• Published 1st Jan 2012
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The heart that you returned to me - finesthour

This fiction is about my reaction to My little Dashie, and a surprise for me some time afterwords.

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The nightmare

Darkness. It has overtaken my mind. As I attempted to use my pupils to view the world around me, I could only see pure black nothingness. Panic started to creep it’s slimy way into my heart as the darkness not only embraced my body, but the contents of my very soul. Within the moment of my panic, I tried to move my limbs to escape this dark abyss. Much to my dismay, my limbs that I so needed to move refused to respond to my muscles, feeling as if they had turned into jam. My weak, feeble heart could not take the sinking feeling of the darkness around me, my entire body collapsing to the floor. Tears began to stream out of the sockets of my eyes, the tears disappearing as they fell.

As if the darkness knew I was in pain, it seemed as if it wanted to thrive on it. Pressure started to build up around my body, flattening me to the floor. The pressure squeezed the air out of my body, my body reacting with waves of pain coursing through my body. I tried to scream, but it seemed like I had no mouth to do so with. Within my chest, it felt like not only the my breath was escaping my body, but my very soul a long with it.

Once again attempting to move my limbs, I tried to escape the hell of this limbo, wanting to see the light of day once more. The darkness began to react with it’s toy trying to escape, putting an even greater amount of pressure on my back. Tears began to flow with the same force as a waterfall, the pain now becoming too great to bare.

The thought of death began to course through my mind, becoming an inevitability. My will to live began to grow smaller and weaker, the fire of life inside of me beginning to fade. The darkness began to eat the edges of my soul, causing me to attempt to scream again. When I found I could still not scream, I began to cry harder. This must of pleased the darkness around me, as I could hear a small growling echoing around me. I immediately felt anothers presence around me, one that caused me to shake in fear as I was beginning to die.

As if I was doing exactly what it wanted, the darkness continued to feed on my fear and soul, as if it was enjoying every moment of it. The rhythmic beat of my heart began to slow, losing it’s tempo. The small amount of breath that was left in my body had now left, causing me to suffocate. The feeling of death began to creep over me like a blanket, the darkness now seeming peaceful as it took my life. Tears still came out of my eyes, knowing I would never see the world I had lived in ever again. I promised myself I would live for my big brother, and I was going to let him down by dying now. Closing my eyes, I accepted the darkness inside of me, ready to die and to escape this hell. Taking the invitation, I could feel the darkness slowly drift it’s way inside of me, taking control over every fiber of my body. I could feel it’s sickening touch as it went through my body, corrupting every piece of me on the way down. The moment it reached my heart, I knew it was the end of my existence. The last thought that went through my mind as it reached my heart was,

“I’m sorry big bro... I couldn’t live... for you...”

Whenever this thought was over, the darkness wrapped it’s grubby hands around my heart, and killed me within a moment.


Jumping out of the covers that wrapped over my mattress, I gasped for any amount of air that I could receive. Sweat was trickling down my brow, soaking my entire body with it’s salty contents. My entire body was shaking violently, my chest pumping out of fear. Sitting on my bed for a few moment’s showed me that I was alive. I was... ok. Whenever I thought this, I held myself in my arms, falling on my side. I began to cry in my arms, causing the mattress under me to become even more soaked. I was... alive. While I was crying my eyes out, I silently whispered,

“Big bro... I love you...”

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#1 · Jan 6th, 2012 · · ·

Aww... that is quite sad:pinkiesad2: please continue

Just so you guys know, the 2nd chapter is true.

I actually had that nightmare.

#3 · Jan 6th, 2012 · · ·

Sniff this chap speaks to me (I had nightmare like that before believe.)

#4 · Jan 7th, 2012 · · ·

I like it, btw heres a cool dr jekyl and mr hyde parody

#5 · Jan 10th, 2012 · · ·

Soo... when will you add the ponies?

Pinkie would have been better Finest, lol JK finest it's nice I'm a give it 4 cupcakes for now

#7 · Jan 11th, 2012 · · ·

Applejack eh, bout time someone did a story like this for her, please continue

Somebrony should do a My Little Fillies fanfic. All of the mane six growing up with their friends. :pinkiesmile:

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