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This Is NOT a self insert.

What happens when 5 Bronies come together to write one fanfiction? This monstrosity.
(There aren't enough tags for all the characters we might, or might not use. Don't judge us.)
Also it isn't our fault if this fic gives you Diabetes, Lou Gerick's Disease, AID's, Cancer, Terminal Australian Voice Disease, or Swag Fag Condition. So in short. You will die.

Please disregard the sad/tragic post in struggling authors, for it was a misclick.

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:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: just another day for me...WAIT! are you saying im a clopper?! also what the fuck was Chrysaor doing to me and do i want to know:rainbowhuh:

Jim, if I ever go to Canada, I'll kick you in the dick so hard, you get ovaries.

:rainbowlaugh: oh gawd best intro ever

2669271 VENGEANCE FOR PUTTING ME THROUGH BANNED FROM EQUESTRIA (DAILY). :flutterrage: His tongue was at the wrong place at the wrong time. Ill let your imagination do the rest.
2669797 Love you too man. Hey you write next, so it's up to you what happens next. :rainbowderp::scootangel:
2670693 I had fun yes. :trollestia:

XD i loved this!:pinkiehappy: so who's next? also, i decided the first thing im gonna do when i see you for the first time is kick you in the dick:scootangel:

2674225 :fluttercry:... :yay: PAIN!
The writing list goes as follows: (Also following who is best pony for each of them)

Myself :rainbowkiss:
Raul :yay:
Matt :yay:
Josh :pinkiehappy::rainbowdetermined2:
Bryan :yay::flutterrage::yay:

So your next! :rainbowderp:

2676997 k, thanks for the heads up, also you didint put Luna there...they need a luna emoticon.

I would like to insert my opinion here, good sir.

While editing this, I gave my view on this chapter to DashyJ, so I'll give it to you as well.

It's a pile of diarrhea with baby vomit and year old, stale milk mixed in.

Thank you for listening to my opinion,

Ill top it in dumbassery next chapter

2688172 You have no idea what you have started my friend.
2688287 Look forward to it!

woooo and now we wait

2688172 alright then, you write the next one.

2688891Im on the Xbox right now. Want to talk? or Skype?


Sorry I'm not on the writing list.

I'm the editor for this little group.
Nice try though,

Is genital mutilation going to become a thing with me.

2744067 now I kind of regret writing that joke.

2744096what joke? also, now it's my turn...Or is it Brians? idk

2744618 getting kicked in the nuts.

Ask jim

2744618 Yours man. Good luck!
First exam in 4 hours and 18 minutes! And it's the hardest one!

2745544 all my assignments are done for the term so im probably gonna be a lot more productive

I have to step up my game on the ridiculousness factor if I want to keep up with you guys, don't I?

Comment posted by LoosePartyCannon deleted Jul 18th, 2013

2893354 Damn right! you have to PERFECT the art of sitting on your ass thinking up puns and random shit like me!

Unniverse... Prepare your :raritydespair:

The train of faces while reading this. :rainbowderp::fluttershyouch::twilightsheepish::rainbowkiss::rainbowlaugh::pinkiecrazy:

Comment posted by LoosePartyCannon deleted Jan 19th, 2014

Wkbfculbdijvwljcdhkbcjlducobsfjowvjlfbjwf hjbucb FUCK YEAH!!!!:twilightangry2::pinkiegasp:

3287960 Well thats just great, the only story im working on and its gone down the shitters...Can we blame Dan?


Yes we are still doing this. Just waiting on Bryan... :ajbemused:

And, yes. You can always blame Daniel, no matter what it is.:raritywink:

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