• Published 11th Nov 2012
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CiF: Blowing Through the Pages - Chaotic Note

A Pegasus and his friends gets pulled into a war going on in the background of Equestria and Magistrum, and must defeat a diabolical cult bent on reviving Equestria's old foes.

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Chapter 1: Magic? But I'm a Pegasus!

:Kenta Silvercast:

Kenta Silvercast laid on his bed, trying to embrace the warmth of its soft sheets, but not even the pillows can sway him from his despair. The last couple of days have been Tartarus for him. Where does he even begin? It all started when his dad left on some sort of mission for the Magistrate Academy Council. The MAC was the third most powerful group in Magistrum. The first being the rulers of the country: Prince Maelstrom, Prince Typhon, and Princess Gaia. The MAC acted as the council of advisors to the Princes and Princess, as well as the right-hoofed ponies of the Academy’s Arch Mage.

Kenta’s dad worked as one of the professors in the school. He wasn’t exactly a big shot, but he had enough respect in the school to be recognized as one of the leading experts in the magic of Conversion. He didn’t know much about Conversion, but Kenta knew the number one rule for it: Equivalent Exchange. It’s sort of like baking a cake. You need the exact number of the correct components needed in order to change an object to something completely different. Some confuse Conversion with Transformation magic, but the key differences was that Transformation requires little time to cast, temporary, and magic stamina from the caster as the cost of the spell. Conversion requires no magical energy to be expended, but the tradeoff is the time required to convert an object. The results are however, permanent.

Kenta didn’t know why, but magic always intrigued him. Despite being born a pegasus. Truth be told, both of his parents were unicorns. He could imagine the bit of shock his parents must have received when his wings were revealed. Still, they loved him just the same as they would have if he was a unicorn, and he gave back that love by ten folds. That love all made it worse when his mother succumbed to an illness. He was a little colt back then in kindergarten. He also remembered sobbing a lot of tears. She always told him that she didn’t like it when he cried. It made her feel sad as well. When she left the world for whatever great beyond there is, all Kenta had left in his life was his dad. His father made sure to care for him in place of his late mother. He would have given him twice the love, that is, if his dad wasn’t so busy teaching students at the Academy.

Kenta understood that he was trying very hard to support a living for the both of them at the time, but he could have at least gone to his Cloud Ball games. He worked vigorously to get into the varsity teams. Now fast forwarding into the present, Kenta was now an independent stallion living on his own. He still connected with his dad every now and then, but he found himself very busy managing the local gym. They would always meet up with each other once a month. He remembered his last contact with dad last week. He told him that he’s leaving on business for the MAC. Said it was really important and that he might not make it for this month’s visit. Kenta replied back, understanding that he won’t make it. Now one the first day of next month, he received a certain message. The letter was from the Academy his dad worked at. It surprised him greatly because he never received a letter from the school. That surprise quickly turned to despair as he read each word in the letter. Unfortunately, he memorized each word, and that’s depressing.

Dear Kenta Silvercast,

I deeply regret to inform you of the departure of your father, Harold Silvercast. He had left on a sanctioned and vital business for the Magistrate Academy Council, and had failed to return on the estimated date. We later have received a certain message a few days ago. After careful analysis of the letter, it is determined that Harold Silvercast is either MIA or deceased. We have also received a ring with the letter. We’ve confirmed that it indeed belonged to your father, and have decided that it would be best to return it to you. We are sorry for informing you of this of this grave news. We wish you the best of luck.


The Arch Mage and the MAC

Kenta shifted underneath the covers and brought his hoof up to his face. He held his dad’s ring. It glittered in the dim light that shone through the blinds. It was his wedding ring to mom. He remembered his dad committing an oath on the death bed of his mom. He swore to never take the ring off. As his mind wandered about wedding rings, he remembered asking mom how they could wear rings if they’re too small. He learned that they actually wore them on necklaces. Normally for unicorns the rings would be worn on the horns, but mom wanted to wear it like the other pony tribes. It symbolized that the lovers’ bond together were close to their hearts, and it always will be. Mom told dad to let her keep the ring when buried, and he kept that promise on the day of her funeral. Kenta still went to her grave time to time. Kenta had planned to go today, but now he was too depressed and worried. He could practically feel his world falling apart. As he thought about where his dad could possibly be, still holding onto the hope that he could still be alive, he heard a large bang from his front door.

“Kenta! Open up!”

Don’t feel like it. Leave me to wallow in my misery, Kenta thought, not wanting to be bothered with.

“Are you okay? We haven’t seen you at the gym. We’re worried.”

Oh my Gaia. Just leave me alone!

“Kenta, if you don’t open this door I swear on Typhon’s leather wings that I’ll break it down.”

“Don’t do that! You already owed him a lot of bits!”

Go ahead! I don’t fucking care, Kenta angrily thought.

His wishes came true when he heard a sudden yelp outside his window, followed by a large crash outside his bedroom door. Fantastic, he’ll have to call Fixin to come by again. Kenta seemed to be his best customer since his doors were keen to always be broken once every week. He sarcastically wondered how on Magistrum that could of happened. Oh yeah, his friends. Well, one friend in particular. His door slammed open with a POW. He got up from the comforts of his pillow to see his two friends, Chaot Noteworthy and Lily Flowers.

His heart leapt a couple miles when his eyes spotted Lily. She was a very beautiful blue earth pony who didn't even try to look good, but she always caught his two lookers. Her sun orange mane wasn’t styled in any sort of way, but it looked fine the way she brushed it. Her ocean blue coat seemed to glimmer brightly, despite being in a lightless room. It happily reminded him of watching the stunning sunset on the ocean horizon. Her striking cutie mark was an orange lily with a few sparkles dotting around it. Her dazzling sea-green eyes made him want to dance a little happy jig.

He pretty much had a big crush on her since he could remember. He reminisced his very first day of school, which was both a bad and good day. He was late to class and apologized to the teacher for being late. The entire class laughed at him, and he didn’t like it that much. Except for that one special filly named Lily. She had that soft giggle that made his heart melt into a puddle (metaphorically of course).

chaotic Noteworthy was a unicorn and was described, at best, annoying. His messy mane was colored bright apple red. He had two different blue highlights striking down through the middle of his mane. He once talked about dying them to make it form a lightning bolt pattern, but he decided in the end that it’ll be too consistent and unoriginal. His coat was just a plain shade of orange.

Kenta had also met him around the same time he saw Lily. At the time he seemed pretty normal with his appearance, but that didn’t fool the pegasus anymore. Chaotic was, at best, the bane of average. At times he’ll act calm and quiet and stick close to the background. Carefully watching and waiting for a good moment to intervene. When he does, he gets annoyingly loud and hilariously random. He was just really... chaotic to everypony. The unicorn does have his serious moments though, which killed his entire persona. Today, however, seemed to be a mix of both worlds.

“Dude, where were you?” Chaotic demanded. “We’ve looked all over town, and frankly, I was getting bored of the search.”

“I was at home,” Kenta stated. “I didn’t feel like getting up so I stayed in bed.”

He was careful to not give out the true reason of why he stayed inside today. He didn’t want to trouble his friends, even though this was a very important issue. However, Lily had that puzzled look on her face. As if she had caught something strange in his sea of emotions.

“Are you okay Kenta? You seem sad,” Lily asked, concerned about his welfare.

Guess he wasn’t good at hiding it. He felt like denying her question. He didn’t know why, but he didn’t want to be bothered with the subject.

“Yes I’m fine Lily,” he gently assured. “I'm just really tired today.”

Lily frowned as if she wasn’t satisfied with his answer, but she stayed her tongue. Chaotic however was oblivious to the situation and threw Kenta’s covers away. He suddenly lifted Kenta out of his comfy bed and threw the poor pegasus onto his back.

“Well, whatever then. Sorry in advance, but you need some fresh air,” Chaotic casually said.

Kenta was baffled by his sudden actions. “W-what? NO! Put me down you as-"

“Not a chance Kenta,” he cut off his remark, smiling all the way like a fool. “You’re going to get really lazy if you stay in bed. This is for your own good!”

He and Kenta fought for a couple of minutes, until Chaotic came out as the victor. Kenta cursed him for his daily workout at the gym. Seriously, what kind of unicorn lifted weights without magic? Anyway, the troubling situation right now is that he’s on top and he got him pinned down. Kenta recalled how Chaotic always topped him in martial arts, and that fact irritated him a bit. The unicorn stared down at him with sky blue eyes, determined for a response.

“You're gonna give up now?" he panted. "Because I’m out of breath.”

He sounded like he was joking a bit, but his friend was looking very serious. Kenta decided to let a few moments pass to regain his breath. He reconsidered his options, and decided it was best that he got some fresh air. It’s not like the stubborn bastard will let him go anytime soon, unless he said yes.

“Okay fine,” Kenta groaned. “but can you let me wash up? I haven’t brushed my teeth yet.”

Chaotic shrugged a little. “Cool. I’ll wait outside then.”

The unicorn got off Kenta and trotted towards the door. Kenta waited until his tail disappeared around the corner. It didn’t register to him immediately, but he noticed Chaotic was wearing jeans today. Kenta immediately suspected something was weird with him today. Again. The unicorn wasn’t uncomfortable with it, but he was a late bloomer for his cutie mark. It didn’t make any sense to anypony, but for some reason, the guy's cutie mark wouldn’t reveal itself. Chaotic was pretty proficient with technology, but even that wouldn’t sway his flank to come up with a mark of a microchip. He wasn’t afraid to hide his blank flank to the public, so why is he wearing some pants to hide it now?

Kenta noticed that he was now alone in the room Lily. He turned towards her to see Lily giving him a warm smile. She was calming sitting at the foot of his bed, waiting for the two stallions to be done with the fight. She got off her haunches and walked towards the exit.

“I’ll wait outside too,” she said. “Don’t keep us for too long okay?”

“Yeah,” Kenta tiredly said.

He smiled as he watched her walk out. Even the simplest comments from her voice made him grin. He scratched his head as he walked towards the bathroom. He then turned on the faucet, and tested the waters to see if it’s too hot or cold. After he was satisfied with the temperature, he doused his face with the warm water. Finished, he took a moment to look at himself in the mirror. His wings were looking strong and powerful, and they did feel just the same as they look. He took great care to making sure they were well fit for flight each and every day. His yellow-gold eyes stared into his mirror image. The bright, vivid eyes went well with the grey coat and silver mane. His dad always did say that looking at his eyes felt like staring at golden bits in a grey storm. A sign of good luck he said.

He shifted around and saw his cutie mark. It was two yellow, angelic wings beside each other. A white, fluffy cloud hung over the two wings, letting out a flurry of snowflakes all over them. Kenta understood that the wings meant he was great at flying. His dad joked around saying that the angelic detail of the wings meant that he would be a savior. Kenta didn’t take that into serious consideration, but he was always helpful in any situation that other ponies ask of him. Snow clouds meant that he is willing to go through any tough situations. Whether it be rain, sleet, or snow. That or he was meant to work at the weather factory. That was his job on the weekends.

After brushing his teeth until they were shining pearly whites, he trotted towards the front door. But not before grabbing his favorite blue scarf and wrist watch. The watch and scarf were his birthday presents from the two friends. The wrist watch was from Chaotic. It heavily resembled one of the Pipcolt watches from the Fallout series. He really liked the game, and Chaotic thought it would be nice to build a watch from that bit of universe. The scarf was hoof-knitted by the beautiful Lily. It was very simple. It didn’t have any special patterns. It wasn’t any specific hue of blue either, but he still loved it anyway.

The two ponies were lounging around on his porch. Lily had two saddle bags on either side of her that Kenta didn’t see earlier. She must have left it outside. When they saw Kenta, they stood up and walked with him. They took usual tour around his hometown. Its name was Quelenton, a small, rural village in the country side, and it sat at the base of the mountain that held up the capital of Magistrum. It wasn’t exactly right underneath the stacks of the rocky pillar, so the town always had a healthy supply of sunlight.

After a few minutes of walking, they find themselves at the park. Lily joyfully trotted underneath the biggest tree, and brought out a picnic blanket. She placed a basket full of food and handed out sandwiches to the colts as they got themselves comfortable. He felt a little better as he munched on a watercress and cucumber sandwich, but he could still feel the sadness at the back of his heart. He pushed that depressing feeling away and gave a small grin.

“So, why the park?” Kenta asked. “I know you two didn’t drag me out of bed for a simple lunch outside.”

“Well,” Lily started. “today is a pretty good day for a small celebration. Usually parents would make a big deal out of it and throw a big party, but we’re too old for that now. I did bring cake though!”

Kenta winced a little at the word parents. He knew Lily didn’t mean to let that word out, but he stilled his tongue to prevent any mishaps out of his mouth. He thanked Prince Maelstrom that the two didn’t notice anything different about him just now. He decided to press on further about the celebration they're having.

“Go on,” he asked with anticipation.

“Well,” Chaotic said.

He got on his hind hooves and unzipped his pants. Kenta now thanked Faust that all ponies had this magical aura that around them. It hid the sight of the ponies’ . . . “royal jewels” or “hidden gardens” when they weren’t in the kinky mood. Still, it was customary and polite for Kenta and Lily to turn the other way as he undressed.

“Okay you can look now.”

Kenta turned around to see Chaotic proudly showing off his flank. On it was a cutie mark.

“You got your cutie mark?” Kenta shouted. “That’s great!”

The unicorn gave a sly grin as he circled in place, showing the other flank. His cutie mark were twin silver broad swords crossed against each other as if they were in caught in mid-battle, and a gold rimmed hourglass lied behind the two crossed weapons. The symbol of the hourglass stumped him, but the sword marks were obviously meant for a pony of combat.

“A cutie mark of two swords,” Kenta said. “Huh, I guess we know where you’re heading to now.”

Chaotic nodded victoriously. “That’s right. I’m heading to Magistrate Academy.”

He trotted around the tree and dragged out a small bolder the size of a chair. He stood up on his hind legs and planted his right hoof on the rock, giving him a hero pose. It pointed in the general direction of the Academy. It lied right on the other side of the mountain.

“Magistrate Academy,” he repeated. “Not only is it the leading school of magic in all of Magistrum, but it is also the home of the starting place for the Royal Vanguards. I’m going to take the world by storm and become the best Captain that anypony has ever seen!” He got off the rock and bucked it out of the way. Amazingly, it flew across for a few meters. “The train rides to the school are a bit expensive, so I’ll be staying at their dorms instead of here.” He acquired a small, sad smile on his face. “Unfortunately, that means I won’t be able to see you guys as often.”

“Wow,” Kenta said in awe.

He couldn’t believe that his best friend was leaving soon. They practically knew each their entire lives, and it was sad to see his best friend go.

“We’ll be sure to visit you as much as possible,” Lily assured him. “When are you leaving?”

“First thing this Saturday. I need to start choosing what to bring.”

That’s in a few days, Kenta thought. He then had a suspicious thought.

“Wait a second, I thought you can only do telekinesis magic,” Kenta reminded. “Dad told me that all unicorn applying for the exams are required to show off what magic skills they know. You can only lift stuff!”

Chaotic blushed sheepishly, and then regained his signature, sly smile.

Backing up a little bit into the past, Kenta knew that since kindergarten, his best friend didn’t go to any sort of magic school. His parents was a pegasus and an earth pony. An interesting combo of a family. They didn’t exactly live right next door to a magic school, so he had to deal with normal school. Just like any other earth ponies or pegasi on the ground. He learned telekinesis on his own, but other than that, he had no other magical spells.

“Don’t worry,” he assured. “I’ve been practicing from another unicorn out of town.”

“Again?” Lily asked. “But all those other unicorns failed you.”

Reminiscing again, Kenta remembered how the irritating stallion would take every single opportunity to learn from a passing unicorn mage of the Royal Patrols. There were other unicorns in the town, but they didn’t have the necessary skills to teach him combat magic. To make matters worse, Chaotic couldn’t learn an elemental spell to save his life. By the end of the day, either the temporary tutor had to go, or gave up screaming how he couldn’t even cast a simple, small magic missile.

“Oh ho ho,” Chaotic chuckled. “This guy was different from all the others. He wasn’t from the usual patrols that come by here. I’ll be sure to show you guys later at the exams.” He then had a quizzical and hopeful look on his face. “By the way, are you guys free on Saturday? I was kinda hoping you guys could come with me to cheer me on for my exam.”

“Of course,” Lily piped up. “We’ll be more than happy to come with you. I always wanted to see such an esteemed school. It’s all you ever talked about anyway.”

As the three ponies chatted about other stuff, Kenta noticed a blotch of a dark circle was circling around their area. He heard a rustle in the trees and looked up. What he saw caught his breath. He couldn’t really describe what it is, but it was awe inspiring. It was a fiery phoenix of a blue hue, and it's shape was constantly shifting. But it still held the familar form of an avian. It dropped a scroll that it held in his mouth onto the picnic basket, and then flew off towards the great mountain. The friends watched the bird in awe until the last of its blue plume disappeared in the distance.

“What was that all about?” Lily asked, her eyes wide open from what she had just witnessed.

“I don’t know,” Chaotic replied. He picked up the scroll and looked around it. “Kenta, it has your name on it,” he said, sounding surprised.

“Really?” Kenta took the scroll hesitantly and unveiled it from it's red ribbon.

Kenta Silvercast blah blah blah. Noticed your achievements? Cordially invited into the Magistate Academy . . . WHAT?!

“Well, what does it say?” Chaotic asked.

With a wonder in his voice, he read the letter out loud to the two curious ponies.

“Dear Kenta Silvercast,” he started. “We have noticed you have completed a great many number of achievements in the past few years. We have decided that you would be a welcoming rank to our school. Therefore, you are cordially invited into the wondrous world of Magistate Academy. Should you choose to circle YES, flying transportation shall arrive shortly after to take you to the school. They shall give you enough time to pack, and we’ll be happy to see you soon. Signed, the Arch Mage’s Advisor – Marilyn Maneroe.”

Kenta looked up from the letter to see his two friends’ mouths open wide. Their jaws were metaphorically dropped to the ground.


Author's Note:

Honestly, I didn't think straight when I first came up for the name of Marilyn Maneroe. The first version of the story didn't have her in there. I just thought it would be a clever pony name.