• Published 24th Oct 2012
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Absolution - BlackRoseRaven

A pony begins a journey to find his parents, lost heroes who vanished years ago.

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Act I: The Innocent Dove

Act I: The Innocent Dove

The gorgeous Dove, she sits high above,
Resting in the laurels of the olive tree.
Singing her song, never doing wrong,
Always she has been so happy and free.

White Dove, White Dove, so high above!
Safe and sound and enraptured with peace.
Little bird, little bird, singing a sweet word,
Never forced to kneel to a tyrant on knee.

But now she longs, to spread further her songs,
Little bird that wishes to see the world,
Oh foolish child, don't journey into the wild,
Not with your innocence brazenly unfurled.

Yet she spreads her wings, yet on she goes and sings,
Into the darkness that awaits beyond,
She flies into the unknown, to adventure she has flown,
With only her wings and voice she did abscond.

The darkness is deep, and beasts do not know sleep,
And predators are filled with wanton lust,
The Dove will still smile, at least for a while,
Before her mind and heart begin to rust.

Feathers fall down as she flies into a ghost town,
Finding only the wretched and the dead,
They want to silence her song, and it won't be long,
Until they've tried to tear off her sweet head.

The innocent dove, filled up with love,
Was young and naïve and a fool,
She tried to spread peace, to love the very least,
Not knowing the world was cruel.

I pray she'll fly to the sky, fly up on high,
And escape from our world forever:
For the world would break you, and forsake you,
Your innocence it would gladly sever.