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A lush and a liar forge an unlikely friendship over cocktails and trivia.  Just another Wednesday at the Saddlebag's Rest... until a nefarious roadie throws things wildly out of hoof.  Contains drinking, mild drug use (merryleaf), and theatrical violence.

First Published
30th Nov 2012
Last Modified
30th Nov 2012

Excellent, excellent story. God, I don't think there's a single thing here that I disliked.

Ohhhh shit just hit the fan!

Congratulations on having written the best fic I've ever read so far. You really deserve more recognition for this, it's an absolute masterpiece. Can't wait for the next update:heart:

This was a long chapter.:trixieshiftleft: It started out as Harold and Kumar, and ended up as Pulp Fiction?:trixieshiftright:

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