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This fiction is about my reaction to My little Dashie, and a surprise Filly Applejack for me afterwords. With the knowledge I had about what happened in My little Dashie, could I keep the same from happening away from Applejack?

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I hate to say this but we already have two stories out there with flutter in this scenario (Three if you can count the human one) could you do another ponie instead, like applejack

btw speaking of said pony heres a cute applejack pic


Very sad i must confess, but there are already fics about fluttershy in a my little dashie scenario. i'm that your stuck in a trend

Yes, but you know, he's mahing an effort. Although I would suggest using another pony, unless Fluttershy's your favorite.


Hmm... I just like fluttershy.

But I do like being an individual...

But alright, I shall do it.

And for orthers, why not explain why you rated it so low?

Don't change it because it's a "trend". Write what you want to write. I've been rather tempted to write a spin-off featuring Fluttershy, myself. I five starred this story, and am tracking it.

If you wanna use Fluttershy, use Fluttershy and not care that other's have done it.


Why thank you.

It is true I love Fluttershy a lot, but if it causes people to get pissy face mcgee, I can do a good Applejack too.

101280 I don't think people are pissed, but just pointing out that you're not the first. Don't write for others, write for yourself.


Sarcasm c:

But I have not even introduced Fluttershy, so Applejack could be in it.

Besides, I already have so many ideas for Applejack, I kind of want to do it now.

101288 Then go ahead and use Apple Jack. Either way, I'm tracking this story! :)

101288 Then go ahead and use Applejack. Either way, I'm tracking this story! :)

Hmm interesting start, please continue

Do not be discouraged by others my friend! When I started writing my own My Little Dashie sequel, people were skeptical about it too, and I was averaging three stars. I agree with the people just above me, write for you. If someone happens to enjoy your writing along the line, then that is an added bonus. All I can say is that the imagery in this first chapter was excellent. Any one of us could view this as us and put ourselves in that position. Is this you in real life? Because if not, you drew out major sympathy for our protagonist, and of it is you, then I am truly sorry for your loss, but is events like those that make writing truly enjoyable not only for you, but for us readers. While I will not give you any stars yet (and the reason for that is I don't believe in giving stars until the end) I will tracking this one to see where it goes.

Keep writing!

I wrote this immediatly after the beggining, just before the story started. I feel the need to express some of the likliness of your pain, which i see reoccurence in my own life. Though my older brother is alive, he has been horrible to me my whole life, every chance he got to ridicule me he could take it. I would never bring myself to share ponies with him, yet through all his torment, i still loved him, because he was brother...IS still my brother. I read your intro, and felt that extreme condolences should be brought forth to you sir. Your strength is insurmountable, as you openly expressed your pain without thought of reprocussion. At first i was saving this story, as something interesting since I like AJ, but tonight, i proceeded to read the intro and felt a connection as we share similiar pain. Though we may not know each other, we are like brothers all the same, bronies.....Also since im a very close friend of Alex Griffin, the man who wrote My Little Dashie, i sent this story to him. Keep your head up man, you deserve every bit of fortune that comes your way. I feel you would want to see a message like this, since i was never given the same luxury.



All I can say is thanks.

If my intro touched me as much as your comment did, it must be a lot.

I guess I should stop being lazy and start writing.

Aww... that is quite sad:pinkiesad2: please continue

Just so you guys know, the 2nd chapter is true.

I actually had that nightmare.

Sniff this chap speaks to me (I had nightmare like that before believe.)

I like it, btw heres a cool dr jekyl and mr hyde parody

Soo... when will you add the ponies?

Pinkie would have been better Finest, lol JK finest it's nice I'm a give it 4 cupcakes for now

Applejack eh, bout time someone did a story like this for her, please continue

Somebrony should do a My Little Fillies fanfic. All of the mane six growing up with their friends. :pinkiesmile:

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