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Sequel to Love and Hatred. Discord has broken free of his stone prison and is now engaged to Celestia. But can the others adjust to their awkward relationship, or will Luna and Twilight see to it that it fails?

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Nice, a sequel :pinkiehappy:

Unlike that English wedding that happened last year, I actually give a shit about this one!
Very nice chapter!:moustache:

What? I like Discord Fics. Though, I think :trollestia: does too.

I motion for a Discord Emoticon!

hmm, an excellent start, tracking. :twilightsmile:

"don’t you think this relationship is moving a little fast" ... A LITTLE ? :rainbowderp:
Dang it can't wait for more ...
His favorite pony ? Twilight for being a good adversary ? Fluttershy for counter trolling him ?
Or the one pony that resembles him the most :pinkiecrazy:

Yes!! This is going to be great!! Discord actually changed!!:yay:


curse you! you wonderfull writer!

Can't wait to see both Luna and Twi scheme:twilightangry2:, this is gonna be hilarious!:rainbowkiss:
Second the motion for Discord icon and a Luna one too!!!

I- Uh- I-I-I
This is... uh how could I put it...
This is the most horrific, disgus- I'm kidding! :trollestia:
Loved it, tracking, 5/5, watching, blah blah blah

Hmmm this series is very interesting. First off how in "Love and Hatred" it had a more soft, sad tone to the story then suddenly in this chapter we see a lot more drama and conflict. Especially with Luna and Twilight not accepting with the wedding so all I can say to this is:


Confound this fic, it drives me to wait!
I wonder what twilight will do to Discord:derpyderp1:?

101466 notion seconded!

101491 or did he?
:applejackconfused:imagine that in grey

:pinkiecrazy: I approve DiscxTia
Those who say No....

:moustache: Please keep up the good work my good sir

Discord's favorite pony...? Pinkie Pie or Screwball?

:twilightsmile: Interesting. I'll be tracking.

Watch that vid thn watch it again replacing the word yes with the word more

5/5, Tracking.

at the beginning of the story twilight was like :twilightangry2: but at the end she will probably be like :twilightoops:

that's it! You win!
J-just...just take my money! :fluttershbad:

Wow, after reading this and it's predecessor i have come to the conclusion, that Luna is a shallow bitch. :rainbowlaugh:
Discord x Celestia is my favorite shipping pair. I really like this fic because of it's structure, its characters and its humor. I mean it's damn near perfect.

Peace out

Shut up and take my bits!

I've heard a lot about Discord X Celestia stories, but this was the first one I actually read.

And I must say, THIS WAS A TRIUMPH! Truly, I'm looking forward to the next chapter.

You have my respect, as well as my first track and 5/5. Congrats.

Oh Celestia, I have so many stars...perhaps you would like five of them?

:rainbowkiss: so awesome! Luna's reaction made me lol abit, very nice. Keep it up!

Very good. Can't wait to see more.

You have my attention.

I looked at my tracking list and found some new halter to some story, but the. I looked and saw this.

I giggled like a school girl and seriously began to cry. I have not done something like this since the last chapter on the previous one was posted, and never before that. Do not ever stop writing this, if you do without a proper ending, I will personally march up to your house and bitch about it until you do. :raritywink:

This story is like Charlie Sheen

Full of crazy and winning.:rainbowlaugh:

Keep writing, or else...

Discord's facial expression in that picture is priceless...

Haha, you are triumphant! said the random russian

i didnt read the first book, but im tracking to see where it goes! :rainbowkiss:

*Sniff* I-I really don't know what to say to all these wonderful comments! There's too many to single out, there all amazing!

I don't know how to thank you, oh I know! Have another chapter! :yay:

I'm liking the whole, er, Dislestia thing!:yay:

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