• Published 24th Oct 2012
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Ponies And Creepers Don't Mix - Luna Plays Minecraft

Rainbow Dash Finds Herself In Minecraft.

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The Herobrine Encounter

"What the...." Vinyl began, but stopped. "I'm not even going to try to figure out what is going on." The DJ pony said.

"Well it was clearly modded into the game. We have nothing to fight it with, so we'll just have to run. I'll fly away and you can use your weird unicorn magic to teleport." Rainbow said.

"Weird unicorn magic? Its not weird its cool!" Vinyl exclaimed. Rainbow rolled her eyes.

"Just come on." Rainbow said and launched herself into the air with a beat of her wings. The giant baby tried to grab Rainbow, but she simply flew higher so it could not reach her. Not being able to grab its first target, it lashed out at Vinyl. The white mare teleported out of the way just in time, but she did not give an exact place she wanted to go, so she ended up in one of the snow covered trees.

"Rainbow help me down!" Vinyl yelled. The blue Pegasus chuckled and raced over to her friend.

"I guess that's one place to hide out at, but I would try to find a better spot next time." Rainbow chuckled. Vinyl gave her an unhappy look and let Rainbow help her out of the tree. Rainbow Dash then looked over to where the offending mob was. The big baby had not spotted them yet, as far as Rainbow could tell. "Lets go while we still have the chance." She told Vinyl, and the two left the big baby to whatever it is that big babies do.

Vinyl Scratch led Rainbow out of the snowy forest and into a desert.

"It's not far now. There is a strange biome nearby with giant mushrooms and weird grass. That's where I built my house." Vinyl said.

"Alright, that's cool, but it's getting dark and since we're in a desert there are going to a lot of mobs spawning. What are we going to do? I made tools not weapons." Rainbow said. Vinyl face-hoofed.

"Do I have to do everything? You have a little less than ten stacks of wood right? Make weapons! Or at least make a hideout." Vinyl told her.

"Oh yea I forgot I had wood, hehe." Rainbow laughed, embarrassed. "Oh and I forgot to thank you for killing that G earlier. I would have been dead if you hadn't been there. What were you doing there anyways? It seems like a long way from your house." Rainbow asked Vinyl.

"It's cool Rainbow. That's what friends do. And I was out exploring other biomes for resources." Vinyl said. "I was also looking for a nice cave. I'm on a quest for diamonds, ya know?"

"Oh yea. I was going to go caving, but I had a minor setback." Rainbow told her, recalling the Creeper explosion and the dog....THE DOG! "Vinyl I forgot about my dog!" Rainbow started to panic.

"Rainbow, chillax. I'm sure your dog is fine. If it was alright before you got it, i'm sure it's fine now." Vinyl calmed her blue friend.

"Alright. Well, lets get started on that base." Rainbow said. The sun was setting and the moon was rising. It would not be long until mobs started spawning. Rainbow pulled one of her stacks of wood out of thin air and started working on a small base. Vinyl got a shovel out.

"I'll dig down and try to get some cobble and make some stone tools and furnaces." Vinyl said and started strip mining, levitating the shovel with her magic and collecting the sand.

By the time the monsters started spawning, Rainbow had finished the base and went into Vinyls mine to tell her to come out. Vinyl had dug down about twenty blocks and was now mining cobble.

"Oh hey Rainbow! I got a stack of cobble and some sand. I can give you half of it if you want." Vinyl said to Rainbow Dash.

"No thanks. I came to tell you that it's night and there are quite a few mean things spawning," Rainbow began, pausing to listen to the sound of an Ender man making strange noises outside the mine. "And I got a nice base built that we can hide out at." Rainbow said.

"Alright, I'm going to kill some creepers. I've got a... Convenient use for their gunpowder." Vinyl grinned.

"That's fine by me, as long as you don't get yourself killed. I'll take the cobble and sand. I can make some better tools and make a chest to store everything in." Rainbow said, taking the blocks form Vinyl and leading the way out of the Mine.

Achievement Get: Getting An Upgrade

Achievement Get: Monster Hunter

Rainbow had fallen asleep on the sandy floor of the base and woke up to a nice surprise.

"AHHHH WHY THE HELL IS THERE TNT IN MY FACE!" Rainbow screeched. Vinyl cracked up at Rainbow's outbreak.

"I made you some explosives. I do hope you enjoy my gift." Vinyl said sweetly. Rainbow Dash's fave turned bright red and she broke the TNT block. Vinyl gave her ten TNT blocks and walked away singing "Ponymite" (Dynamite)

Rainbow walked out the door of the base, looking into the vast dessert. There was heavy fog in the distance, which Rainbow found weird because it was the desert, but what was strangest, was the figure she could make out in the fog. It looked a little taller than her, with a teal shirt and blue pants. But what stood out the most about the figure, was its eyes. Rainbow knew those eyes...HEROBRINE?


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