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I don't even English at all.

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Ah yes, as editor I approve of this story!

Great work with what you put together mate. From what I saw earlier, and what I'm reading now, you improved this a lot!

. . . . This may need a song

On the Open World as a mind set for this one.

Do you need a break normal fictions?

Do you long for seriousness to slop?

If your nerves are raw

And your brain is fried

Just click that link and take a ride

And read a story with a lot of clop!

C'mon Twilight! Join in!

:facehoof:All in all, I'd rather fight King Sombra

All in all, I'd rather work on AJ's crop

And Clone is such sing song ham

That I'm about to hide in a clam

While they read, a story with a lot of crop!

Clone: There's nothing that can upset me

'Cause now I'm on my way

This fic will make me cum for true!

:twilightoops: Celestia please forgive me!

I will redeem myself someday!

Though I may be a porn star when I do...

Should I go on?

may want to proof read your chapters a bit dude...

i wish i had more time to help proof read, but its still awesome, great work.


"And shit hits the fan." -I don't know where I got that from.

I was intrigued.
So little Diamond Dog clop out there.
I was intrigued.
"make a pet out of each one of them"
I was intrigued.
Now I am leaving.

Damn... The frackin grammer in this made me grimace but damn that was good ... Bout time somebody wrote diamond dog clop that didn't involve rape.

1835711 It doesn't bode well when the editor can't write one short sentence without randomly capitalizing words.

My Ipod does not like me :rainbowwild:
Really it just wants to put in capitals everywhere.

Heh, basically what i'm trying to say is that when I type a comment quickly I tend to make capital mistakes.
But because I have a feeling you won't be satisfied with this, so I've changed the comment accordingly.
Now we can all live in peace :rainbowkiss:

Well after reading this I have one thing to ask....and that is will you continue? Lol.

Absolutely incredible!
There are numerous spelling and grammar errors but... this is really good.

The pacing is excellent. The psychological aspects of it are very well done.

Just fix up the spelling and grammar and it would be the best!
Sorry, I can't point out the errors at this current moment in time so... Yeah!

Great story so far. You might want reread your story to look for mistakes.

Sorry, but I just can't read this. The grammar is terrible. I realize you're an ESL, so I'm not going to insult you or anything, but I just can't read something with grammar that bad.

We need to help this Author proof read the entire story if you're up for the task, I know I am!

ugh im dying to see him write some more stuff :ajsleepy: please come back and update soon! :pinkiehappy:

to you my friend i give you a sacred symbol of my order
........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
..........''...\.......... _.·´
BROFIST ......…..

if you a bro you kno

enjoy :pinkiehappy:

...quite a few grammatical errors... :unsuresweetie: ...not sure if it's because he's a diamond dog, or if a proof-reader's needed... :twilightblush:

Diamond Dog and sex. You sir, have all my love and respect, as you probably can guess. :raritystarry:



"Iron Will makes a Porno" chapter one.
"Clop, Clop" chapter "In the Hall of the Diamond Dogs"

And for one I didn't write, "Carnality"

Are you ever going to update this? T-T

Yay! More Diamond Dog porn!

And because the description doesn't say, I'm doing proofreading duties on this too.

Finally! :yay:
Sleeping will have to wait.

I also notice you put a metal gear solid reference in there.

yay I thought it was gonna take 4ever :pinkiehappy:

love this story :twilightsmile:


for you some molestia

and this to

And then they all fucked! :pinkiecrazy:

“Bah, what does a dog know about loyalty?

Well apparently Rainbow dash knows nothing about ponies best friend, or honor of the pack.

I liked it, but the gramatical errors kept me from reading more than half of it:fluttercry:

3498895 she doesn't know anything about dogs, and she doesn't care.

4101726 it's going to pass through edition before next chapter.

when will this be updated?

Still good. For someone who is nit a native english speaker this is great. The text is a bit cobbled and awkward at points but its better than a lot of things I have read. Keep it up.

Did you find a proofreader? I'm sorry I didn't reply sooner but I have limited chances to do so.

Always good to see another fan of Black Dog. And nice cliffhanger.

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