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Just a writer/programmer who joined the herd fairly late... season 2 was already done. Looking forward to interacting with everybody here!


It's the day after Heart's and Hooves, and the debacle that came with it. Now freed from their various jobs, the mares and stallions are preparing for a couples-only celebration of the holiday. But when Scootaloo hears rumors about Rainbow Dash's date, she quickly becomes involved in the situation, turning once again to the books that got her and in her friends in so much trouble before.

This story could be considered a shipping of Scootaloo and Rainbow Dash, so it is going to be rated Teen for the sake of people not screaming at me. However, it is designed to be a wholesome story for all ages about growing up and feeling love for the first time, and will not involve anyone taking advantage of a young filly's feelings. Like any good story from Equestria, there will be lessons learned all around.

Cover Image is mine, but whatever, it took 5 minutes in Gimp and is public domain for all I care.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 64 )

Scoot with a (mostly) innocent crush on Dash? All of my love! :heart::heart::heart:

This was a delightful read. I found the dialogue sharp and in character. Since I have an inkling about where the story is going i must say its a clever approach.

Good stuff. Can't wait for more. Innocent foal shipping is something there needs to be more of. two foals shipping is easy to pull off, but if you pull of her shipping with Rainbow Dash while still keeping it innocent, I would be incredibly impressed.

Thank you for reading and commenting everypony! :scootangel:
I have the full story in script form since I originally wrote it like a 'lost episode' of the show. I'm converting it so that it fits the rules of submission here. I hope it turns out well. :)

A lot of people don't like to touch the issue of young people falling in love because of how it can look, but it can be really tough when your emotions aren't taken seriously... especially when you don't fully understand them yourself. A lot of us go through it, especially the precocious ones. I'm hoping you'll appreciate the note I end this on. :raritywink:

I shall, thank you. I am a bit frazzled lately but I'll get back to it! :pinkiesmile:

Take your time:twilightsmile:
You don't want to rush a story with this much potentialdl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/misc_Lyra.png

No problem, I saw a few nice looking stories I've marked so I decided to follow. ^^

Well, night night. I am officially a zombie. :pinkiesick:

Great chapter! :twilightsmile:

Thanks, that one should have probably been part of chp 1 but i wasnt sure how i wanted to break it up.

I wish I had more thumbs, because THIS IS AWESOME!!! :heart::pinkiehappy::heart:

You're just too sweet :raritystarry: Not over quite yet...

Well, I kinda like this story, it has an interesting plot, nice pacing, and the way you handled the characters was fairly good. The part with the mane 6 and their couples was nice too, though I was disappointed at Rarity's lack of interest in Big Mac (seriously, "not her kind of stallion"? does the whole "lady and farmer" thing fly above everyone's head? :rainbowhuh:

Anyways, now Scootaloo has gone and left RD dumbfounded, I wonder what will happen next, or rather, how.

Haha, I was trying to keep 1 shipping per story here ;D I'm not sure Rarity was being completely honest, she seemed to like him a little. Actually though, I'm leaving the story like that. Whether they end up together in the far future, hmm-hmm well, yes in my mind, but I prefer to stop here.

1579543 :facehoof: I think it went over your head. Rarity isn't the lady and farmer kind of lady, the self absorbed silver spoon type. She's the hard working, incredibly generous, and always willing to help her friend type.

That was a great ending, and the story overall was very well.written, it was definitely worth reading. As for your response, thanks for putting my mind at ease. To be fair I understood that it was far from the focus of the story, I suppose it was just my inner shipper nitpicking :twilightsheepish:


Who says that those kind of ladies have to be self absorbed? (and to be honest, Rarity can be like that sometimes) The main point isn't that she has to learn to be a nicer person, but that she can find happiness where she least expects it (and considering her experiences with Blueblood and other Canterlot ponies, she's kinda there)

o.o cmon everypony, love and tolerance XD I think Rarity is a little of both!

You mean, I don't know like with a little purple dragon who has spent a lot of time trying to grab her affections?


I don't see how his efforts are supposed to guarantee him her love, she doesn't owe him anything.

I don't remember my statement saying anything of the such.


*hugs* I'm sorry if this conversation is being troublesome to you, but I have a thing for discussing, I find it rather enjoyable.


You were replying to my comment about "finding happiness where she least expects it" by offering Spike as a choice, while also implying that his crush on her is to be taken into account, as some kind of support for you response.

*cue this*

Not troublesome, just trying to preserve harmony ^-^

Your half right, I was simply offering Spike as a choice; no more and no less.

Well done, very well done indeed. Not to impose but I will be hoping for a sequel.

xD a sequel? Gee, I dunno, I was kinda hoping people would just imagine the future according to their own views on romance. In my world, because I'm really crazy romantic, Scoot's gonna grow up and sweep Rainbow off her hooves. I won't lie - I've daydreamed how that would go. But I like that this story kind of asks you to fill in the blanks with what you believe about this type of thing.

the sentiment is most appreciated, but I also hope that you might feel the urge to give us the saga in your own words. As I said, I don't want to impose anything on you, if you have no interest in doing it then no worries. Regardless I will certainly be keeping an eye on your stories.:twilightsmile:

Hahaha well thank you. In my little daydreams, because I seem to think about lovey dovey stuff all the time, it usually goes like this: Scoots winds up in a special school for gifted students of the arts (dancing) as she is close to marehood. She returns a year later, which we're just going to say has put her at adult 'pony age', whatever that is. Rainbow is astonished because she's blossomed into an extremely beautiful mare, perhaps a little more feminine than Dash had expected :rainbowderp: As a twist, she'd have some stallion in tow with her who came to move in with her at her new house, which shatters Rainbow's heart. Dash, despite her protests, had completely saved herself for Scootaloo because those promises from chapter 4 had been so compelling. But it turns out Scoots had done the same. She hadn't prettied herself up to be more like what the stallion would want, she had done it to impress Rainbow. The guy was a best friend / temporary roomy who needed a place to stay while he got started in his career path in Ponyville.

So they kiss, roll in the hay(clouds,) spend forever together, etc :heart: Im a dork :twilightoops:

Your dorkiness is appreciated and approved of:rainbowwild:rainbowwild: keep up the good work!

I dare you to write it...i dare you

Haha! I actually may. I'm working on another story ATM :pinkiecrazy:

I'm sure whatever it is you write it will be amazing. Keep it up! :pinkiehappy:

You're a doll.

its done, im waiting for a mod to accept it. dunno why its taking long, but i think it may be that i went and edited it after submission. i get nitpicky.

its in the queue now...

Hey, any chance I could do a review of this story on my account?

1589958 you haft to write that i love that idea!:rainbowderp:

Aw. This could have been dancing right over a cliff, but it wasn't. It was sweet. Liked it.

Haha. I definitely decided to try and skirt the edge... was neither easy nor perfect but hey, it was fun :scootangel:

Hello, I am majorly new here. This was my first fan fic read, and I must say it was really great. I enjoyed every word of it. It was so cute :rainbowkiss: and just overall a wonderful story. I hope there is some kind of sequel to this :twilightsmile: :heart::heart::heart:

you should totally write a sequel to this i really liked the earlier stated idea. :rainbowkiss:

Very well done, my friend. Well written indeed.

I particularly liked how you managed to wrap up everything at the end while still keeping the conclusion somewhat open ended. That's hard to pull off, but if you ask me you nailed it.

Bravo for a very sweet and very enjoyable read.

This is really good. The CMC really show a lot potential growth and this shows it mostly for scoots.

This was super sweet and adorable.
In fact, this wouldn't feel out of place in the actual show.

i wrote it to be a serious episode, originally. I even used script form. I wanted to make a positive message that would be meaningful, I think, to LGBT youth (I was one myself growing up.) I think it would work in the show, if only people would stop freaking about the topic long enough...

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