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There are no more humans in Equestria. Well until today that is. Once awakened by the mane six a human decides to look around and see what has become of the land he once called home. As he tells Twilight his stories she records them, along with the adventures he has during present day. Who knows what kind of magic this new friendship could bring.

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You need to re-write this story. Because according to site rules, this is one of the types of stories you can't publish here:

Stories in chat or script format. This includes stories in which characters speaking is indicated similar to this: "TWILIGHT: I sure do love books!"

So basically, you need to rewrite it so it's not in script format.

1455879 Thank you very much for informing me of this. I never did like reading rules anyways, just figuring it out along the way is usually how I do it. But I guess I can't apply that logic here. I shall read over the rules and have a rewritten version in oh maybe a week give or take a couple of days.

I like it. Tracking.

Seems like it would be good if it was not in script so watching till the new version is out.

Good story, but the format gives me a headache. Hope to see a new chapter soon!


I shall ... then beat you with... and I'd stand over you laughing sorry for the ... but i didn't want to get graphic and give.you nightmares also I'd do it if you ruin this so far so good just.don't write like this name-blahblah yadayada other-hmmm...

You will need a proofreader

1478573 Are you offering?

1533174 I would, but I'm occupied with school.Sorry about that.Anyway your story is worth reading but you know how there are grammar-nazis on this site, so I thought I should advise you to get a proof-reader.

How's this one? I can rewrite it again but I don't really want to. But still give an honest opinion.

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