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Twilight Sparkle and Rarity enjoy a splendid morning picking daisies with their good friend Fluttershy, but matters turn less than cheery as they travel to make a special acquaintance.

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Heartwarming story =)

Well, this was touching. You know, you could cintinue. I mean, maybe write about the others of the mane six.

Hah! I read your profile description. Goiod! I love to write also, I'm just not too good with moving stories. More like dark and serious stories.
:raritystarry: IDEA!
Expect a P.M. soon.

Blagh, I forgot to say some things. I noticed no major mistakes. What I did notice mad eno difference, maybe a paragraph in the wrong place or added in the wrong place. That's all. Good, moving story.

Nice story, sweet :twilightsmile: and sad :fluttercry:. :heart:

WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!? This was your first story!?

Damn. Now I wish I had followed you sooner.

I loved this story so much, even if the formatting was a little wonky, this has been one of my favorites for a while.

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