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Twilight Sparkle wishes to open a book club, to help her friends and neighbours appreciate the beauty of the written word. Unexpectedly, she meets a stallion of a very curious origin.

How can this strange new unicorn associate with Equestria?

(Time frame: Around a month after "The Secret of my Excess", in the fall.)


Twilight comes to regret how most of her friends and neighbors don't share her love for books and thinks to remedy this by creating a Book Club so she can share her love of Literature with them.

Coincidentally, while making preparations, she meets a stallion of very odd origins. This stallion poseses a book filled with countless spells he claims authorship of but something is very off...

"There is an order to everything in Equestria." But who ever this is seems to fall out of that order. What should Twilight do here? In fact what could she do here?

Chapters (9)
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Comments ( 10 )

Interesting and new concept, keep this up. :raritywink:

Great chapter! I wonder what will happen in that meeting, tracking and 4 stars! Toodles! :yay:

Have a four star, my friend! :pinkiehappy:

I liked this. I'll be sure to read more of it.
However, I hope you won't mind if I point out a few things. How come when a character is speaking ' is being used instead of " ?

Also, there was this sentence: Ponies may not read much nowm (Just fix the word 'now' and you'll be good.)

There was one instance of when it was out of the correct tense. You're using the past tense, but not in this sentence: There is not much to tell about the meeting that Twilight attended.

"There is" should be changed to "There was"

Okay, sorry. I'm done.

I'll keep reading.


Oh, thanks!

The ' is so for two reasons: It looks neater to quote in spoken lines this way. And the ' is british standard (or atleast what I've read was in this style).

I'll correct that now there too, though the tenses are (mostly) on purpose. It's maybe a bad, Hungarian habit, but look at the sentence this way: "There is not much to tell". This is the narrator telling you, at this moment that now, recounting the events, there's little to tell. "The Narrator is right next to you all the way through" and all that hogwash :) (Whether he likes it, or not.)

Huh...very interesting.

I have to say, I'm surprised there aren't more fics about Twilight starting a book club. It just seems like something she'd do. And I'm curious to see how all that stuff at the beginning fits in. Definitely worth a like.


Thanks, I'll try and develop a less hectic writing schedule and finish it. As for not enough fics about Twilight starting a Book Club: I suppose people prefer Twilight saving the world from [insert creative super villain here] over Twilight saving books from the island of forgotten things, which is fine really since there are a lot of good stories like that to be told, and it also leaves me something to write about :)

Thanks for reading!

A friend pointed this story out to me, and I fully intend to read through the whole thing, although I'm not certain I can do so all at once today.

Having only read the very first chapter, I can obviously only comment on so much here, but I'd like to get the positives out here: I enjoy this premise--the concept of Twilight wanting to form a book club to get more of the town interested in reading is, I think, not a new idea per se, but certainly one that is in-character (although who's to say how much success she'd meet with? Everypony in that town is crazy...). The canon characters that you've shown so far have not deviated from their personalities in any significant way, and I admit my preference for spelling Owloysius the way you do even if it is apparently contradicted by official material.

... With all that said, I am... somewhat on edge because of the mechanics. I realize now, of course, that this story was written a while ago and there's no saying you haven't improved since then; but mechanically, grammatically, this story would do well in the hands of an editor. Some of your sentences edge closer to run-ons than are comfortable and you do not properly punctuate to account for said tags (for more on said tags, examine the Writing Guide under FAQs). Further, you get your adjectives tangled in your nouns--the first example of this that springs to my mind is "young, dragon assistant." What I mean by this is that you are using "dragon" as a descriptor for "assistant"--which is not, strictly speaking, inaccurate, but given that Spike is not just an assistant but is, by his very nature, a dragon assistant, the comma comes across as unnecessary.

Despite my ramblings, please don't misinterpret; I do get a good first impression out of this story. I will continue reading when I can.


Thanks for reading, and yeah I can definitely see and agree that my writing did and still needs some work, but I'm fully intent on going back and correcting all of these mistakes once the first, greatest chunk of the story is complete. (Book II namely) I would have done so sooner, but one on hand I feel like being in the middle of Book II, it's not be best place to use the little time I give to writing, to re-write something I've done before.

With that said, feel free to nitpick what ever you like, once I'll get around, I'll make sure to take everything at least into consideration (depending on the nature of the problem, simple grammar issues are a no-brainer of course.)

Again, thanks for your time :)

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