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White Moon comes into ponyville looking for a place to stay, and when he goes missing in the night, he's found in the one place no one wants him. their minds.

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great start. two tips though. stopping putting who's going to speak infront of the dialogue, it makes it feel a script. For the thoughts, pick a brighter color, I can barely read it.
4.5 stars, broski.

i am working on chapter 3 dont worry, i already have raritys introduction to White moon done, i just have to get rainbow dash and Applejack:twilightblush:

i need to change the description

sorry bout the half of a chapter rarity's intro got lost on my now broke other computer

i like this story please finish:fluttercry:

Will get more in after work.

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HAHAH ME! Looks like we can't do that! NOW WHAT YOU GONNA DO!?

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