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Equestria is a land filled with ancient magic, evil monsters and epic adventure. It is a kingdom where legends are made and heroes do battle against the most terrible enemies, all in the name of mighty ideals.

These are their stories.


A short story collection of epic pony heroes doing epic things! The rules are simple: each story has to be 5k words or less, while still being 'epic'. Expect a mixture of high fantasy or sci-fi.

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I think I'm going to give up on All Paths Lead Home as being too depressing and read this instead...


He darted forward on his strong wings, keeping his body low to the ground. Cirrus was only a heartbeat behind him, though a little to his right. The dragon roared, almost in surprise at the sight of two lone ponies charging headfirst at him, a veteran of the Timeless Wars.

Is that what you're calling the war between Luna an Celestia?
I could kind of see the ending coming... It was still good though.:twilightsmile:

But then, almost without any warning, anything the moonlight was touching began to smoke. It left a misty haze of silver lingering in the air, pooling in great clouds high above the buildings.
The smoke had drawn the first ponies from their beds and out into the streets. They had puzzled over the smoking city, only to step back into the shadows in horror as their coats began to singe and their flesh burn if they stood out in the moonlight too long.

Whoa, this is seriously bad news...

Great stories Mystic. Will we be seeing more soon? :twilightsmile:

The tales of brave ponies being slaughtered while doing epic things is finally here! :pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

As alwyas good written but sadly not surprising - I knew what would happen the moment I read old knight and his young squire :rainbowlaugh: Too many books and references would be the reason for that I guess :twilightsmile:

Yet the mystery of the pendant was somewhat entertaining. I know it is somehow anachronistic - it seems the story takes palce before the unification - but for it was a feather of the greatest pegasus that ever lived, and you can guess whom I mean :raritywink:

> Any reason for the double en rather than an em?

“You think there is nothing to here us.”

1488456 Thanks! I'm glad you liked it.

1488460 1488578 Hehe, thank you! And yes, there should be more coming hopefully sooner rather than later.

1488484 Depressing, yeah, but that means you miss out on the ending! Hahaha. And that's the only good bit of the entire story!

1488558 The name for that conflict actually changes depending on who the narration is from, as there are many names.
1488568 And moonlight setting fire to stuff? Definitely Discord, hahaha. Thanks for reading!

1488664 Mysteries and ambiguous references... It wouldn't be a Mystic story if it didn't have some of those! Hahah.

Well, that was interesting. I thought this would be about the Lunar war. I was pleasantly surprised.

1488763 The double en dash is a fimfic translation error. =/ The google docs import didn't work for some reason, so I had to copy paste the chapter in. Must not have worked properly. Thanks for the catch!

1488991 FUCK YEAH!!!1!

1489382 I don't even know! I do what I want!

(Posting writing exercises as stories, lol)

This story is awesome keep up the good work

1489483 Thanks! Glad you like it.

1489716 Haha, yeah I do have a few ideas that are whispering to be fleshed out. Also some Fo:E stuff as well. Hopefully you enjoy it! :twilightsmile:

Hahaha dat name! From where I can recall it, hmmmm? :D

Will read this later today, gotta go to school :rainbowlaugh: This looks good... Will post later :rainbowlaugh:

Hmmm. I thought that story-collections aren't allowed at this side?
Hang the rules, it's awesome! dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/discord.png

1491102 Hehehe, I hope you like it! :twilightsmile:

1493838 Nah, story collections are fine, as long as they obey the other rules. Otherwise you get shot!

Oh, why do I love the epic Discord so much? It just doesn't fit. But therefore it does. :rainbowkiss:
When it's finished, I think I'm going to print all these stories, name the folder <Treasure Of Epic Ponies> and lay it down in my book-shelf.

1503184 Pssh, you should wait till I start releasing my long adventure. This is nothing compared to that, haha.

Also, have you read All Paths Lead Home by me? You might like it, actually!

But the ink for my printer is expensive!
To be honest, I didn't read a single word of it, yet. Not because I doubt your skills in creating completely OC-based fictions, but the apocalyptic scenario isn't really my favorite thing to read about. Also you have to admit that it's nothing that you can read in a drive-by.
But I may give it a shot in the next days.
Oh my, I also still have to read Eternal..

1504253 Do you print it all out? Wow! I hadn't really thought of reading it that way, haha.

And not liking post-apocalyptic?! :pinkiegasp: But they are the best worlds the write about!

Eternal is pretty good too. Better than most pony-fictions, at least.

This is fantastic!

I love Discord's epic feats of magic, they're really awesome and vividly described.

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