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When a war threatens all the world's creatures, Prince Blueblood is left in charge of Equestria's day-to-day operations. However, Blueblood's lust for power and riches sparks an uprising: a band of Ponies that have had enough of Blueblood's taxes will do whatever they can to set things right in the land of Equestria.

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Melikes! :pinkiehappy:

The dialogue with Ironhoof felt both too rushed and too slow, it feels like he wasn't characterized any further than the fact that he believes in the princesses' benevolence - which is important, but doesn't take that long to accomplish.

The moment you fall with the mane 6 the story gets in track and becomes addictive to me. From then on it was gold. Nice addition on Pinkie, though the source of her actual ability with the knives is still a mystery for now.

Hope to see more of this! =3

"That's--wait, how did you have that memorized?" the unicorn asked.
Pinkie shrugged. "I like history. Political parties are parties too!"

-Shades of Barbie from "Toy Story 3" and/or the main character in "Legally Blond".

Darts can be a party game... Pinkie-think says that daggers are kinda like darts, especially if you start out juggling them and then throw them into the target one at a time from the cascade (what they call the objects a juggler has in motion).

Y'know, I would have liked a bit more characterization on our potential rebel, Whitehoof....and maybe a bit better characterization on Blueblood. For a guy I would have figured to be a lot more cardboard, he might have the wrong sort of depth in that his reasons for doing what he does almost have that ring of (perhaps delusional and/or cruel truth)...might be a byproduct of how wonky a war against Equestria sounds (we've got celestial gods, what have you got?) and how weird it seems that this sort of semi-betrayal (in ideals at least) of the throne by Blueblood goes unnoticed/uncared for.

Anyways, it does indeed get more interesting once one gets past all that. I'm certainly going to be interested in how the now split up characters end up shaking out. Frankly, I'm honestly curious which direction you're going with this...

I'd laugh if the CMC somehow had some weapons concealed somewhere.

I would like to see this story to be continued.

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