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Lucky Seven

Oh, father of the four winds, fill my sails across the sea of years. With no provision but an open face, along the straits of fear...



Discord is trapped in stone once again. But this time, he does some thinking. No, not about revenge, mind you. But about a certain lavender mare...

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OK. So what happened here? Why was this wiped and reinstated? It's not on your story list anymore either.

6169313 Check my latest blog for the quick lowdown.

But if you want the detailed one, someone reported my re-upload of the original chapters for this story and it wasn't allowed to be resubmitted (even though Obs said it was fine to me like a year ago...). This was cancelled anyways, so I simply moved those chapters back here to their original place. I'd re-upload it, but it can be found on my page anyways and I'm replacing it eventually with a reboot.

Ah. Looking forward to the reboot then. Though I wish you'd leave the original story more accessable.

Comment posted by Listener deleted May 12th, 2016

All your stories are shit compared to this.

7294129 Just read it, and I have to say...

A lot of stories are shit compared to this.

6169321 Well, it'd be nice if this story was in your story list, seeing that it's very good! I only located it through a very roundabout method.

I curious about where this is going.

Damn it Celestia, Luna you could argue anywhere else.

Woohoo awoken I even got the song up while it was happening.

Oh crap, I forgot about Pinkie Pie...

You should have stayed in stone, 'Dizzy'! :rainbowlaugh:

"Oh haha, now listen up, because this is the story of King Discord, and his tyrannical rule over Equestria. Of course, back then it was called the Chaos Continuum."

Chaos Continuum."

That has a nice ring to it...

"I'm not going to help you seduce my student, Discord."

Really Sun-butt? Really? :facehoof:
That's the FIRST thing you think of?

I don't answer. Instead, I lean down and plant a kiss on her lips, catching her off guard. She eventually sinks into it though, and after a few seconds, I pull back, leaving a stunned, smiling mare. Then it dawns on me. I had just kissed Twilight Sparkle, and she actually enjoyed it!

It took TEN CHAPTERS albeit short ones, but ten nonetheless

Fake and gay

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