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My Little Pony and the Thievius Raccoonus - RaijingtheClockworkPony

One theif is brought to Equestria, but he is not alone.

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Warm Welcome

Mchawi. Not a person that I would like to dwell on. A ruthless warlord that controls a huge criminal empire that stretches from Jamaica to Central America, and all the way to Southern China. A mongoose so ruthless and brutal that he has been known to use torture and brainwashing on anyone that gets in his way. His intolerance of failure is so extreme that he will kill anyone that fails him even once.

Not much is truly known about Mchawi's early life, but what is known is that as a young man he joined a small gang in the heart of Jamaica. He soon climbed up the ranks and took over the gang through a mixture of cunning deals and a use of dark voodoo magic. His grab at power didn't end there. He quickly started taking out any rival gangs and used his new found power to expand his empire across the entire island. He expanded it even farther into Central America and started taking over any crime syndicate that refused to join him out right.

He seemed content with this for almost three years but then he decided that China was ripe for the picking and moved there to personally oversee the takeover of the major gangs. Until recently he has been hiding out in southern China but when Interpol started closing in he fled to his home of Jamaica.

Now how does that tie in with me, Sly Cooper, the world’s greatest thief? Well Mchawi stole a set of prayer beads from a Buddhist monastery that are said to be beyond priceless and I think they would look much better in the Cooper Vault than in the hands of a warlord like Mchawi. For a first gig coming out of retirement this seems pretty tame.

Sly Cooper in:

The Forest of Terror

Sly Cooper landed on the roof of a small hut. His gaze fell onto the large wall just a few yards ahead of the hut. He pulled out a small device similar to binoculars; however this device also served as a visual communication device. He looked through the Binocucom and scanned the walls of the fort in front of him. It was a primitive structure but formidable with all the more modern add-ons such as S.A.M launchers and automated gun turrets looking over the fortress gates.

A voice from the device in his hand buzzed in. "Sly are you there? Sly?"

Sly couldn't help but smile at the sound of his oldest friend’s voice. Oldest if only by a few seconds. "Read you loud and clear Bentley. I'm in position."

Sly looked at the image of his turtle friend as another imaged flickered in. His second oldest friend Murray, a pink hippo, appeared with a smile on his face.

"The Murray is ready. Good to see you back in the field again Sly."

Sly gave a small smile back to the hippo. "Good to be back. So how are things holding up at your end Bentley?"

The turtle turned away from the camera for a moment and talked to someone off screen. He turned back with a dopey grin then his business like look returned. "Penelope and I are ready to go on this end. Murray?"

The hippo flexed, regardless of the fact his friends couldn't see anything other than his head. "I have dispensed justice on the security guns and The Murray is ready to start phase... uh three right?"

Sly tried his best to contain his amusement as Bentley sighed. "Yes Murray. Anyways Sly you better get ready. Penelope is itching to give her newest RC chopper a spin."

Sly nodded. "Over and out."

He put the small device away and moved closer to the wall. He placed the old cane he was carrying into his mouth and grabbed hold of a brick. Old. At least fifty years. Should be strong enough to climb up. Easy.

Sly moved up the wall with little effort as a lifetime of thievery had given all the training he needed. He reached the top and checked the walkway. An alligator was walking toward him but had failed to notice Sly's head on the side of the wall. Sly waited until the reptilian guard had slipped by before he made his move. He leaped on the walkway, landing on his toes as to make a little sound as possible.

The poor guard never saw it coming. Sly swung his cane hard into the back of the alligators head. A soft *Whump* filled the air as the guard slumped to the ground unconscious. Sly looked at the guard for only a moment before he glanced over the side of the wall towards the inner fortress. There were several smaller buildings and on many of them there appeared to be several working crews attempting to fix the scrap piles that used to be the automated guns.

Sly smirked. "Nice job Murray. Now all I have to do is wait for the signal."

As if on cue Sly heard a small whirring sound and glanced up. Above him was a small RC chopper heading towards the work crews. Sly gave the chopper a quick wave before he backed away from the parapet. He took a running start and leaped off the parapet and onto a low hanging rope. He landed on the rope and a moment later he leaped off of it onto a roof nearby.

As he landed one of the repairmen noticed him and for a moment confusion crossed the reptilian face. A moment later a small explosive went off in front of him knocking him backwards into another repairman. As the group scrambled to figure out what was happening another explosive went off in the middle of the group. Sly glanced up as he began his sprint and watched the RC chopper drop another small explosive.

Sly smirked as his path across the roof tops opened. He gazed off to his left as he began to sprint and spotted the orange glow of fires engulfing the buildings. Murry is right on time. This is going surprisingly well. Sly leaped into the air and landed on the next roof. He was nearing the fortress quickly and he readied himself as his grip on the cane tightened and relaxed reflexively. An old quirk he had developed while on a job.

Sly reached the wall of the main fortress building. Not the oldest structure in the compound but still older than the weapons systems that were now in pieces. Sly slipped the cane into his mouth as he found purchase on the wall and began his climb. He reached a low balcony as his ear piece buzzed.

"*bzzt* -ome in! We have a*bzzzzt bzzz* Do you rea*bzzzt*"

Sly grabbed onto the railing of the balcony and moved one hand to the ear piece. "Bentley? Bentley can you hear me?"

Must have a jammer in the tower of the castle. How did we miss that? Great, looks like I'm on my own for now. Sly sighed and lifted himself onto the balcony silently. He moved over to the glass door leading into the castle and crouched next to it. He gently tested the lock and found that it was open.

The raccoon glanced around the room and found that it was a heavily furnished bedroom. Sly slinked his way across the room when movement on the bed forced him to stop. He glanced over and spotted a arm reaching for what looked like a lamp and before he could react light flooded the room.

Sly stood there blinded by the sudden change in the light for a moment before a high scream met his ears and a pillow hit his chest. Sly eye's quickly adjusted and he saw that the thrower of the pillow was a young panther girl no more than sixteen years old. She was in a night gown that was far to revealing for a girl her age.

Sly dodged the next pillow. "Hey, stop that. I'm just in the wrong room."

The girl was screaming at him in a language that he wasn't familiar with but he could tell that it wasn't native to Jamaica. If anything it sounded like a tongue native to South America. Sly dodge the next projectile which happened to be a shoe. Sly moved across the room swiftly and removed the other shoe from her hand. She broke down into terrified sobs the moment he did so and slumped to the ground.

In a very heavy accent she spoke broken English. "Please no touch! He has already ruined me! Please no more!"

Sly stood there for a moment as her words sunk in. From the light of the lamp he could clearly see that the panthers left eye was swollen and she was trembling in terror. I knew he was a messed up bastard but this? She's just a girl. Sly sighed and got down on one knee.

"Hey. I'm not here to hurt you. I'm here to get something from Mchawi. I promise you that after tonight he will never touch you again. Put on some clothes and wait out on the balcony. I'll send someone to help you soon."

The young panther looked up at him with a spark of hope in her eyes. "Thank you."

She scrambled to the dresser near the bed as Sly moved towards the door. The door opened before he could even touch it and a large alligator was standing in the frame.

"What's all the..."

His eyes widened for only a moment before Sly's cane impacted his head, knocking him out cold. The panther let out a small shriek in surprise and stared at Sly. "You do that to Mchawi?"

Sly looked back at her then to the guard. "Maybe once or twice."

The panther girl walked up to him, now wearing a closed bathrobe and a small smile. She hugged him tightly then took a step back. "Thank you. Who are you?"

Sly tilted the hat back and gave her a smile of his own. "Just a thief doing the right thing. Now go wait for help on the balcony. It'll be safer there."

The young girl nodded and headed to the open glass door as Sly moved into the hallways. Sly looked around the hallway for a moment as he jogged his memory for the floor layout Bentley had stolen for him. As the floor plan came to mind Sly headed down the hallway and up the staircase at the end. He reached the top of the stairs and moved along the end of the hall.

Sly tried his best not to look at the decor of the hall but just couldn't keep his eyes off of them. On the wall were well over twenty masks, each more grotesque than the last. Along a long table underneath was what looked like a collection of hands, feet, organs, and even a few fetuses preserved in strange liquids of a variety of colors. Sly swallowed as he forced his mind off the memories of Madam Ruby and her swamp of undead nightmares.

The door to his shrine should be just up ahead. Ah ha! There it is. The door was slightly ajar as Sly approached it and he could hear voices from within. Sneaking up to the door Sly listened in on the conversation.

A deep voice that dripped with malice reached his ears first. "And what if the houses burn? You deal with your own damn troubles but I want those turrets back up tonight and I want the saboteur found NOW!"

A much more worried voice drifted out next. "Sir we are trying our best but there’s someone in the compound hindering the work crew. We can't get anything done until we deal with that."

A small growl was all the other voice got in response. A small green glow came out from the door for a moment then faded away. "Kill the intruder in the hall and I might spare your miserable hide."

Crap. Sly leaped away from the door and moved under one of the tables. The door was tossed open and a monstrously large alligator walked out of the door. Sly tucked his tail under the table as the large creature looked around the hallway.

"There nobody out here."

The menacing growl of a voice came out of the room. "You saying I lied?"

The alligator shook his head. “No sir, I'll look around."

The large guard walked down the hallway with a pair of pistols drawn. "Where are ya trespasser? I promise not to kill you slowly."

Sly waited under the table until the large guard pasted He slipped out and reached into a small pouch at his waist. He grabbed a small pellet. "What you don't want to do it slowly?"

Sly smashed the pellet on the ground and a sudden burst of smoke filled the hall. Sly rolled to the side as the large guard turned around and opened fire toward where Sly had been standing. Sly grabbed one of the jars from a nearby table and tossed it at the guard. The glass shattered and the green goo inside splattered all over the alligator.

"Ahh! Get it off me!"

Sly ran up to the double blinded guard and leaped in the air. For a brief moment everything seemed to freeze as Sly readied himself. He tightened his grip on the cane and brought it crashing down between the eyes of the guard. Sly landed softly as the guard stood there for a moment dazed then fell backwards onto the ground.

Sly stood up and took a small breath as he glanced over at the open door. Best to get this over with.

He walked to the door and stepped inside the large round room. The center of the room was lower than the rest of the room and was separated by a few steps. The walls were lined with what appeared to be hundreds of candles that rested on the floor, burning dimly. The walls were lined with even more of the disturbing masks that had lined the hallway.

Standing in the center of the room in front of a table that held an alter with black candles and a doll wearing the prayer beads was the mongoose Sly was looking for. The dark furred mongoose's back was to him as he spoke in his deep voice.

"Do come in Sly Cooper. I am honored that you have returned from the dead to rob me."

Sly tightened his grip on his cane but stayed in his spot. "You can't come back from the dead if you never really died."

Mchawi nodded. "True. Not without a little help from some friends. I trust that yours are the reason my guards are running round like the brain dead morons that they are?"

The mongoose turned to Sly with a small grin on his face, but his eyes were filled with a cold hate. Sly merely shrugged. The mongoose chuckled darkly.

"Man of little words, or perhaps your guarding them from me. Either way it doesn't matter." Mchawi waved his hand at a small blue candle that wasn't lit and the wick burst into flame. "I will offer you this one time Cooper. I'm in the need of some rather skilled assistants but can't seem to find the right bunch. Maybe you and your gang would care to do some jobs for me?"

Sly crossed his arms and gave a small snort of contempt. "We wouldn't be caught dead working with you. We have some morals unlike you. We don't hurt children and we defiantly don't work with insane men like yourself."

The grin on Mchawi's face turned into a scowl. "Very well then. I shall kill you then, I will kill every last one of your friends and that little number you have been hiding with."

The mongoose's paw burst into a black flame that he threw at Sly. Sly barely managed to roll out of the way and reached into his pouch to grab something to help him out. Tight space, angry mongoose, and I'm on my own. Perfect odds for this heist it seems.

Ten minutes ago

Inspector Carmelita Fox was angry. This wasn't an uncommon occurrence when she was on a job but this day was really upsetting for her. She had hoped to spend the day at the beach with her boyfriend of two months, Sly, on her rare day off but instead Sly had been called away by a messenger mouse. He had said it was a business call and he couldn't ignore it. She had tried to protest but Sly had told her not to worry and that they would spend the night together.

The fox checked the safety of her pistol as she let out an annoyed sigh. She had been waiting in the hotel room when the phone rang. Much to her anger her vacation had been called off as Interpol had gotten a very good tip that could lead to the capture of the criminal warlord Mchawi.

At least I can do something good for the world before my vacation restarts. To bad I couldn't reach Sly. He would have loved to help me catch this guy. He's been studying this guy for months. She looked out the side of the helicopter and spotted the castle looming in the distance. A small voice came on the speakers inside the vehicle.

"E.T.A. is one minute. Lock and load ladies."

Carmelita looked down and smirked at the five large gorilla's that were hanging onto the landing gear of the helicopter. The Sargent of the mercenaries glanced up at her and grinned.

"We’re gonna have a good night. Ready the jetpacks boys! We’re going in hot!"

The fox moved up to the pilot and looked out from the windshield to see the fortress coming in quickly. Something caught her eye in the air. It looked like a small RC chopper flying around. She tapped the pilot on the shoulder and pointed to the small device.

"You seeing what I'm seeing?"

The wolf pilot glanced at it and shrugged. "Maybe it's part of their security. A birds eye view is the best."

The helicopter slowed down and began to hold still above the compound of the castle. The gorillas dropped down guns blazing as Carmelita surveyed the scene. Several buildings were on fire and there were close to hundreds of people running around, trying to get the fires under control. She spotted a scrap pile on one of the roofs that wasn't burning. She looked at it a little closer and noticed what looked like barrels of large caliber guns.

"Hey, Ralph. What does that scrap heap look like to you?"

The wolf looked over after moving the helicopter so he could look. "I'd be willing to bet my copter that used to be an AA gun. I've been shot at by those to often when helping you out."

The inspector felt a familiar shiver go up her spine as she spotted more dismantled guns. This was all starting to look and feel like a rerun of a older job. In fact the whole scene was reminding her of a particular job she had done in India. The only difference so far was a masked ball and a certain Cooper stealing something.

She looked over at the castle and noticed a panther sitting on a balcony in a bright green bathrobe. "Hey move close to the balcony there. I have a feeling something’s going on and that panther knows."

The wolf gave her the thumbs up and moved above the balcony. The inspector dropped out of the helicopter and landed with a small thud on the balcony, which caused the already nervous panther to jump and cry out in shock.

"I'm Inspector Carmelita Fox of Interpol. Tell me everything you know about what's happened tonight."

The panther tried her best but kept slipping into her native tongue. However there was a single bit of information that Carmelita caught.

"The thief told me to wait here on balcony."

The fox eyes widened. "Thief? What thief?"

The panther girl pointed to the room. "Thief came in. Scared me but said was friendly. Fur was grey and wore mask."

Carmelita stood there for a moment as alarms went off in her head. Sly wasn't a thief anymore. He lost his memory after the events at Kane Island. There was no way he was here stealing something from the most dangerous man in the entire world right now, during an Interpol raid.

The panther's ears perked and a small smile came to her face. "Wore blue cap and had weird stick with gold end on it."

The fox's blood ran ice cold. Any doubt in her mind was demolished instantly. She knew that Sly had been here and that meant she was going to have to capture him. He had lied to her for two months and was now stealing something right under her nose. Carmelita quickly motioned to the helicopter.

"Get in the helicopter and do what the pilot tells you. You'll be safe there."

The girl nodded and moved towards the edge of the balcony. Carmelita used her radio to contact the pilot and get him to lower the helicopter down. She helped the girl into the helicopter and readied her weapon. She moved through the bed room and heard something very close to an explosion from above her.

"Ring tail I swear if your here I'm going to make you wish you hadn't lied to me."

Back with Sly

I hate my job some days.

Sly jumped away from another large fireball that impacted on the wall behind him and destroyed several of the masks and candles near the wall. Sly brought his hand up from the pouch and tossed the first thing he had grabbed at Mchawi. Unfortunately for Sly the item he had grabbed turned out to be a small alarm clock that began ringing midway through the flight.

A soft *Thump* sounded in the room as one of the black fire balls hit the clock before it could make it to the mongoose. "You will have to try much harder than that to survive."

As the melted and silenced slag that was once the clock hit the ground Sly had grabbed a handful of the smoke pellets and smashed them on the ground. The room quickly filled with smoke as Sly made a quick dash to the table. He found the doll wearing the prayer beads and stuffed both the doll and the beads into an empty pouch on his leg.

Time to leave. Fun meeting you Mchawi. Sly grinned and crouched low to the ground as he tried to spot the door way. However all he found was a strong hand on the back of his head. This feeling lasted for only a moment as the hand forced his face hard into the wooden floor.

Sly groaned as his head was lifted up and he came face to face with the black, smoking eyes of a very angry mongoose. Sly tried to swing his cane at his captures head but was stopped when Mchwai's free paw landed hard in his stomach. The wind driven from Sly's lungs brought his swing to a pathetic halt. The hammer like fist drove itself into Sly's stomach and ribs multiple times then once to Sly's jaw.

The power of the final blow was enough to launch the barely conscious raccoon into the air. Sly landed on the unyielding floor with a pained gasp. Sly looked up at the ceiling and only vaguely aware that the smoke had vanished somehow.

"Pathetic. You could have had power and all the money in the world. Yet you want to stay with your little gang instead of having an empire. I will kill you only after I have found all of your friends and force you to watch them die slowly and painfully."

A voice that made Sly's blood run cold, far more than Mchwai or any other crime lord every could. "Step away from the raccoon and put your hands in the air. You're under arrest."

Sly looked up and spotted the calm and collected Carmelita fox. Despite the pain he couldn’t help but smile at her. Lovely as ever. I almost missed seeing her working and being on the receiving end. Almost.

Mchwai growled at the inspector. "I didn't realize Interpol was coming for a visit. I would have cleaned this filth out much faster."

The fox's aim didn't waver. "Hand's up or I will shoot."

The mongoose merely smiled as his eyes burned with hate. "My dear madam, I was being robbed. I have broken no law and was merely defending myself. You have no grounds to arrest me."

Carmelita smirked at the crime lord. "You may not have broken any laws when attacking this man but the weaponry outside is illegal and so is the lack of fire control you have. Hands. Up."

The crime lord scowled at the cop then slowly raised his hands. "Shame you have to die tonight as well. I was looking forward to killing you in a much more creative way, Miss Fox."

The mongoose brought his right hand down fast and launched a black fire bolt at the inspector. At the same moment Carmelita pulled the trigger of her pistol. A blue bolt of electric energy flew through the air and collided with the black flame. For a moment the projectiles mixed in the air and shrank as if they would just dissipate, but a moment after the collision they collapsed and formed a small reflective sphere.

Sly had moved to his hands and knees to move away from the mongoose when the shots had been fired and was looking at the orb hanging in the air like the other two occupants. However his amazement at the event was quickly ended when he thought back to every time he and magic interacted. He moved to his feet, his ribs and stomach screaming in pained protest as he made a dash for Carmelita.

He was nearly to her when the orb in the room exploded in a black wave of energy. The screams of Mchwai were heard by the fox and raccoon but they were looking at each other. Sly reached out to grab the inspector when the energy hit his foot and tail. Everything seemed to stop at that moment as he looked into the frightened eyes of Carmelita. He opened his mouth to say something but the wave of energy had moved up his body and to his chest. A burning sensation was the only thing his mind could focus on as the wave moved up to cover his head.

The pain was unbearable but only lasted for a moment or two before Sly's mind went blank and he lost all consciousness.

A couple made their way through the streets of beautiful city of Canterlot. They had just finished attending a charity event hosted by a wonderfully talented seamstress from Ponyville. The mare of the couple leaned over and placed her head on the stallions shoulder as they made their way through the park.

"This was a wonderful night. I must order a dress from Rarity before she become far too good for us."

The white stallion chuckled. "I think she will be able to find time for us. I dare say she see's us as friends. Don't worry Fleur; I'm certain that she will be willing to make time for us."

The pair nuzzled as they walked through the dark park. The stars shone brightly this night as the moon was new that night. Fancy Pants stopped for a moment and loosened the tie and undid one of the buttons on his suit. He looked at his wife and smiled lovingly at her. She smiled back and leaned forward to press her lips to his.

The couple stood there in the star light just holding each other and kissing when a bright beam of light lit up the sky above them. The pair pulled apart and Fleur let out a small scream as the light began to fall towards the couple. Fancy Pants leaped in front of his wife and shielded her from the light as it crashed in the tree that was less than a few yards from them.

The light faded from the fallen object when it hit the first branch of the tree. The object fell through the tree and landed in a small heap at the base of the tree. The snow white stallion shook his mane to dislodge some small pieces of wood that have splintered off the tree. Fancy Pants glanced over at now ruined tree then checked Fleur to make sure she was okay.

"What was that?"

The stallion shook his head and looked at the object laying in the grass by the tree. "I don't know, but I daresay that I will in a moment or two."

The white stallion took a few steps towards the object when he his nose was met with the smell of burnt cloth and singed fur. Fancy Pants stopped for the moment and gave a small cough. Must have been a meteor... but meteors don't have fur to burn.

Fancy Pants took a few steps closer and summoned a small orb of light from his horn to provide light so he could inspect the object and once he did he realized that it defiantly wasn't a meteor. on the ground was a large creature of some kind that was curled up on the ground holding a gold tipped cane in its paw. It was wearing blue clothes that were badly singed and had a few pouches at its hips and leg. Fancy Pants moved closer and gently touched it to see if it was alive.

A groan from the creature and it curling into an even tighter ball told him that not only was it alive but also in pain. The stallion looked back at his wife that had moved up behind him as her curiosity overrode her fear.

"What is it?"

The stallion shook his head and moved close to the strange creature and tried to lift it up. "I don't know but it needs help." Another loud moan and a pained gasp from the grey furred thing made Fancy Pants stop and stand back up. He turned back to Fleur with a set look.

"I need you get to the mansion and tell the maids to get ready for a guest and call Blue Cross and tell her to get to the house immediately."

Fleur looked at him for a moment and nodded. "Okay but shouldn't we take it to the hospital?"

Fancy Pants shook his head and bent down next to the creature and used both his magic and forelegs to lift the creature onto his back.

"No. Blue Cross has the best knowledge of bipedal creatures in all of Equestria, save any bipedal doctor. If there's anypony that can help this creature it's her."

Fleur nodded and gave her husband a quick kiss. "Don't strain yourself."

Fancy smiled under the weight of the large creature. "You kept telling me I needed to get a workout and now I guess this counts."

They shared a quick smile but it ended as Fleur turned and began to run down the park path. Fancy began to walk after her as he adjusted the weight of the creature on his back. A small groan reached his ears and out of the corner of his eye he spotted the paw, no hand, of the creature tighten on the cane.

"This wasn't how I imagined spending my night and I'm certain you didn't want this either." A small groan came from the creature a few moments later. "Hang in there, I promise you'll be just fine."