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When Octavia meets Vinyl Scratch while at school, she becomes aware of feelings for the unicorn. Feelings that a respected Canterlot mare like herself should not be feeling towards a mare, even if that mare happens to be a fillyfooler. Octavia lives in worry that somepony will discover her secret, but she's more terrified of Vinyl finding out and leaving her for good. Octavia would rather face a life alone than lose Vinyl, which is why she has to tell her never mind.

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Dont normally read these kinds of fics, but ill make an exeption.

This story seems really good. You're a great writer! I'll definetly be favoriting this one.

Keep up the great work!

This story has some amazing potential.
Saying that wasn't really necessary, but I can't stand people who put 'first'.
Love it so far, and no mistakes that I caught. :pinkiehappy:

I like how this is going. Time to start tracking.

hmmmmm... Nicely done. Cant wait till 2

tracking this. can't wait to see the next chapter!

Great story. Love it.
Can't ever have too much Octavia.

Though, I did find one thing.

“I highly doubt that. I am a pony of great sophistication. This…wubs doesn’t appeal to me. I have a specific type of music.
The classical genre,” I turned to my portion of the room. Thankfully, Vinyl Scratch hadn’t put a single hoof in the area. Unfortunately, I had to cross the tornado-zone that was her side of the room. Honestly, you would think a unicorn would have some sense of cleanliness.

It seems to be off.
I would think it would be better to put "These...wubs don't..."
I'm not sure if Octavia is just saying this out of pure confusion of what "wubs" are, or if it's just a simple grammar mistake.

But idunno. That's just my opinion on it.
Can't wait to read the next chapter.


Every pony likes my wubs:pinkiecrazy:

Hey-o! :pinkiecrazy: You know it's me; and I must review, mainly because it's OctaScratch, but also because this story is really, really good :pinkiehappy: Bee-yotch, update asap! :raritystarry:

... Please? :scootangel:

Watching this! It has great potential, if it doesn't end up too rushed.


:pinkiegasp: Oh my gosh I didn't notice that when I ran through it before uploading it! It's a grammar error. You're right, it should be "These" and "don't". I'll be more careful in the next chapter! Thank you for pointing that out though!

I like this alot please do more This is one of my favorite vinyl storys

100 bits says that this gets featured.
Keep it up Autumn. :twilightsmile:

this was a great chapter, and so new! I never seen a bad guy Lyra and Bon Bon before! Nice work!

Y DON'T WE HAVE A CLAPPING EMOTICON? :raritydespair: Cuz you deserve one! :pinkiecrazy: Keep up the epic work, chica :derpytongue2:
Now, here's a mustache: :moustache: Wear it with pride.

Enjoying this so far - keep it up!

I wanted to go public, and she was afraid too, so we broke up. = should probably be to

Brutal, and sad. Octavia really needs to learn to judge ponies better.


Thanks for pointing that out! I'll watch out for the to/too/two thing more carefully!

Looks like things went well enough. Seems like things are lookin' up for those two as friends.

oh now Vinyl it's not good to hold a grudge against your future wife

Two chapters in one day? Me Gustav (I'm such a geek, props if you get it!).

That made me laugh more than it should have :rainbowlaugh:

well now I have no Idea how this is going to go lol

Lol! This is rolling along nicely.:heart:

i really hope she have a lover in her life. i don't want her to be heart boerken

1536393 I love you for saying that. Just so you know. :rainbowlaugh:
1536453 But you do epic job again, chica :pinkiehappy: This was the best thing to read at 3:06 am. Thank you for updating so incredibly fast.

I gotta say, this is pretty good so far. I'm actually pretty new to the OctaScratch pairing, and this is the 2nd fic I've read concerning it...you're doing great!! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:


:moustache: I do say Sir, pretty good.

Oh hohoho, looks like Octy's got something to think about~. Dis iz gonna be good.

:pinkiesick: Ugh, I'm so tired and hungry and... :pinkiegasp: HOLY CRAP "Never Mind" HAS BEEN UPDATED *drops everything and reads*
... I always knew BonBon was a bitch :ajbemused:
... What kind of a name is Yooess? :trixieshiftright:
Anywho, awesome job! :raritystarry: Though, you mentioning candy makes me want some :pinkiecrazy:


This comment would be amazing if it weren't for one teensy little detail- I'm not a 'sir'. I'm a girl :twilightsmile:

Yooess Dee is one of the paparazzi ponies in the series, as is Dollar/Money Shot.

1549576 ... I still wanna know how you thought up that name... :applejackconfused:

I always like the Vinyl-Tavia pairings.
Keep up the good work

Definitely short, but funny in its own way. I do believe this chapter deserves a :moustache:. What say you?

Ah, the fear of breaking the news to one's parents; often the greatest fear of the sexually different. It's good to see it acknowledged in a romance fic here; haven't really seen that as of yet. Keep on going; this is pretty good! :twilightsmile:


awww, thank you!


:rainbowkiss: :raritystarry: :yay: :heart: :heart: :heart: my day (or really late evening I suppose) has been made. Thank you so much!

just lettin' ya know:
Your story is awesome, and you should feel awesome!!!

edit: On a less important side note:

One, I’m a unicorn. I have magical powers. Two, I’m one too, and it’s easier to tell if somepony is one too.”

"I'm one too" doesn't really....you know....work.


I thought that was on purpose, just Tavi not understanding the meaning of 'wubs'.

Uh oh, I think Octy's mind is going to a dark place. Hurry Vinyl, cuddle her!

Well done again! I like this take on a classic ship. Get out there and do your thing for NaNoWriMo, but don't forget about your loyal fans (that's us)!

WHY CAN'T I UPVOTE MORE THAN ONCE!??! :raritydespair:
In other news, great job on getting in the featured! :pinkiehappy: Keep up the epic work, chica.

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