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Just your average writer. 14, freshman, and about two months being a brony. I absolutely HATE shipping, excluding the occasional Fluttermac or OC.


Sequel to "A Twisted Crush". Reading the original is not completely necessary, but 100% recommended.

Featherweight and Twist are now in high school, which means tons of drama, tons of homework and tons of... love? The two foals decide they are now old enough to date, so they, of course, do so. They have an upper-hoof over other couples, considering they've loved each other since foalhood. Or at least, that's what it seems...

Story inspiration by *hahasauce on deviantart. Cover by ~IcyInuYoukai on deviantart

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 13 )

I cant wait for the next chapters. That story is awesome.

That escalated quickly. Not that I have a problem with it :twilightsmile:

hahah I agree.

looking forward for the next chapter~ ;)

Still loving how the word choice makes sense for their age.
Can't wait for the next chapter!

P.S. I can't help but imagine Pipsqueak talking and dressing like The Fonz.

Hey guys! Sorry I can't publish the chapter right away.:twilightsheepish: I've got another story which is getting even more popular than this, so I wouldn't expect fast service on this one, maybe like two a week:unsuresweetie:. So don't be disappointed in me, please!:scootangel: these two stories are making me :pinkiecrazy:

What about scootaloo. And im glad this is continuing

Okayyy... Sorry to tell this to everyone, but the mood's...dead. I haven't even typed a sentence since the 28th. It's just, I'm not really one for high school romance (hell, I'm a freshman and I've never dated, so I probably would screw this up anyways). Please check my other stories, for I may not go back to this. Just a heads-up so you don't wait anxiously for something to never come.:pinkiesad2:

Tell me this isn't on hiatus too! :fluttershysad:

1763842 Man, you're killing me! This is on hiatus unfortunately. But don't worry, one day I will get back to this and TP. One day...:pinkiesad2:


It's alright. Good luck on all your fics, though! Keep up the good work! :raritywink:

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