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"It's quite lonely being encased in stone." So I said.
But no one ever accused me of being honest.

(Originally written for Equestria Daily's Nightmare Night 2012 Contest.)

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Here's my submission for EqD's Nightmare Night 2012 Contest.
Just a li'l sumfin-sumfin.

This will be an interesting read.

I greatly enjoyed reading this, thank you.
Are you already working on a new fic? I must admit that your portrayal of Discord is one of the best I've ever read, and I'd love to read more with him in it :twilightsmile:

Or, you know, Eris, if you could do anything with her :rainbowkiss:

Edit: Also, I've given this fic its first Like and Fav.

That was brilliant. Liked and faved :pinkiehappy:

1489923 Huh, that's actually pretty cute.:rainbowderp:

So, is that Discord back when he was a little girl, an alter-ego, or his daughHOLY SHIT IT BLINKS!!

Neither really. It's rule 63 of the Internet. For every fictional character, there exists a counterpart of opposite gender.
That's where you get things like the cast drawn as guys instead of girls.

1489955 1489978
You'd be surprised by how often she's portrayed as a seperate entity from Discord, she's pretty much the only other widely recognized draconequus out there. I personally adore the character, then again, I am a huge draconequus fan :pinkiesmile:


You know, having read 'Head Full of Cotton Candy,' 'Heavenly Turmoil,' and now this, I have to agree with Salacar that you do have the best portrayal of Discord I've seen, and I would like to see something with Eris in it.

A story where the only real change made to Discord being it's gender would be a good character study.

I'm willing to bet that if Discord was a female in the season two premier, if "she" acted the exact same way "he" would have, the mane six would be a lot less confrontational to him. Heck, they might have even been downright friendly with her and actually laugh along with her and Pinkie when she shuffled on Twilight's head.

SHE would have been seen as immature and playful, rather than HIM seeming irresponsible and spiteful.

Overall, I would really like to see you explore how outer appearance changes the perception of Discord's personality.

Well, that was rather marvellous.

Still haven't gotten round to Heavenly Turmoil what-with having a damned social life, so a darker Discord of course feels alien (although is an interesting contrast compared). This story has left me longing for more; will you be continuing it?

It was a good read.:twilightsmile: A like and 'fav' from me.

I'll be completely honest with you guys, I don't have much interest in trying to write for Eris at the time being. And shoot me for saying it, but I don't plan on writing many more stories for Discord either. At least not long ones. One-shots, who knows? I'm glad you guys love how I write for Discord, and it's not a lie that I love writing for him too, but I wanna try to experiment some with other ideas and character voices.
It's probably not the end of my Discord stories, but I'd like to see it as the beginning of my other fics, too.

Thanks! But between you and me and anyone else reading this, I seriously struggled to make the story over 2,500 words. First-person narrative drabble whatchamadoos are tough, even more so when there's nothing happening around the narrator. Besides, with horror, less is usually more.

I can see you writing a story for anything. Though a Starwirl story would be nice.

1491613 Ooohhh this

No worries, you should write what you feel like writing.

I'll agree to this sentiment, though I'd also enjoy anything with the mane 6 in it.


Uhh... Maybe, actually.

But I do have a story with the Mane 6 in it. "Elements of Larceny." It's on hiatus right now, but as soon as I finish a spin off of "Head Full of Cotton Candy", that's going to be back in action.

Well, that was intensely unsettling. Sounds like Discord, when given nothing else to do, turns against himself, pitting conscious against unconscious in a self-consuming loop of mutual annihilation. Each time, he manages to abort before the final moment, but each time comes closer to it than the last.
At least, I think that's what's going on.

In any case, wonderfully creepy. I'm expecting shadowy, barely visible ponies in my dreams tonight...

Fool! you will never beat me in the nightmare night festivities! Have at thee!!!! :flutterrage:

Silence your discontent, child! Lest the Nightmare Night Trickster overhear!


Since Head Full of Cotton Candy was technically a spinoff of Heavenly Turmoil, does that mean you're going to start an endless spinoff chain now?
I await it eagerly

This was great. You have a way with dark (Heavenly Turmoil is still one of my all-time favorite grimdarks).

In retrospect, I guess you were right. :P

Very nice work.

Quite impressive! In fact, brilliant! :pinkiehappy: Well done! I simply love inner monologues, but this one is... wow. Indescribable. Seriously, well done. I had the constant feeling that I was not reading someone pretending to be Discord, I felt I was actually reading Discord. The narrative, the ideas, the silliness (don´t make me talk about the letter C, please), the richness of vocabulary... Perfectly perfect. So, bravo!:twilightsmile:

Very nicely done, your struggles for length do not show. I felt no sense of padding, on the contrary, it flows very nicely.

The subject matter was tricky, bit you navigated Discord's true enemies very well.

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