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The prophecy of Nightmare Moon's return has been told from generation to generation. Many ponies came to regard it as nothing more than a mere legend. There was, however, a second prophecy. One that was not known amongst the common ponies of Equestria, for its meaning remained a mystery, even to Celestia.

"When night and day collide, peace will be restored, and the Spirits of Harmony will return true balance to Equestria."

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Thanks... I suppose. It was my first attempt at fanfiction, so I hope it was enjoyable!

"New" FIMFiction not being very cooperative with the edits I'm trying to do, making my story currently unavailable. Please stand by.

EDIT: Recovered it from the backup on GDocs. Should be viewable now.

EDIT EDIT: So I looked it over again and caught some derps in the formatting from the transfer as well as some other mistakes. Always trying to make my work better.

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