bit?

1943871 :eeyup:. That clears it up allot. thank you for helping me understand. :pinkiehappy:

No problem, thanks for reading and asking the question :twilightsmile:

Awesome! Are you going Tommy the Cat or John the Fisherman?

Wow you know what? This is the first time I've logged on in months and to see a comment just over a day ago? Awesome.

Now you mention it, Tommy the Cat does sound like a great thing for Rarity, and I can even see Fluttershy as John the Fisherman. Perhaps I can whip something up, but just because you asked...

... and also because I'm a huge Primus fan :raritywink:

Cool! Or mabye you can do Discord as Lee Van Cleef. Oh the possibilities with these songs!


Do you think you could ponify Wynona's Big Brown Beaver? Pretty please?

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