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While in Yokelahoma, Applejack and Rainbow Dash are confronted with a group that wants to "try" Applejack's trademark hat on. Applejack recounts the story of her hat and what its been through. If hats could talk...

A/N: Image courtesy of fongsaunder of DeviantArt. Story inspired by "This Cowboy's Hat" by Chris LeDoux. The OC is part is small, but necessary. No alicorns and no shipping, I promise.

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This is an outstanding tribute to one of my favorite songs. I know Chris is lookin down from Heaven smiling as he reads this.

1508893 One can always hope. Thanks man. :scootangel:

I, too, have a favorite hat. As it happens, it's a "Minnetrotka"

Very nice! I like how you mixed in the flashbacks, a very good short story!!

And a hoof up for Yokelahoma! I'd thought of Okalhoofa, but that's better. :eeyup:

1509407 Had one for a long time before it good too bad to repair. Have a Henschel now.

1510402 Thanks man. :moustache:

Good simple read. I like it.:ajsmug:

great story. first flashback reminds me of the song " Cowgirl Don't Cry"

liked and faved:ajsmug:

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