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Equestria has lasted for many a millennia, but as it's existence draws to a close, one inhabitant is left to keep vigil over a long empty world.

Cover art is by Tridgeon.

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If your frightened of dying and your holding on, you'll see devils tearing your life away. If you've made your peace, then the devils are really angels, freeing you from the earth.

I can't read this without crying. Great job :fluttercry:

Poor Celestia. I suppose if she was bored enough in her empty world she could have freed Discord.

Guys, do me a favor and please don't listen to the video below while reading this story.


A few typos, but this had me wallowing in my feels. This is why Celestia is one of my favorite characters, and my favorite ruler out of any series: because she's so damn old, to put it bluntly, and old people make me feel sad. And sad means happy for deep people. <--who got that reference?

Well done.

Another great, sad piece. I need to stop reading the sad category stories, but I don't know how I can do it. :raritydespair:

Nikolai you crazy Russian! You need go back home! The feels are to powerful we need to fall back! Niko-
*feel bullet goes through my head*

You bastards! I'll kill you!
Oh, look a bottle of Vodka!
... What was I talking about?
*Torn apart by feels zombie*

Happiness may spring eternal, but life cannot, therefore, neither can happiness. Such is the cycle of the world, and maybe a new race will come to take the place of the long lost Equestrians. Maybe something... bipedal?

Maybe Celestia is watching from her perch on the sun as I write...

Glad to have you back, Mr. Hodd.

Worlds of magic, by necessity, have magical ends.

Cool story, but what about Discord?

1591111 1594335
He was probably gone by that time as well, his own soul fading from his stone prison to whatever afterlife he would choose.

Hey no dislikes so far! :pinkiehappy:

i only have one question: what happened to all the other sentient races of Equestria, like Dragons, Griffins, Changelings and Diamond Dogs? they don't seem like the types of creatures that would just stop breeding, nor do any of them seem to be evil enough to annihilate one another. just a thought.


Well as for the griffons, I consider them a very unique type of pony, thus they faded away like the rest. The diamond dogs, without any sort of victims to prey on, were not intelligent to survive on their own, often dissimilating, and fleeing into the wilderness, to expire. The changelings, as far as I'm concerned were wiped out long ago, when Cadence and Shining armor banished Chrysalis, and whatever few may have remained, have long since perished. As for the dragons, they had experienced a decline after many centuries, an ancient race unsuited for the newer times, and thus, were incompatible with the generations that superseded them.

Can we reach 50 likes in 3 days??? :pinkiehappy:

We live so that one day we may die, it is our final destiny.

Yet despite this, we cry...

Ignore me, I'm just high off of feels and trying to sound cool :derpytongue2:


Ok you just bummed me out, by making me read my own fic and listening to that. :ajbemused:

This is...deep. :fluttercry:

Heard Doom Pie read your fic and made a point to come here, like, favorite and follow. this is damn, Damn, DAMN good, author. I sobbed bitterly, but it was a good kinda sob. :pinkiesad2::applecry::raritydespair::fluttercry:


Why thank you! :twilightsheepish:

Not even 2 paragraphs in I started to tear up. I think 'twas at the Luna part

I think this story goes deep about death, and the passing of life into death. I really enjoyed this story, but if you will excuse me,I have to go dry my pillow.:fluttershysad:

Not many fics can bring a tear to my eye.
This is one of the rare few that do.
This, is a masterpiece.
And I can, and will accept this head cannon.
I hope you realise how great this fic is. Because besides being a master crafted literature, it is unique. And I am yet to see a fic think about immortality in this way.

And now, I go. To dry my tears and to question what it means to be mortal.
A (new) watcher of your work,
-Eric Longtooth.

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