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True Blood


Thousands of years ago, there was no Harmony. Chaos ruled the known world, and had driven all the surviving races underground. It had been centuries since the original reign of the three royal clans: Unicorns, Pegasi, and Earth Ponies, and two small Alicorn fillies find themselves caught up in a destiny that will take them on long and arduous paths. Can these two young Ponies find it within themselves to bring about the Founding of Harmony?

Chapters (2)
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This is pretty awesome, not the sort of story I've seen before :pinkiehappy: There were no grammar or spelling mistakes that I good see and overall it seems like this is going to be good :twilightsmile:

Hey, thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it, I really appreciate feedback, it helps me to improve my writing, and give you a much better read. I was trying to make this as original as possible, but keep to the Cannon as much as I could, and I think I've gotten that down pretty well, as you'll see in the coming chapters. I've got so many ideas for this fic, it's hard to keep myself concentrated on the part that I'm up to writing at the time, haha.

Wow, this took longer to get out that it should have, but I just had so many distractions. Plus I ended up re-writing half of it, because I wasn't happy with it. Turned out pretty well though, I think. I'm trying to keep these short, so I can release them faster. I'm half-succeeding, haha.

Anyway, constructive criticism is encouraged, I absolutely love hearing what you think. If you like it, thumbs it up, and spread the word, if not, thumbs it down and tell me why, so I can improve and bring a better product.

Enjoy :twilightsmile:

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