• Published 19th Oct 2012
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Good luck sir. It's been an honour. - Jessofages

The story on what would have happened if sergeant Forge hadn't perished.

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A new world.

"No soldier should be honoured for doing what is expected" - John 117.

Startled that the creature had finally given her a response caused Twilight to become both exceedingly eager to find out more about this being but cautious at the same time as to what it was doing here in the first place.
She also noticed it had lowered the device it was holding, which she assumed was a good sign as it looked as though it wasn't intended for anything apart from defence.
Taking in the fact that the creature didn't appear to be speaking any further any time soon, she mustered her courage and attempted to continue talking to this strange being.
"So.. uh. What's your name ?" She asked, this being the only question she could verbalise, although her mind was racing with things she wanted to question the creature on.

Forge considered the question for several moments, deciding on what the best answer would be. Assuming these horses had no idea what the UNSC was and they weren't part of the covenant, he opted for what he thought was the best response.
"Forge." He replied simply. As far as he was concerned, he wished to keep his identity as anonymous as possible until he had at least a rough idea on the nature of these creatures.
Rising to his full height, he re-holstered his pistol, lowering his guard as he saw next to no possible way that one of these creatures on its own could get the upper hand on him.
"And what might yours be little horse ?" He asked in a rather sarcastic manner, still in disbelief that he was conversing with a coloured horse.

"Forge ? That's a rather odd name." Twilight thought to herself as she watched the creature rise. Reaching its full height, it towered over her, once again giving her the urge to turn and run as it stood at least several feet taller than the top of her head.
Resisting the urge, she gave a barely audible gulp and mustered her courage once again.
Holding her ground, she answered the giant's question.
"My names Twilight. Twilight Sparkle." She said in an unintentional matter-of-fact way.
"And I'm a pony. Not a horse." She pointed out with a grin, extending a fore-hoof towards the creature, hoping it would understand the gesture.

Forge cocked an eyebrow and crossed his arms as the horse, no, pony gave its response.
"Oh good." He thought sarcastically to himself. "I'm talking to a 'pony'." He added, all but certain that this was some sort of far-fetched, strangely real feeling hallucination.
Watching as the pony before him extended a leg in his direction, he was at first confused as to what it was doing.
However, it didn't take him long to realise it was offering a handshake.
"Why the hell not ? I'll play along." He said out-loud to no-one in particular hoping this back-fire and turn out to be some sort of trick.
Crouching down once more, he extended his arm right arm in return. Grasping the ponies hoof in his had, he was surprised at how furry and pleasant to the touch the ponies coat was. It reminded him of velvet.
Giving the hoof a few solid shakes, he found the shake to be genuine. He then returned to an upright stance, causing his still aching back to crack several times in protest.
Turning back to face the serenity of the town he assumed the pony had come from, he drew in a long breath, similar to the one he had taken before he had 'died' before asking his next question.
"So." He began. "Where exactly am I ?" He asked, still scanning the surrounding area he noticed that the town was larger than he had first assumed. He noticed it had a multitude of different styles of buildings all varying in colour, most notable of all of them was the vast apple orchard on the edge of town. Its rows of trees seemed to stretch as far as the eye could see.
"This place looks a-lot like Earth." He thought to himself, vaguely recalling the landscape of his home-world. Or at least the small parts that were relatively untouched be human development.

Pleased that she seemed to be making good progress with the creature, Twilight couldn't help but imagine how the rest of pony-kind would react to their visitor.
"Well, you're in Equestria." Twilight explained to the being that now had its back to her.
"And that there is Ponyville." She pointed out, noticing that the creature seemed to be fascinated with what he saw.
"I can't wait to tell the Princess about this guy." She thought to herself, making a mental note to write the letter as soon as she got home.

Forge couldn't help but chuckle at the pony's reply.
"Such an original and creative name." He replied sarcastically, wondering if their names were as creative as their town names. Considering this ones was Twilight Sparkle he doubted the others would be any better.
Continuing on that thought he asked his next question, "So, what about the rest of you ? Can you all speak or is it just you ?" He asked curiously, averting his gaze from the town and back to the purple pony before him, hoping there might be someone in charge he could talk to.

Not catching onto the creatures near obvious sarcasm, Twilight just grinned, pleased that the creature seemed to be taking a liking to her home-town.
"Well of coarse we can all speak." She replied with a cocked eyebrow. "I can prove it to you if you'd like." She offered, gesturing in the direction of the town, hoping she would be able to coax the being into willing coming back to Ponyville with her.

Weighing up his options, Forge found it would be best if he did accompany this pony to wherever she was going to take him.
Simply nodding his approval, he received an almost disturbingly excited response.
Shrugging it off, he began to follow the lavender pony in the direction of the town at a mild pace.
Forge found himself once again enthralled with the scenery of this place. The weather was neither to cold or too hot, it seemed to be just the right mix of sun and the occasional crisp wind that swept across the landscape, causing the plant-life to rustle as it went.
The overall atmosphere of the place was completely foreign to Forge, who had only a vague re-collection of what Earth was like. This world was overwhelming. He was too used to the cold, metal interiors of various frigates and the heat augmented atmospheres of the countless battle scenes he had found himself in.
This world was something completely different. There weren't any war-wounds scarring the earth he walked on, nor was there any sign of any sort of conflict ever occurring in this place. And there was definitely no sign of the covenant anywhere, putting his mind and suspicions at relative rest.
This world seemed almost comforting.

As they walked through the pristine environment, their destination had become gradually larger. After several minutes Forge had eventually tuned out the pony he was following, who had apparently taken it upon herself, well at least he assumed it was a she, based on her voice, to give him a full explanation of the world. Including something about a 'Canterlot' and what he assumed was another pony named 'Celestia.' She then went on to give him a complete de-brief on her friends, which Forge almost completely ignored, because quite frankly, he couldn't care less.
As they neared the edge of the town, Forge took in how cartoon-like the town was up close. Some of the buildings looked as though they shouldn't be standing at all. While others just looked down-right ridiculous. Coupled with the fact that almost every house was a different colour, it only furthered Forge's assumption that he was either dreaming, hallucinating or that this was his eternal punishment.

Just before Forge and his companion could enter what he assumed was a 'street', he was drawn from his trance-like state by the sound of shouting.
Looking around he noticed nothing out of the ordinary, or what he assumed was ordinary for this place. He then noticed that the sound was coming not from the ground but the sky.
Looking up and raising a hand to shield his eyes from the sun, Forge noticed a small, light blue blur heading surprisingly fast in his direction.
"The hell is....." He began to ask, but was quickly silenced as the blue projectile collided with his chest.
He grunted as he was knocked to the hard ground below him, forcing the wind from his lungs.
Rocketing a hand towards Lucy, he grabbed her by the handle and was about to jam her into his attacker when he snapped his eyes open to meet his assailant.
He looked the blue mass that stood on his chest over with a hard glare. On top of his collapsed form, stood another pony with its front hooves planted on his shoulders, apparently in an attempt to restrain him. This one had a light blue coat with what he made out to be wings to match. It had large rose coloured eyes that glared into his with what he assumed was anger, and its mane, that was the feature that sent Forge into hysterics. Its mane was every colour of the rainbow.
Wheezing from laughter, Forge was unable to hear what the now offended looking pony was saying. Instead, he released Lucy's leather bound grip and easily overpowered the pony with his right arm, shoving its form off him with relative ease.
Struggling to stand, Forge managed to catch his breath, brush the majority of the dust from his armour and stifle his laughter before looking over to where the blue pony was picking itself up.

Twilight just watched as Rainbow tackled the creature, only to be thrown off like a rag-doll.
Stifling a giggle of her own, she watched as Rainbow picked herself up, her pride obviously damaged.
"You alright Rainbow ?" Twilight asked, already knowing what the response was going to be as her friend continued to angrily eye the creature she had brought with her.

"I'm fine Twi." Rainbow replied through gritted teeth.
"Just what is this thing ? Did you know it was following you ?" She asked in rapid succession.
Not waiting for an answer, she took off and hovered just inches from the creatures face.
"Huh, bud ? Why're you following my friend ?" She asked in her best demanding tone, jabbing a hoof into the strange creatures chest.

"Rainbow, calm down. He wasn't following me. I was leading him here." Twilight assured her agrivated friend.

"You lead him here !" Rainbow exclaimed in disbelief that her friend would do such a thing.
"Twi, it looks like an alien ! How can you even trust it ?" She asked, hovering over to where twilight stood.

"Because Rainbow." Twilight began as she rolled her eyes.
"It can talk, and from what I've seen, I don't think he means any harm." She gestured towards Forge.
"Rainbow, this is Forge." She explained, hoping their guest wouldn't mind his treatment.

Still taking in what had just happened, Forge didn't catch most of what the two were saying. He did though, snap to life when he found the blue pony hovering just inches from his face. Barely feeling the poke of its hoof on his chest, he focused on refraining from laughing any-more than he had, as he found it hurt quite a fair bit to laugh in his current state. As he watched the two ponies converse, he began to wonder whether he would have been better off on his own back at the forest. He contemplated doing just that when he noticed that the purple one seemed to be introducing him to her multi-coloured friend.
Apparently, the coloured one was called Rainbow, confirming his suspicion that the pony's names were just as imaginative as a house brick. At the mention of his name however, he gave a mock bow towards the rainbow pony, who just continued to glare at him with her rose eyes.

"So... uh, yeah." Twilight began, trying to break the awkward silence that she was sitting in after several moments of the two just staring each other down.
"He told me his name was Forge and that he came here by......" She trailed off with a confused expression.
"Wait, you didn't tell me 'how' you got here." She pointed out, turning to face Forge. "Care to explain ?" She asked him, somewhat eager to hear the creatures origins.

Forge took some time to formulate an answer. How could he answer the pony's question ? He couldn't tell them everything. Earth, the UNSC, the covenant, the flood, the war in general. They were all 'classified'.
Mulling his answer over, he decided to opt with the most general of answers.
He wasn't about to spill everything because some 'pony' had asked.
"I came here because I had to." He began. "I didn't want to come here, it was an accident." He continued to explain. "Well, not entirely an accident." He thought to himself, his mind wandering back to the detonation that had occurred no hours ago.
"I was caught in an explosion. And somehow.... here I am." He finished, raising both his arms for 'dramatic' effect.

His explanation just left the ponies with a dumbfounded expression.
Several moments passed before the silence was broken by Rainbow scoffing. "So, you 'are' an alien." She stated, obviously not impressed.
Turning to Twilight she mumbled out of the corner of her mouth, "Are you 'sure' we can trust this guy ?" She asked, not taking her eyes off the creature.

"Well, not yet of coarse." Twilight relied. "But I'm sure we'll find out the longer he's here." She pointed out.
"I was taking him to go and see Applejack before you.... interrupted." She explained, trying to find the right word to explain what Rainbow had done.
"You're more than welcome to come with us and make sure he doesn't get into any 'mischief'." She offered, giggling to herself.

"Well, you don't expect me to leave you with this 'thing' alone do you ?" Rainbow retorted.
"C'mon ugly." She said, flying behind Forge and pushing into his back with both her front hooves. "We're movin'" She stated, continuing to attempt to push Forge along.

Seeing how there was next to no alternative, Forge obliged and began to walk in the direction that the rainbow pony was pushing him. "Whatever you say, Ma'am." He replied casually as the purple pony took the lead and directed him towards the massive apple orchard he had seen earlier.
"This just keeps getting better and better." He thought to himself, realising how bleak his situation was starting to turn out.


The rest of the journey passed rather uneventfully.
Thankfully, many of the residents of Ponyville were still asleep. But those that were awake gave Twilight's find some rather questionable glances, some of fear, others in confusion, but all of which made Forge uneasy. He felt as though he were some kind of open display that anyone could come and gawk at on a whim. He hated that feeling.

As they continued to wander the winding streets, Forge got the opportunity to study more of the town close-up.
It impressed him somewhat that sentient horses were able to form a fully functioning community.
It was strange for him to not see any kind of slum or poor-district in the town. Apparently these ponies lived in a completely equal society, something he was rather envious of, as the human race had never had a society such as this in any of its recorded history.

As they neared the entrance to the apple orchard, Forge noticed that it looked surprisingly like a plot of farmland, almost identical to those he had read about in old history books about Southern America in the twentieth century back on Earth.
As they passed under a large sign that lead into the farm, he read, "Sweet Apple Acres" etched into the wood of the sign, which was bathed in a solid golden glow from the mid-morning sun.

The two ponies entered first, Twilight in the lead with Rainbow close behind her, still giving Forge the evil eye.
The moment Forge caught up with them, he heard what sounded like muffled frag-grenades going off at regular intervals.
Wondering what in the world could be producing such a noise, he began to scan the rows of trees for the solution.
After a minute or two of searching, Forge was about to give up. It was then he spotted what looked like an orange pony accompanied by a larger red one off in the distance.
Each of them were wandering through the orchard, stopping at each tree, turning on their heels and 'bucking' the trees. Causing them to shake violently and drop their burden moments later. Each impact producing the sound he had heard before.
"No freaking way." Forge thought to himself. He wasn't that educated on the subject of physics, but he was fairly sure that just kicking a tree once couldn't make it drop 'all' of the apples it was holding.

"Hey Applejack !" Twilight called out at the top of her voice, hoping to attract the cow-ponies attention.
Although they were a good fifty meters away, Applejack had heard the call and answered with a wave, before she began a mild trot over to where the three were standing. Obviously oblivious to the six foot soldier standing with them.

"So, that ones Applejack ?" Forge thought to himself, snickering once again at the vast originality of the pony's names.

"Well howdy there girls !" Applejack said, greeting her friends once she was near enough, "How're y'all doin' ....." The next few words got caught in her throat as she spotted Forge, who had chosen to lean against a nearby tree.
"W...what the hay is that ?" She asked, shakily raising a fore-leg in his direction, her ears flat against her head under her trade-mark Stetson.

"That." Rainbow butted in before Twilight could answer. "Is an alien." She said, eyeing Forge once again.
"Twilight found it this morning and thought it would be a good idea to bring it into town." Rainbow added with a sarcastic demeanour, mentally questioning her friends judgement.

Forge raised a hand and gave the orange pony a small wave before satisfying a itch on the back of his left ear.
"What's up orange. ?" He asked casually, cracking a small grin at how thick the hat-wearing pony's accent was.

Refraining from answering the creature, Applejack turned back to Twilight with a worried expression.
"Ya sure this things safe." She asked, eyeing the device protruding from the alien's back.
"He don't look all that friendly." She pointed out, noticing Forge's ragged appearance.

"Applejack, he's perfectly...." She began to explain before she was cut off by a loud 'Bang' resonating from Forges direction, causing all three ponies to jump from surprise in unison.
The three ponies turned to face the alien, who was re-holstering the metal device device on its hip.
They then watched as he drew a rather large knife from his armour and began bending over to retrieve an apple from the ground.
As he lifted the apple, the three ponies noticed it had a small hole running from one side to the other.

Forge couldn't remember the last time he had had an apple, especially one this fresh.
It was sweet and juicy, just as the name of the farm implied. He savoured the first piece as he chewed it with vigour.
Arriving in a strange world with absolutely no idea what's going on can raise quite the appetite.
He was halfway through his second piece when he noticed that the ponies had stopped talking. Looking up, he noticed all three of them were staring at him with looks of utter shock.
"What ?" He asked with a mouthful of apple, returning the ponies looks with one of confusion.
"You don't mind, do you orange ?" He asked as he finished his mouthful and returned to carving himself another section with Lucy.
By this point, he didn't really care about what sort of impression he was giving, this whole scenario was clearly not real or a figment of his imagination. Even he could work that out. All he wanted was to find someone in charge and see if there was any possible way of getting back to the 'Spirit of Fire", or at least his own universe.

He didn't know about the ponies, but he still had a war to win....