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WARNING: Sequel to 'Then Tomorrow Came'. Spoilers ahead.

Through great hardships and heartbreaks, Twilight Sparkle has finally "won" the heart of her beloved Rainbow Dash. But will she have the chance to finally enjoy the peace and happiness of her hard won victory? Will the consequences of her extreme actions catch up with her? And what will happen if Rainbow Dash ever begins to suspect the truth?

Rated T for language, implicit sexual content, and morally confusing arguments regarding neuroethics. Again, this is a sequel to Then Tomorrow Came. If you haven't read that, this isn't going to make much sense.

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yep... still yelling at my computer for twilight to stop. :twilightblush:

I enjoyed the first one and it seems i will enjoy this one as well. keep up the good work

Quite enjoyable, I was thinking that you weren't going to write anymore until I saw your blog. I am interested in whats going to happen to Fluttershy (as in get like this:fluttercry:no... NO!! Twilight Sparkle you bitch!:flutterrage::flutterrage::flutterrage:

I really admire sentences like these: but now the trip was overcast by a unique shadow . . . It was a familiar route, one she had traveled . . . leaving her to carry the troubling contents. Great way to bury these subtle hints within your paragraphs. And your characterization of Rainbow Dash is so good it hurts. My only suggestion is that you leave 'A/N's outside of your chapters and in the comments; they kill immersion otherwise.

That's actually a really simple but great idea. I've been writing individual chapters one at a time and imagining people following along with each update, but for people who come in later and read a bunch of chapters all at once, the author notes would break immersion. I've been doing it that way because that's what I've been seeing a lot of in the fics I've read, but that doesn't necessarily make it a great idea.

Made me want to read more lol

I do have to say that I never suspected Fluttershy having such forensic skills to investigate a scene like she did.

Oh damn it all to the the ever blazing flames of hell! *Sigh* Of course Fluttershy would be there at just the right time to see that. Well, let's see what come next.



It's interesting how people walk away from this with totally different opinions. I know some of us are secretly rooting for Twi :rainbowwild:

Sequel is here!:rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss:

1514542 Bitch plz, emotional issues my ass. I am a very confident person and was simply stating what I think Fluttershy will be feeling the future.


Ohhhh you were talking about Fluttershy. Sorry, you know, CANTERLOCK CAPTION and all.

1519834 you really didn't get that?...

Probably distracted by the massive text?

1520744 Ah... that would make sense, and since were talking are you going to make this one darker that the first? I would really like that.:pinkiehappy:

That's pretty much going to be unavoidable. The biggest challenges will be keeping it from escalating too quickly and figuring out how to end it. I kinda want a happy-ish ending (in the same way Tomorrow's end was "happy-ish") and for things to work out alright for Twilight, but I'm not seeing a plausible way for it to happen at present. So I don't really know where I'm taking it past a certain point, but it most certainly will be darker.

1527417 :yay:ck yeah! I can't wait to see how shining Armor and cadence come in to play in this. Although I don't totally agree on Twilight getting her way this time. Do some creepy suicide, murder, insanity stuff. I would love that.

Hey, you got me hooked lookin for the next update. :twilightsmile:

Oh dear.

This is going to be... bad. Or good, depending on your POV.

I do hope that Twilight's spell slows down a bit, though. It started working very fast (love in just a couple days?), but if it keeps up it might give Rainbow Dash a full blown unhealthy obsession. Well, what she has now isn't exactly healthy either, but...

That is a really attention grabbing prologue (meaning it's perfect).

This story and the last have been really, really impressive. I love it.

Oh yes-yes-yes-yes-YES! I am so glad to see this story being written. Definitely going to be following this.

I loved that the first story did not bow to conventions of evildoer punished by her actions. Less Crime and Punishment and more Notes from Underground, if you read those. You may not be an experienced writer but you're doing a great job faking it! One idea is that Twi 'gets away' with her crime but lives with her conscience and the story follows her journey as she wrestles with this - perhaps she attempts to 'make amends' in some manner? Several manners? There are several common ways this story could go. If you keep skirting the obvious ones and manage to come up with something different and real, this could become an amazing journey, not just a great one-shot. Take your time and have fun with it- I know that I will keep watching for as long as it takes.

Is this still in the works? Been a looong time.

Sorry about that. I'll get back to it soon. I meant to have something out by the end of the holidays....but then I didn't. :fluttercry:

It's been 5 weeks since your last comment!! Please don't put this on hold!!!:twilightoops:

Alrighty. Alrighty. I'll follow this warped madness that is sure to come. Time to watch more of Twilight's slow descent into madness.

Congratulations, you've caused a new "What the Fuck" subfolder in my FIM Fanfic bookmarks folder.

I forsee that this will end in somepony´s death. Most likely Twilight´s in some way.
Also poor Fluttershy. :c
And i got the feeling Twi and Dash will be the first couple were the friends aren´t enthusastic about given that two of those couples already failed and that it does come a bit suddenly.

But what i really hope is to see who of AJ and RD broke up with the other. We know that RD was the one who wrote the letter to Twi and got no feelings for her and not as some assumed being AJ who stole the letter and send a reply to Twi.
Still i wanna know the reasons why they broke up. Were they like Twi´s or differently? Why would RD write a letter and not talk to Twi personally, to me it seems unlikely that RD would chose a cowards way and instead take the brave and personal one, same as Twi did with Fluttershy. At least Twi was there to help Shy a bit even if she was the one who ahd hurt her so much, but here RD didn´t even bothered to help Twi at all. "Oh you love me. How falttering. Ya know, i don´t love. See ya tomorrow at PInkie´s party." - what the heck? :rainbowhuh:

Well now that's interesting. Someone sent Twi a very poignant message. But why?

Misunderstanding. See the prologue.

While I can't say I like it when an author takes a few months off, I can say I am happy when they come back and continue to work because that's what matters, finishing what they started. I am glad to see you still are scientific and all, but I have one problem, centrifugal force does not exist.
Other than that one thing I enjoyed the story and await watching it play out.

The argument over centrifugal force being "ficticious" and therefore somehow improper to talk about is silly. It depends on what reference frame you are working from. Just like the coriolis effect, centrifugal force is a legitimate term when working in a rotational reference frame.

2381050 Whoops, my bad.:derpyderp2: I really gotta re read previous chapters so I don't make bone head mistakes like that.

hmm... yeah. I've got to give that one to you. I apologize my fine fellow.

I never thought this would update!

The thing is, the timing couldn't be worse, because I just finished writing a sad TwiDash fic. Yeah.:ajbemused:


Oh good.

The "What the Fuck" folder was feeling left out.

So glad this updated.
Lol at Rainbow kamina.

That Gurren Lagaan reference.

Wow. That potion works really good. They do feel like they´re in a geniue love relationship and Dash doesn´t feel like a Zombie in love but like actual RD who´s in love with an egghead. What makes this sad is that Twi had become some sort of (understandable, those are the worst kind) monster to get this love of Dash. I wonder if Dash would really have refused if Twi had presented her the potion, told her about its effects and leave it to her choice to fall in love with her like she had written in the letter or not and have the uncertain hope to someday find somepony who she loves as much as he/she´ll love her.

That ending tough will set off Twi´s alarm senses. She doesnt want ponies to find out what she did after all and there´s somepony who might know what she had done. This will all end in tears and sadness, i just know it. <.<

Spell, not potion. But otherwise, yes.

Ahh, that feeling I get when I read a particularly good story... Might be just me, but there is a certain lack of those recently. Anyway, Now I am relatively glad I have been putting reading Then Tommorow Came off for so long. Just finished it and felt nostalgic. While I do enjoy occasional story on this site, it's been a while since I got that fuzzy light-headed feeling. And now sequel!

Goodness know I wont be putting that off for almost a year.

Fluttershy's eyes widened in shock, then her vision blurred as tears began to fill them and an old scar on her heart that she had thought healed tore itself open.

Ah good, the soul-crushing that I sorely needed. However, I hate it when people crush Fluttershy. That's just me being a Fluttershy fan, as always.

Remember I said on the previous story, that the "real shit was about to hit the real fan". That needs to happen in this story, and I will be very grateful when it does.

I love your story, and can't wait for the new chapter.

Really liked this chapter. I just read through all of "Then Tomorrow Came" today and this definitely feels like it picks up with a lot of the same style, particularly all the stuff with Twilight's brain.

I'm really liking that we get to see some things from the POV of Applejack and Fluttershy, I hope you explore their feelings a bit more in this story (although obviously mostly in relation to Twilight).

Noticed a few errors in this chapter:
"Joy, frustration, heartache, love— all coalesced into one unifying concept."
There should be no spaces on either side of an em dash.

"Blankets wrapped tightly around her body, only Twilight’s head lay exposed: Her very own oversized purple caterpillar."
"Her" shouldn't be capitalized.

Both your uses of the word "cliché" are missing the accents, although in one case you've got a ` floating ` after it.

You're missing an indent in front of "To say that Twilight was ‘happy’, would be an understatement.".

I wasn't actually looking for errors, so there might be more, but these are what jumped out at me while reading. Looking forward to the next chapter!

Totally worth the wait. Definitely, DEFINITELY interested in seeing more!

Please keep writing, I'll keep reading!

THEIR LOVE IS BASED ON A LIEEE WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY! Mein heart is breaking like a twig beneath a boot! Anywho. Amazing as always, can't wait for more. And I know how you feel about the early bits.. Those ones are the hardest to get past, at least, I think so.

:applecry: Have some Applebloom tears of approval.

Yes yes, I find the parts where Twilight is having joyful moments with Rainbow Dash to be heart wrenching due to the first story and how such love came to be! I can't wait for more. Wait, now I'm repeating myself. :facehoof:


well, looks like all those months of waiting paid off in the end. Great chapter I can't wait to see what happens next!

I cant wait for the next chapter... just finished the other one and started this one... Faving both

I still can't believe the lengths Twilight would go through just to have Rainbow love her. I strangely hope and dread the moment when the truth is finally laid bare, and Twilight is left to the judgement of her friends.

Awwww...)) My heart just melted...
Love this sequel, even though it's probably not going to be continued.

A surprise may be coming your way in the very immediate future. :trollestia:

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