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This story is a sequel to Only Got 100 Years To Live

Celestia has dropped a bombshell on Twilight. Her, growing wings? How can a normal--well no, she's no longer a normal unicorn: Normal unicorns get old; she hasn't.

What is she, then?

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Well. Looking forward to more of this. I loved "Only Got 100 Years to Live", so this should be awesome as well.

Quick question, why did Luna think that twilight had been dead for a while, celestial knew she was still alive, with a teaching position no less, and unless they never talk to each other, I would assume Luna would know as well

Good to see you continuing Only Got 100 Years To Live, though I have to wonder where are you actually tacking it, the story seemed mostly complete save for maybe an epilogue, tracking.
1498730 She probably didn't bother keeping track of what she considered a mortal pony, specially one she could come to really appreciate, out of fear of loss. She didn't want to get too attached, and if she didn't actually hear somepony who helped her so much actually died, she could pretend she was just fine, though at best she probably though she was a senile old pony by now. Exclaiming she was dead and Celestia was pranking her was likely the first thing to come to mind when she saw her just as she remembered her. Well, at least that's how I take it, is not like I wrote this...

Actually Celestia seemed a bit surprised to see Twilight as well. I can guess she might have known she was alive but expected to see her looking ancient rather than young. If Celestia had been avoiding Twilight in order to not see her wither away I can imagine Luna had inferred she was long dead by now.

1498961 As to why I'm continuing it: some readers demanded more, and ideas came to my mind on how to continue it.

1499425 could you maybe shed some light on why luna thought twilight was dead? I am afraid i do not quite understand hat part.

Good continuation so far, but A question comes to mind. What about Cadance?

Italicize thoughts, maybe?

1500915 The original doc does do that; I just haven't gotten around to doing it.
EDIT: and done!

1499909 Mortal ponies usually don't live that long.

Haven't even started and I already know I'll like it. After all, most stories of Twilight turning Alicorn are cool. Yes?


I always use images to convey my thoughts. :trollestia:

Definitely loving this so far :D,
I'd also love to see Twilight and Luna's sleepover XD

When is the next chapter? If you don't post them say every 2 days.... I will have Buck Norris beat them out of you :P :rainbowdetermined2: :trollestia:

Quick question, whatever happened to Spike:moustache:? Dragons most definitely do live that long, so unless he's started one of the long sleeps, he should still be around.:trixieshiftright:


This, in most fictions dragons always seem to live for hundreds if not thousands of years. Assuming they are not killed somehow, but they do seem to be prone to falling asleep for quite a long time (length depending on just how longed lived they are).

Good so far, although a bit rushed.

A suggestion to consider:

Twilight, distraught, did the only thing that came to mind; a tactic she hadn't used since she was a filly. She gave Luna her best doe-eyes.
Luna didn't even flinch. "Twilight Sparkle, you are going to be training with us and that is final," she stomped her front hoof down.

Maybe add in something like.....

She then smiled wickedly and added "Nice try my little pony, but I invented that ploy a couple millenniums ago."

.....at the end of that.

Amazing story, great plot development, i can't wait to read more!!
Great work:pinkiehappy:

I'm gonna' enjoy this.
I personally think that peeling Twilight away from her studies so abruptly is going to be detrimental to her psychological health. On one hoof, spending time with the princess and learning about being an alicorn is going to be good for her. However, on the other, I feel that she needs some time to get over the trauma of losing all of her friends and finding out that she's immortal. :fluttershysad:

1498961 Mmm, I had the same question but I guess that's as good an explanation as any. Though, why didn't Twilight contact the princesses sooner when it was obvious that she wasn't aging? Why wait 100 years?


Probably because there's no easy way to tell this without causing quite a bit of trouble. After all, if there's also someone else immortal, that would really warp the belief system of thousands of ponies. That's mass panic right there.

Twilight's best doe eyes failed to move Luna ...
Wow! Alicorns have some Awesome powers! :pinkiegasp:

1503253 :unsuresweetie: Mass panic? Umm, why would that cause mass panic?


Due to the fact that someone outside of royalty is reaching Alicorn and immortality status. That's not something you should tell a lot of people.

... although, now that you mention it, I don't see why Twilight couldn't just send a letter personally under a fake name.

1503309 I still don't see why that would cause panic. If a human was found to be immortal, maybe some religious fanatic would try to assassinate them or some government would abduct them for experiments or something, but I don't think it would cause a mass panic. Why would it?

Oh and I have another question for the author, (maybe this was answered in the comments of the prequel, I haven't checked) why didn't the princesses go to the funerals of the Elements of Harmony? It's a bit of a stretch to say they avoided all contact because the Bearers were mortal and didn't want to feel the pain of losing them. Why even bother interacting with mortals at all if they're going to be like that?

1503334 When Pinkie died, they distanced themselves from the rest of the main six.

Ohh this should be good but maybe some comedy wouldn't hurt... Pwease :applecry:

15026751503163 Twilight wasn't studying; she was teaching. At least she will be going back to her tower at Canterlot castle with all those books.

1503407 Yeah I know, but there were no teaching memes! :'(


I wonder when and who Twilight Sparkle will take as her own student once she became an Alicorn. Or if she will have an family on her own or not.

Hory sheet man. You continued it.

"Celestia said I'd grow wings!" Twilight blurted out.
After a couple of slow blinks, Luna did a happy squeal and ran up and hugged Twilight before she could react. "It is great to see that you have grown in power." Twilight began to flail her hooves weakly. "It warms my heart to have a friend to enjoy eternity with! Oh, my sister said you liked stargazing;" Twilight's flailing became more energetic. "we shall stargaze tonight, and we shall eat of the S'Mores." Twilight's flailing had become frantic. "And then we shall have a make-over and… yes, Twilight?"
"Air!" Twilight gasped out.

Luna appears to be channeling Starfire from the Teen Titans cartoon. :yay:

On a different note, you'd think a hundred years would be enough for Luna to shake the archaic speech patterns.


Well, think about it. A unicorn becomes an alicorn? Twilight would be swarmed of questions. Ponies gossiping if she's planning to overthrow the throne. Others asking her if she did some sort of spell and if she can perform it on them. The press would bombard her with pictures and interviews.

Twilight doesn't do well under stress as it is. (Not sure how much she's learned to handle it after decades, but...) She can't just simply leave (although I'm not sure why she didn't plan a letter).

Just read through "Only 100 Years" and this, and I have to say I'm enjoying it very much. The shift to a lighter tone is a bit jarring after a half-dozen chapters of mourning and loss, but I am looking forward to Twilight's ascension. Only one nagging point: Where the f:yay:k is Spike?

The pacing is awful. And where is all the exposition? Just because it's a sequel doesn't mean you can just jump ahead in a single sentence. Jesus.

Not horrible, but hardly deserving of the feature box. Maybe I'm just spoiled when it comes to quality, but this is not that amazing.

1503705 wait, feature box? *looks* …oh dear, it is there…

I am not worthy! :facehoof:

What really smashed this story into the floor for me, was one single line.
"No, the recent loss of Applejack hit me hard this morning."

It feels like it was just thrown in for no bucking reason.
I hate it when one of the Mane6 dies or is dead, and for no reason. It doesn't further the plot, it doesn't serve any purpose, it's just there.

I would suggest rewriting that as it doesn't serve any purpose other than giving Twilight a reason to get out of class. An easier solution: She got sick and had to go home and took the time studying Alicorns instead, but returned to the classroom to gather their homework.

I'm not saying that you should take my suggestion of what to replace it with, but I really think you should rewrite it so that it is something less dramatic but serves the same purpose. People kinda tend to want the impact of a dead Mane6 to be felt, and I didn't feel anything, it was just "AJ is dead".

My apologies, I hadn't realised it was a sequel, ignore my critique.

1503535 XD nice to know I wasn't the only one who thought that! XD

1503407 Pardon that. I meant teaching. :facehoof:

One of the biggest issues I see is on story pacing. The chapter seems to jump around/change pace, and because of that hard to see any emotional attachment to the characters. I almost thought it was a comedy.

Twilight! You are gonna grow wings, and you're gonna like it! :twilightoops:

"But… just as powerful as you!? But your an immortal Alicorn and I'm just…"
It should be:
"But… just as powerful as you!? But you're an immortal Alicorn, and I'm just…"
Grammar is always good to take seriously ヽ(*・ω・)ノ

The sequel is off to a very interesting start with a lot of potential to be a good read. As I mentioned in the previous story, there's a severe lack of descriptions of scenery/characters (i.e the senses aren't being engaged. Like, sight, smell, color, feel, etc.) Also, what happened to Spike in the previous story and here? Or did he migrate off to the Dragons once he got old enough etc?

I also would like to know about Spike.





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