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Nightmare Night; the scariest night of the year. But what happens if those fears are rational? Never let your fears get the better of you. Don't let them grab hold of your fears.

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Comments ( 7 )

A strange plot no doubt but the writing wasn't too bad. Ending the story with a cliffhanger could be questionable though.

Silver out!

An interesting read and fitting for Nightmare Night, the cliffhanger ending was a bit of a let down.

None the less a favorite.

I can write a new ending. I simply wanted to be mysterious, letting the reader decide what they think happened.


We guess an example is needed. Imagine if season two had ended when Queen Chrysalis showed herself to be Cadence. :twilightblush:

An open ending is one thing, but this is a bit extreme.

Rainbow: "No, you didn't scare me, you just made me have a heart attack"
Pinkie: "Okie Dokie Lokie"

I don't know about that ending, I mean it just feels like you got lazy and decided to end with gargoyles take over and over

but other than that great story

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