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Author's note~

Let's see, where to begin...

First off, this story was inspired by the journals of William Anderson. I wrote it within the course of a couple hours (plus another couple of self editing), with the overall intent being to capture Will Anderson's writing style, the love we have for music and what it does for us, and the experience of those times where we feel unexplainably happy and content.

The title of this story was directly stolen inspired by a lyric in Laura Brehm and TwoThirds' Waking Dreams, a wonderfully relaxing song. I was listening to that and the DnB VIP Mix of it for most of the writing duration of this story. Throw in a little of this during the outdoor bits and you've got the intended mood of this story. The song I wrote of in the dance scene was based on Approaching Nirvana's Fade Away, a spectacular rave/party-feeling song, which has one of my all-time favorite drops.

The artwork is courtosy of Episkopi, with the addition of the title text added by myself. The creator of the original Vinyl vector shut down his account, which is unfortunate, becasue it's a very nice vector. Vinyl's expression portrays a lot, in my opinion, and it suits this story perfectly. So, whoever you are, if you read this, thank you!

The dance scene was actually written a few days before the rest of the story and, for the small few of you who've read my other work, Vinyls, Pants, Octaves, and Expensive Tastes, you may be interested to know that said scene was originally intended to be the epilogue of the re-write for the afformentioned story, and, most likely, still will be. I threw it in here because I thought it fit with the rest of the fic.

Lastly, if you could spare a moment, I'd love to know what you think of the story as a whole. I, personally, am quite proud of it. But, in the end, I can't tell if what I've written is as entertaining to others or just comes off as boring and uninteresting. So please, share your thoughts with me!

P.S. I had no editors with me this time around, so feel free to poke me with any errors you happen to catch. I'd appreciate that, too. :twilightsheepish:

~Cheers, everypony. :twilightsmile:

Edit: Hell yeah, one dislike! Take that, positive feeback!

This is pure awesome. It made me feel nice and content, and I like it. Please, keep it up.

I very much enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing it with me.

There were a number of distracting mistakes--improper articles and prepositions, especially--that would be very simple to fix with one more read-through, out loud. Grammatically, it was excellent. I loved how it was organized, especially the one-word-sentence-paragraphs interspersed through the sections.

I really did enjoy this. I found myself donning a genuine smile more than once as I read. It was an interesting take on Vinyl (I like that you never say her name) that I've never seen before. Very happy, very thoughtful, very selfless. A musician. I usually despise present-tense, but it worked very well here. I felt like I was accompanying Vinyl on another happy winter day.

Great job, Stat.


Oh hey, you actually read it! I felt so ashamed afterwards for just throwing a link at you and leaving. Sorry 'bout that. :twilightblush:

Thank you very much for your critique. I'll go through and fix the errors you mentioned, (at some point - 'cause these things always take me forever :twilightsheepish:) and I'm glad you enjoyed my take on Vinyl. It's a bit of a pet peeve with me about the writing community as a whole - Everyone writes Vinyl the same. Not that there's anything truly wrong with that, it just seems uncreative at times. I wanted to go out on a limb with this, and it's nice to know it worked. Same with those one-word bits interspaced between paragraphs. Wasn't sure if they worked or simply felt cliche.
Also, I too hate present-tense. But, like you said, I thought it worked.

Anyways, thanks once more for your input. And again, I am sorry for throwing self-promotion at you.

Great story. I throughly enjoyed reading it. Only thing I'll nit-pic over is the fact that you don't really need that final line, it would have been good to just leave it at the door closing. But thats just me being picky. Have a mustache for an awesome story. :moustache:

1543711 Thanks! :twilightsmile:

1586469 Hm, now that you mention it, that last line is indeed not strictly needed. That said, I liked leaving it with the image of dark, snowy Canterlot streets. I'd say that's a matter of opinion. Anywho, thanks for reading! Glad you enjoyed it. :twilightsmile:

Now this is one beautifully-written story. There's a certain amount of imagery here that is wistful and loving on certain levels, and you've written in a style that is very much journal format without feeling like journal entries; it is direct thought and feeling from your protagonist character, and I absolutely love it. I also appreciate the lack of dialogue; it isn't very often I'll find stories written that are enhanced by the lack of dialogue, and this was one of them, without a doubt! Absolutely beautiful work and writing, sir! I'll be giving you a watch! :twilightsmile:

3533161 Thank you so much! I'll be honest, I'm not sure whether or not I'm entirely happy with this story, but I'm very, very glad that it connected with you on all the emotional levels I intended it to! You got every point of it right; the imagery, style, and even lack of dialogue. Thanks a lot for the kind comment and watch! :twilightsmile:

3556373 *chuckles* I totally understand the feeling of not being satisfied with a story, and there's nothing wrong with that. But I would definitely say that your story evoked strong emotion, and that it accomplished the goal you set out with it to accomplish!
And you're quite welcome, as well! You have more than earned it, and I am honored to be able to read your work!

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