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I wrote this on a whim, so don't expect it to be... you know... good.
Just a simple story about one pony's perspective on a rainstorm.
Inspired by the song "Come Rain or Come Shine" by BB King & Eric Clapton. The song adds great effect to the story, and I highly suggest you listen while reading.
Feedback is appreciated.

PS- I didn't describe the pony so all of you could have a unique spin on what he looked like.

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That was pretty good man, As someone who writes on a whim as well, I found this to be engaging and I truly felt myself connect with the love for the rain! i'd love to see more man.

105353 Thanks man! That really means a lot right now. I'll try to write some more stuff like this if I find time.

Mind if I so a lets read on this story? I wanna test my reading speed and do a brief story for a video. I will of course credit you for your story.

4867031 I'd be honored! Go right ahead. When you're done, shoot me a link and I'll promote it as best I can.

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