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Summary: New Bridle, once a great port that connected Equestria with many southern lands, was without a doubt one of the first to face the consequence of the Great War's hostility. While the city itself never was truly destroyed, with it's familiar skyline and landmark roadways still in tact, the War had effectively cut it's veins - New Bridle lacked the resources of other cities, north of arid deserts and south of infertile mountains. Seeking relief, the city surrendered to the Zebra Army early in the war on it's own accord, and as a result, faced the wrath of Equestria's own megaspells. Now a desecrated shell, wasteland survivors have long began rising from it's corpse, the old ethics of friendship and caring having parted in exchange for fear and loathing; wartime attributes poorly rewarded with the extravagant gift of glory.

Two wasteland survivors from the cold north head South into New Bridle. Kicking up the bones of the hollow city in their quest, the duo begin their quest to discover what truly happened to the ex-Equestrian city.

Special thanks to my friends Shady_Steps and Snaggletooth. Without you, the world would have died in the womb.
Still in need of proof readers, so if you'd like to help me quicken the draft process, drop me a message sometime. I'm in super need, especially since I hate posting chapters without someone to at least doublecheck grammar.

Chapters (5)
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Comments ( 9 )

Enjoying the story myself... Good job :D

This is the most original earthbound pegasus story i have ever heard of! Your premise is awesome, your prose is appropriate, and I'm super excited to see what you're going to do with your changelings. Keep it up!

so you posted without me >:< well cant blame you, i did not see anything too bad on my run through but i liked the chapter ^^ keep it up Roy.

thanks :3
i'll be sure to let you in on future updates... granted you're online and not busy courting other bucks |:<

thank you x3

I'll try to be a little more diligent on the chapter updates. Glad to see somepony likes it :3


What can i say, im a Colts Colt :P

i get all upset and go to look at my pc and what is this? an update? Roy you spoil me!

(p.s i am worst pre reader ever)


going to sleep my fucking ass
every time, shady. every time |:<<

nonetheless, glad you could read it x3 let me know what you think next time we run into each other


I CANT HELP IT! i go to bed then im like "fuck this shit is dull" so i go do stuff then i don't sleep then people go "AHHH HE IS A VAMPIRE!!!" and then i get reminded of that crap book and i get sad and i start to cry and then i go to bed.... thus the cycle begins anew.

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