• Published 22nd Oct 2012
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In the Hour of Twilight - Blue Dragon

As Twilight and Fluttershy start their relationship, Twilight learns not to take magic or her life for granted.

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Our Only Comfort

By the time Rainbow Dash had finished her tale, Princess Luna was pacing. She didn't look very happy, and was no longer tired in the least.

"I do not understand what this means... Why dost thou sister not wish to see thy student?" Even after all her lessons on proper Equestrian, Luna was falling back into her old ways. Usually, it only happened when she was really stressed. "And why did I not hear of this sooner? Twilight Sparkle is close to me as well..."

Rainbow was nervous now that she'd gotten everything out, and was still feeling pretty useless. Finally, Luna stopped her pacing, looking towards the cyan pegasus.

"Your name is Rainbow Dash, correct?"

"Y-Yes, Your Highness." It occurred to Rainbow that she was speaking to royalty this whole time, and only just then had she bowed. The Princess didn't seem too bothered.

"Rainbow Dash, I thank you for bringing this news to me, despite the hardship you must have gone through to pass my guards and my sister. Have you any requests for me?"

Dash stared at the Princess for a long time, before casting her eyes downward. "...Just one, Princess. Please... Please just make sure Twilight gets better."

Princess Luna watched her for a while, time seeming to slow down. "...Of course. I will do my best, but I cannot guarantee anything. I must ask you to watch over your friends, and never leave their sides. I must speak to my sister right away."

"But Princess... She won't... pass away, right?" Rainbow looked up into Luna's eyes for reassurance.

Princess Luna said nothing, turning toward the door. She opened it, glancing back.

"To tell you the truth, little one, I do not know."

And with that, she disappeared into the hallways of the castle. She trotted with purpose to the balcony where she knew her sister would be, wondering how something so terrible could happen to a pony like Twilight Sparkle. As far as Luna knew, she'd never done anything to deserve it.

And, the more she thought about it, the more it reminded her of something that'd happened long ago, when she was still just a filly. It seemed to make sense--the reason her sister wasn't going to see Twilight Sparkle, was because of him.

Why hadn't she remembered it sooner?

Princess Luna moved faster until she finally made it to her destination without incident. She stepped out onto the balcony, noticing her sister's forlorn expression.

"Sister..." She began, surprising Celestia.

"Oh, Luna... What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be resting until the night?" The Princess of the Night walked over to her sister's side, gazing at the beautiful city in the sun's glow.

"Must I have a reason to speak with my sister?" The white alicorn turned back toward Canterlot in resignation.

"I suppose not, dear sister." Luna yawned, but did her best to suppress it. She put a hoof on her sister's shoulder.

"You're troubled, Celestia. Tell me what bothers you." The younger mare stared into the elder's eyes, seeing a long forgotten sorrow buried beneath them. She recognized it from those troubling times from thousands of years ago. "It's about your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle, isn't it?"

The Princess of the Day seemed surprised, but recovered herself just as easily. "How did you know that, Luna?"

"I spoke with one of her friends, Rainbow Dash. She was very desperate, and her news saddened me. You recognize Twilight Sparkle's condition, don't you?" Luna watched as her sister turned away.

"...I do."

"And it reminds you of your first love, doesn't it?"


"Does it?"

Princess Celestia sighed in resignation, nodding once. Luna dropped her harshness, and gave her sister a much needed hug.

"It isn't your fault, Celestia. Nopony could have known it would happen." The white alicorn returned the embrace equally. "You did not corrupt him, dear sister. He took advantage of your love for him to become the power-hungry monster he is today. It is not your fault that you had to turn him into stone. He was always evil, Celestia."

"Luna, he was a pony once. A regular unicorn pony--I changed him. He had the Magical Rebound Effect, and I foolishly let my love for him guide me to try to save him. My magic mutilated him, and I'd created the first Draconequus. He no longer had the drawbacks of the condition, but nopony could stand to look at him. I corrupted him. He soon went to rule over Equestria with unhappiness and unrest, punishing those of which did not look at him. He lost his own name, and became what we know today as Discord." Celestia sighed, resting a hoof over her muzzle. "You were young then, little sister, but we were forced to turn him into stone. I...

"I can't see my faithful student, Twilight Sparkle turn out this way. I cannot bear to lose her the way I lost him..." Luna pulled back to look into her sister's eyes.

"Celestia, if you do not see her, she will perish. She needs you more than ever before, sister. Twilight Sparkle has remained faithful to you, so mustn't you return that kindness?"

"Luna, I'm afraid that if I see her this way, I will make the same mistake." The Princess of the Night nuzzled her sister's neck comfortingly.

"It was no mistake, sister."

"...Isn't it ironic, Luna? There is but one true recovery from this illness, and it is to become the shunned Draconequus. A unicorn could get their horn removed, but that would not stop the flow of magic within the pony's body. Would it be better to accept your fate, or twist yourself into something beyond recognition?" The two Princesses watched as Rainbow Dash flew back to the hospital.

"It is for the pony themselves to decide, Celestia. I cannot speak for Twilight Sparkle, but she must wish to speak with you at least once more. I am sure you have noticed, but she does look up to you like a second mother." Princess Celestia said nothing. "Sister, do you really wish to hear from somepony else that Twilight Sparkle has passed on? Do you really think that this problem will solve itself if you run away from it? Celestia, you know better than that."

"I know, Luna... I've just been thinking about the stallion Discord used to be. No, he is not the pony I once loved, but rather a disappointment. I loved who he used to be, not what he is now. I do not wish to think of myself saying these same words about my faithful student."

"Sister, you should see her before making any decisions. Isn't that the least you could do on your student's behalf?" Luna reasoned.

"...Perhaps, sister... Perhaps I will pay a visit before I retire tonight..."

Luna let out a sigh, figuring that this was the best she was going to get from her sister. She let out another yawn. "I am planning to visit your student now, Celestia. I will tell her that you plan on visiting her."

Luna trotted over toward the railing, opening her wings. Celestia put a hoof on her shoulder. "Please do not inform her about anything that we have said here. Namely, the creation of a Draconequus. Promise me, Luna."

The Princess of the Night smiled knowingly. "I will not say a word, sister."

She took flight toward the hospital.

As Luna trotted into the busy hospital, many ponies stopped to stare. The Princess simply walked to the desk purposefully.

"In what room number does the unicorn Twilight Sparkle reside in?" The mare at the desk stared open-mouthed at the alicorn, before looking down at her papers, stuttering.

"U-Uh, you can find the patient Twilight Sparkle in room number two twenty-four, Your Highness. Dr. Sweetheart does not want any other visitors to see her, but I will allow you access, as long as you're careful."

Luna nodded, trotting over to the hallway. She was no stranger to the ogling looks of the ponies around her, so it didn't bother her much. It didn't take long to find the room she'd been looking for, but just to the side she saw a pony crying, and another one comforting her. She recognized them from the time she'd visited Ponyville for Nightmare Night.

The Princess quickly made her way over, feeling the need to help rise within her. "Why are you crying, little pony?"

Applejack moved her head slightly, still sobbing. Rarity jumped in surprise. She looked over to the alicorn, and once she realized who'd spoken, she bowed.

"Oh! Your Highness, what are you doing here?" Rarity had been having trouble calming AJ after her outburst, and still was. Luna nodded at Rarity, keeping her gaze on the crying mare.

"I have come to see Twilight Sparkle. Why are you crying?" Luna put a hoof under the earth pony's chin, pulling her up. AJ averted her gaze, tears still falling.

"A-Ah was just... remembering somethin' from a long time ago, P-Princess..." Her sobbing increased, and Luna looked over towards the white unicorn for explanation.

"She was... recounting the events of a break-up." Rarity said simply, watching her friend worriedly. Luna understood, and looked back at the upset pony.

"Your name is Applejack, and yours, Rarity. Right?" Both mares nodded, and Luna spoke again. "You must not fret about what has happened in the past, my little pony. You must learn to forgive yourself, and the pony with which you've broken ties to. Only then will you be able to find peace with yourself, and perhaps find somepony new."

AJ remained quiet, so Luna continued. "Whoever your special somepony was, do not regret what you have done, whether or not you think it is wrong. You must let it go."

The Princess glanced at Rarity, reading her eyes easily. "The same goes for you, little pony. The sadness borne from your misplaced love should be forgotten. I do not know where you've placed these feelings, but if they hurt you so, you should either pursue them to gain happiness, or get rid of them entirely."

The white unicorn blinked back tears she didn't even know she'd had. "H-How did you know...?"

Luna smiled sadly. "It was all in your eyes, my friend. Ponies may frolic in the day, but many despair and think about their problems in the night. I've learned much since I've gotten back, and I have helped ponies with their complications before. This is something I can do, that my sister cannot."

Applejack was finally able to calm herself, sniffling. "A-Ah'm sorry, Princess, Rarity... Ah just can't forget how hurt Rainbow was that day..."

The Princess watched AJ solemnly. "Do not apologize. If ever you need anything from me, you know where to find me. Or, in the night, all you must do is ask for me, and I will personally come to speak with you. I have a pressing matter I must attend to now... Twilight Sparkle is in this room, correct?"

"Er, yes, but she is currently sleeping..." Rarity said, patting her friend's back comfortingly. Luna walked closer to the door.

"It is no matter. I must see her for myself, and talk to your other friends." Luna stated, realizing that everypony would be in a similar state. She'd been through plenty of hardships herself, and had helped enough ponies to notice these things. Neither mares objected, contemplating the advice they'd been giving.

Luna knocked on the door, pushing it open. Inside, Twilight Sparkle lay on a hospital bed. A yellow pegasus mare was crying into her hooves, sitting right next to the unicorn. The pony Luna had assumed was the doctor, was writing on a clipboard with a furrowed brow. Both ponies looked up at the sound of the door opening, the pegasus still sobbing.

"Princess Luna?" Dr. Sweetheart questioned, raising an eyebrow. Luna nodded, stepping into the room and closing the entrance behind her.

"I have recently heard the news of Twilight Sparkle's condition... How is she?" The Princess of the Night trotted over next to the familiar pony, looking at Twilight.

"She..." The doctor glanced at Fluttershy, sighing. "She doesn't look very good." The other mare cried harder. Luna finally recognized her from Nightmare Night--she was the pony Twilight said had a soft voice, but she only ran. The alicorn had long since forgiven her, but seeing her this broken was strange. Luna had only seen ponies this upset when they'd lost somepony very dear to them--and it was obvious Twilight was still here.

Twilight Sparkle's horn caught her attention, as well as a scar over her eye. Luna sat on her haunches. "Are you planning on removing her horn?"

Dr. Sweetheart nodded solemnly, and the Princess looked back at the injured pony. She felt a pang of sadness for her, as she knew how hard she'd tried to improve her magic under Celestia's wing. It was a risk for her sister to even think about teaching a unicorn such strong magical spells, so why had she even done it? Was it worth it?

Fluttershy's body-wrenching sob brought the older mare out of her thoughts. She glanced at the pegasus. "Your name is Fluttershy, yes?"

The pony made no sign that she'd acknowledged the Princess talking to her. Luna sighed, lowering her head slightly.

"Fluttershy, I can see that you are deeply affected by this... Have you anything to get off your chest?" She suggested. Twilight adopted a pained look on her face, and she gritted her teeth. Fluttershy watched with glassy eyes, more tears escaping. Just as Luna was about to speak again, the pegasus finally said something.

"I-I wish this wasn't happening to Twilight right now... I wish I'd never met her, because then I wouldn't have fallen in love with her, we wouldn't have gone into the woods together, and she wouldn't have gotten this... this... illness!" She let her mane cover her face. "It's not fair... Twilight never deserved any of this..."

Luna put a hoof on Fluttershy's shoulder. "I agree, little one, but you should not wish for things like that. Do you honestly wish you'd never met her? I think not." The pegasus' shoulders slumped, and her head fell lower.

"No, of course not... I just think she'd be better off without me..." Dr. Sweetheart slowly trotted to the door and leaned against the wall, wanting to give them privacy, but still not wanting to go too far from the patient. Luna frowned.

"That's not true, either. You should not tell yourself lies... I'm sure Twilight Sparkle wouldn't want to hear you say such things. She's your... special somepony, right?"

Fluttershy nodded meekly. Luna wrapped her wing around the smaller pegasus, giving her at least a little warmth in this otherwise cold environment. The yellow pony accepted it gladly, leaning into the Princess' embrace. Twilight squirmed on the bed, still looking hurt. Her hoof pressed into the bed, and she was mumbling incoherently.

"She loves you, too." Luna said, choosing her words carefully, "I can tell. She may be hurting now, but she does need you. Look, she seems to be saying your name..."

Twilight's eyes squeezed tightly, and she did say something. "Flutters..." She bit her lip, breathing slowly. "I'm sorry..."

That caused more tears to well up in the yellow pony's eyes. "Twilight, y-you don't have to apologize to me! I-I messed up, not you! Please, don't say something like that again...!" Fluttershy rubbed at her eyes furiously, "Don't say it... Please... Don't say sorry..."

Luna could barely stand this display. It was tear-jerking even to the Princess of the Night, who'd been able to help all the ponies before her without so much as a single tear. Celestia's long lost love invoked feelings within her, but she hadn't cried for her sister about it in years. Rainbow's undying loyalty and pleas to save her friend didn't push her so far, and neither had the sad love lives of Applejack and Rarity. This pony, however, was one she could actually help... Her special somepony, Luna's first friend in thousands of years, was suffering. There was a single way to save her, but Celestia had made her promise not to tell anypony.

One last look at the sobbing pegasus forced her to cave.

"There's... There's a way to save Twilight Sparkle... but you won't like it."

Author's Note:

First things first--this is based before Discord becomes good. Also, I feel the need to stress this... I do not support DiscordxCelestia; it fit the story in just the right places, as does the rest of the pairings. I hope the mentioning of it doesn't bother you. >_< Let me know what you think! /: