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A bard, a being who tells stories and sings songs, lands in Equestria, soon even Canterlot is raving about this mysterious "Bard". That is, if he can learn to live with being blind. Hopefully there's a piano somewhere.

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1/2/13:on hiatus until inspiration hits. sorry 'bout that!
1/7/14: Inspiration hit. Like a truck. Ont the freeway, going 90 mph. Thanks, DM
DM: Guess we know who was driving that truck. Meep meep, motherbucker.
1/7/14:Featured box... Huh?
1/8/14: I broke Fimfiction.

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Well, I haven't seen many fics where the protagonist is blind, and I also like the idea of him being a bard, I shall watch.
Please proceed:eeyup:

Thanks. I appreciate the watch. I'm trying to get a name for the bard though. Any suggestions? He will not be"Bard" though. or maybe he will...

I don't have any, I'm terrible naming things and people

this is very nice. a name..a name...my kingdom for a name.....Alexander...something....i got nothing..

Will this story lead to an eventual shipping?

See above

No need for shipping, I rather enjoy this fic.

Eventual shipping is fine by me, but please don't rush it no one falls in love within the first few weeks like this give it a few months if possible. XP can't wait for next update

Spoony. All bards are Spoony

Sorry, bro, no voting this time around.

Whoops, i accidently deleted your last comment.(curse you, android) do you mind reposting it? Something about diamond tiara and silver spoon. Also sumthin about the holiday special...

Very good work your doing here my friend, can;t wait to see where it goes. No if I could only get that follow button to work correctly.:facehoof:

Because it needs to be said. Yay! You Used the Animaniacs!

Ballad of Magellan from Animaniacs, which was written down in the story
Here's the link for anyone who wants to hear it.

Good Story so far, Tracked and I hope this story continues

thanks, haven't exactly figured out how to use the Youtube link thing.

angel bunny must be the size of a german sheppard

moar also reference to pirates of the caribbean and a possible reference to brony recon

sory^^ no brony recon. is that a fic?

1597515Yes. Bards were able to use the royal capslock voice

unfortunate news is here, the next chapter was written up on paper, but it got lost. i have the ideas in my head, but it'll take a few more days to type the story out. sorry!

that's quite the Runaway Bold you got there hun, you should probably fix that.

EDIT: which somehow transferred over to my comment... odd

1621096 when you were doing the Q&A with Twilight you forgot to stop bolding so it stayed bolded through the rest of the story

you there! author! i neeed more @-@

sorry, no more writing today, i upladed that at school... in the cafeteria. my brain is fried:pinkiesick:, give me til sunday to start a new chapter... k?:raritywink:

mmmm fried brain....and sure, not like i have any say lol :rainbowlaugh:

Oh btw. I hate uploading chapters on my phone

1744665 that ending seemed like a copout on the princesses part to me


writer's block is a parasprite... i wanted to get this chapter out.

Capitalize some names, and remove excess commas and periods.

As for what I thought....I liked it. Just in general, it's a good story. I especially liked the part about preening. It makes alot of sense.

she brought cakes, crumbles, pies, custards, cremés, puddings, jello, brownies, doughnuts, danishes, truffles, moose, cookies, ice cream, candy, tarts, flan, sarsaparilla, tiramisu, torts, scones, and much much more.

mousse - A Thick, fluffy and creamy dessert.
Moose - largest extant species in the deer family.

First comment on the new chapter. Call the police, they can't un-first you.

3506104 This is horribly late, but thank you!

Guess we know who was driving that truck. Meep meep, motherfucker.

before i read...One Long Year...

>.> dat edit

3753361 one year. and 3 days. since I last wrote.

At some point, when he's in a tavern or something, you'll have to get him to do Blind Guardian's "The Bard's Song"

Other than that, a good story so far, though there are some spelling/grammar mess ups occasionally.

I'm so glad to see this update again, it's one of my favourites and also one of the first fimfics I ever read. I enjoyed this chapter. :twilightsmile:

3755068 between you and me, this chapter was just about done for just under a year... stupid distractions (Read: videogames:twilightsheepish:)

3755468 Happens to the best of us! Heck, I've accidentally done similar with a good number of projects. Don't worry about it. :twilightsmile:

Really looking forward to the chapter... well see it next year I suppose XD

3753366 don't tell me I have to wait another year!!!

I think berry punch and jack sparrow would get along well.

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