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Emma Iveli, known on ff.net for her fics is here to bring (at least one) Friendship is Magic fic... enjoy her works and for the first time ever: EDITED!

Seriously... that's a big deal...

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Pinkie Pie always had weird abilities, not only that but she always had weird memories. Memories belonging to a human named Luffy. However when somepony tries to kidnap Fluttershy, she learns what's really going on. She is the reincarnation of Monkey D. Luffy, a human from another universe who ate something called a Devil's Fruit and she isn't the only reincarnated Devil Fruit eater.

They are called Devil's Reincarnations. And a group of them want to take over Equestria but first they want Fluttershy since she a rare ability called Haoshoku Haki. Because of who Pinkie was in her past life it's up to her to stop them! But she's not alone, with the aid of her friends as well new and old friends she'll be able to stop them and save Equestria!

Betaed by NightmareKnight

First Published
31st Oct 2012
Last Modified
6th May 2013

This makes a disturbing amount of sense.

Also there are the reincarnation of mister 1, Moira and don flamingo right?

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The whole thing of Pinkie being a reincarnation of Luffy makes perfect sense.

#3 · 229w, 4d ago · 1 · · A King's Soul ·

Bon-Bon is Marco

Rose is Jozu

Twilight is Robin

and of Course Spitfire is Ace

I wasn't sure when this was going to be put up. Anyways I want to dedicate this version of the story to mauvsheep who is having severe problems with One Piece haters!


The FF.net version of this story already has Mr. 1, I have plans for Moria and Doflamgo... I'm waiting for confirmation.


Twilight IS Robin, that was revealed in the first chapter, the others... I won't say, but I will say one of those are right the others are way off...

>>1538890 Okay So who is Marco and jozu

And Who is Bon-Bon and Rose

Yay, recognition:twilightsmile:


Well I'm still deicing whether not Marco will be in the story (I have no idea if his Devil Fruit makes him immortal or not), I'm still toying ideas for Jozu...

And Rose and Bonbon... well the ff.net hasn't' revealed it yet... so it's a secret.

Very interesting concept. Bookmarked.


Thanks for the support. It is greatly appreciated.


You're welcome...

Also I would like to say please ignore the trolls. They can't get me down. Because I love One Piece... there's no one who's going to shame me otherwise. So let them bump up my comment raiting. Besides, comments mean nothing to me when I have a One Piece/Naruto crossover on ff.net that has almost 3,000 reviews...

>>1539109 Marco Scootaloo

Jozu Sweetie Belle

Also who is the apple Devil reincarnation


I have no plans for any of the CMC to be Devl's Reincarnation...

And I want to keep the member of the Apple family a surprise...


Good luck with your crossover Emma! I am also a fan of One Piece, and like you said, the trolls and haters are just fun to watch. :rainbowlaugh:

MLP and anime are two of my passions, so any crossover between them is always appreciated! :raritystarry:

I can't wait till the rest is up on here

I sort of hope somepony will be Bon-Clay

>>1539665 also will any of the 11 supernova's show up as well as the admirals


I'm still toying with ideas for the other super novas... but the Admrials... I have plans for them... a lot of plans...

>>1547886 would love to see how red dog would react to this world


Oh I have plans for Akainu... lots of plans...

@blackie prepare to be amazed..... Aritakke yume vo kaki atsume sagashi mono no sagashi ne yuke no sai ONE PIECE!!!

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Ok lets see

If each of the mane 6 is a Devil fruit user and Twi and Pinkie are taken, then when it comes to strawhats we have 2 users left and if we go by closeness then I predict the following for the other four

Rarity- Brook (her voice)

Applejack- Chopper- trees

Rainbow dash- (considering closeness to pinkie, either she or flutters will get turned into ace)

Fluttershy- in a shocking bit of irony...Boa freaking Hancock...

The sad bit about the fanfic is that the other strawhats will not be there :pinkiesad2:


Sorry to say but you are wrong... I thought it would a better idea to not have all of the mane 6 be reincarnations...

Besides I already established that Fluttershy isn't one...


Ok then...still cool though



Cheerilee=Tsuru or Simon

Zecora=Basil Hawkins or Jabra

Shining Armor=Smoker or Jozu

Queen Chrysalis=Caribou or Gekko Moriah

Trixie=Foxy or Buggy

Fleur De Lis=Jewelry Bonney or Kalifa

Gilda=Kaku or Eustass Kid, Mr.5

Hoity Toity=Bentham or Galdino, Emporio Ivankov

Nurse redheart=Trafalgar Law

Octavia=Capone Bege

Vinyl Scratch=Scratchmen Apoo

Iron Will=Blueno



I won't say what's what. But I will say: I have confirmed one of those in my mind, been considering another. I won't say which two.

Oh, but you did inspire one, I won't say who, but when I saw this post an awesome image popped into my mind and I can't get rid of it...

Once again I won't say who and who...

Also I'm sorry to say Zecora won't be in the story, I literally can't write her (I suck as rhyming).

what about zolo and nami and franky and brook and chopper? can we say they all ended up reincarnated because of brook? what about crocodile? MIHAWK? KUMA? you need the straw hat pirates in full at least. pleease?:fluttershysad:


Some of those will be adressed, others won't... sorry...


I should tell you I havn't addressed the ture nature of the Devil's Reincarnations yet...

>>1720556aha! mystery! but still...:fluttercry:


You can always read the ff.net version it's a little more ahead but the grammar's far wrose...

ohmygoshimsostupid! one of the ponies in the shack was crocodile! how did i not notice that?! lightning bolt is eneru!

yay crocodile! naaaa na-na-na naa-naa-naa-na SE-ven WARLORDS! what about Hancock? if shes here she has to be a mare........ are you gonna mess with my mind? :duck:


Like I said, there's more on ff.net...

>>1721232 I'm still reading there, just tell me before hand ARE YOU GONNA MESS WITH MY MIND? I MUST KNOW! also i forgot to ask about sanji


I won't say if I'm going to mess with you mind...

And I have plans for the other Straw HAts but they won't be for a while...

Comment posted by kitsuneito deleted at 12:47am on the 13th of December, 2012


I'm trying to be vauge about my plans for the future of this story...

>>1721526 OK, I'll shut up for a while, but still, WTF? " you burn my heart, even though i don't have a heart!"  ff.net version= faint in shock


What are you talkign about it?

>>1722103 which part? i just wanted to make a brook reference because i was bored, but when i read the other one, i was like "OHMYGOD!!!!!!!:derpyderp1:

have you successfully been disturbed?


No I'm just confused by what you're saying...

Do you think I might be able to rewrite my own version of this?

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