• Published 4th Nov 2012
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A Single Spark - Star Grazer

Sometimes, all that's needed to start a journey is a single remark.

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For this, the greatest of bonds are formed.
And at first, of course, these are the ones never noticed.

Twilight frowned, stumped.

Her quill had paused, leaving her writing unfinished. It was a spell, or rather, the theory of a spell that could work, had she been able to continue it. But for now, she was stuck. She didn't have any evidence with which to prove it would work, and there wasn't anything around to help her make it work.

In the end, she sighed, and once again she was scribbling her thoughts onto the page, going with the one thing she could put on for the moment.

-and for lack of proper testing material, the theorem stated above should have steps taken to be proven at the earliest possible convenience.

The unicorn huffed as she dotted the final mark, rolling up the parchment and turning her head to search for her usual spool of fabric, used solely for sealing the various magic-based ideas she came up with. "Well," she muttered, finding the appropriate material and cutting off a strip with her magic, "that ended suddenly." With a groan, she let the blue ribbon fall onto the rolled scroll, her magic fading as she glared out of an open window, where the sky lay clear. "Where am I supposed to find a cloud in this weather? It's only the entire week that's been scheduled to have no clouds, after all."

With a snort, she picked up both parchment and ribbon in her magic, and began to tie the two. Not too long after, her ear perked as a knock sounded. After a moment, realizing that Spike hadn't opened the door, presumably off on some other business she had assigned him, she called out in the kindest tone she could muster, considering her failure to run a field test on her spell. "The door's unlocked, you know. It is a public library."

The door opened, and she was greeted with silence, aside from the door closing once more. She chose not to notice the lack of hoofsteps, instead focusing once more on the task of tying up the parchment. Soon, she felt what seemed to be a breeze on her back, and her eyes furrowed as she spun around. "Spike! Why'd you open a win-"

Instead of Spike, there was a floating pegasus, the cyan mare floating beside Twilight with an eyebrow raised. With a squeak at the sudden appearance of her friend, Twilight scooted back a bit, bumping into the table she had laid her theory on. "Dash! Don't sneak up on me like that!"

Rainbow blinked, before smirking and chuckling. "Twi, you told me to come in. Not my fault you decided not to pay attention." She landed, still grinning at the unicorn. "What's up? Haven't seen you in a while."

Twilight sighed, turning back around, her frown resuming its place on her face. "I finished the adjustments on my steam generator a few days ago, and I've been working on a spell idea I thought of since then. I haven't been out because there's nothing outside to help with it at the moment." Again she shot a glare at the window, the clear skies mocking her by remaining as clear as they had been a few moments earlier.

The pegasus followed the gaze, an eyebrow raising as she found nothing wrong with the weather outside. "And what exactly are you trying to do with this spell, Twi? And what does your window have to do with it?" That got a groan from Twilight, who didn't speak until she had finished tying the scroll up, letting it lay on one end of the table.

"It's not the window, Rainbow. I have an idea I could use that would allow a unicorn to induce precipitation." At Dash's blank look, Twilight rolled her eyes. "It allows unicorns to make it rain. I can't do that without any clouds."

"Oh! Why didn't you say that the first time?" Rainbow Dash grinned, leaping into the air as her wings unfolded, hovering as she smiled at her friend. "I could go grab a cloud for you in no time at all! I'm sure there's at least one that somepony missed. After all, I'm not working today, so the sky can't be perfectly clear."

Twilight chuckled, getting up and turning away from the table. "If you're so sure about it, you can try, I guess. Let me know if you find one, and I'll meet you out in the fields to the west, provided nopony else as set up camp there for the day." Dash gave a nod, and zipped out of the library, leaving the door open behind her. Twilight sighed, and moved back to close it before looking around.

"Spike! Can you come down and tidy up around here? I might be out soon, and I don't want anypony visiting a dusty library."

She got a groan in response from somewhere within the tree.

Only half an hour later, Twilight was laying down in the middle of the now spotless main room, a book in front of her. The mare was smiling slightly as she read, the book interesting her more for its pleasure than any gain of knowledge she had hoped to attain from it. She didn't noticed the light rapping on a window, not until the window was opened to allow more than a knock in.

"Twilight!" The unicorn's ear perked, and she lifted her head quickly, surprised, but not overwhelmingly so, expecting this visit at the least. There, her head stuck inside the window, was Rainbow Dash, bobbing slightly as she held Twilight with a somewhat accusing expression. "Sheesh. Next time pick a book that doesn't hold you up."

"You know how I am, Dash. Besides, it's a good book." She chuckled at the inevitable roll of the pegasus' eyes, and returned her attention to the book, her magic bringing over a small, aged bookmark she used to keep place when she didn't feel much like memorizing page numbers. "I assume you have the cloud ready?"

"Course! All ready for your precipi-whatever spell you have. It's out by the fields, like you wanted it." Twilight nodded, closing the book and floating it off to the side, before turning towards the door. By the time she was outside, Dash had swung back around and landed next to her trotting alongside here. "Any specific cloud you wanted, Twi? I just grabbed the first one I found."

Twilight thought on that for a moment, before chuckling. "No, any should do, I hope. I'm surprised you even realize that there's more than one type of cloud."

"Hey!" Upon her exclamation, the pegasus flapped into the air, glaring down at the unicorn at her side as she floated alongside her. "I am a weatherpony. I know there are different types of clouds!" Twilight giggled in response while Dash gave a snort, before looking back up. "Not that it matters. Half the time we're just moving the things around."

"Much to my chagrin. You have any idea how many experiments I've tried to run that have been ruined because the skies were clear?" With that, Rainbow didn't respond for a moment, before she turned to Twilight, an eyebrow raised.

"Just how many experiments do you do with clouds, Twilight?"

"Not too many, actually, but more than this weather permits." Once the fields came into view, Twilight sped up slightly, Dash having no particular trouble keeping up with the unicorn. "At least you found a cloud. That'll do." True to her word, Dash had left a cloud floating above their destination, rather small, but it was still there. In any case, Twilight frowned at it for a moment, before speaking up once more. "Well, for now, at least."

"Hey, it's the best I could find!" Dash snorted, landing next to Twilight as the unicorn sat down. "Besides, it's better than having you glare at the sun all day."

"Clouds, Dash, or rather the lack thereof. I don't have anything against the sun right now." That got a peaked eyebrow from Dash, but Twilight pressed on in her talking. "I might need a moment, since this is the first time I've ever cast this spell." With that, the mare closed her eyes, her horn coming to life with Twilight's signature purple aura, which soon appeared over the cloud Rainbow Dash had found.

Rainbow Dash, in return, huffed and continued sitting there. She watched the cloud for a while, seeing nothing but a slight darkening of its features as time passed. Eventually, her eyes came to rest on the only other thing of interest around them: Twilight.

Dash creased her own eyes, trying to identify something. To her, it seemed that something about Twilight, concentrated as she was on the cloud, was... different. Slowly, her eyes flicked over Twilight, the pegasus, frowning slightly, about to speak up before realizing that even if she did, Twilight probably wouldn't even pay attention.

After a moment of thought, Dash shook her head, looking back to the cloud. She just seems... more, somehow. Probably the light from her horn. With a smirk from having puzzled it out, she pushed the odd thought away from her mind, concentrated once more on the cloud.

Now, it was a dark gray, its edges shifting a bit from the excited water within. Finally, with a grin of success from Twilight, the cloud began to drizzle, releasing its contents on the hill in front of them. Dash rolled her eyes, standing up. "All right, your spell works. Now what?"

"Now what? Really? Rainbow, this is important!" Twilight's magic cut off, letting the cloud continue to pour rain of its own volition. "Unicorns have been trying to figure out how to manipulate clouds without a pegasus' help for centuries! This is a breakthrough!" She was beaming now, practically hopping in place, which got Dash to chuckle.

"Whatever. I can kick a cloud and it poofs, makes lightning or rains when I want it. That's good enough for me. We just gonna stand here all day? Rain isn't all that exciting." Dash tilted her head towards the cloud, which was starting to whiten now, not having had much to pour out in the first place. Twilight shook her head, spinning around and trotting away, leaving Dash to catch up as she spoke.

"Of course not! I need to rewrite that theory, make a revised version, put in the results of the field test-" She blinked, bringing her hoof to her face. "Ugh! I forgot to take notes! How am I supposed to include the experiment without any notes on it?"

Rainbow stopped, staring at the unicorn. "Twi? You made a cloud rain. Do you really need to take notes on it?"

The mare groaned in response, bringing her hoof down and continuing forward. "I guess not. I think I can remember what I did well enough. Still, it wouldn't have hurt to be taking it down." Dash rolled her eyes at that, smirking as she did.

"Well, you go do that. Unless you've got a new Daring Do book for me to check out, I'm not really interested in watching you write for half an hour." Twilight simply rolled her eyes, shooting a glance back at her companion.

"I won't be writing for half an hour, I don't think. As for a new Daring Do book, I don't have anything new that you wouldn't know about already. You're heading off, then?" At Dash's nod, Twilight smiled softly. "Well, I'll see you sometime later, then. Don't forget to visit every so often. You made a deal, after all."

"Yeah yeah, I know." Dash waved a hoof, already floating off slowly. "I got it, I'll pop on in once in a while. See ya!" With that, the pegasus was off, Twilight watching her go off to wherever she was going. After a moment, Twilight frowned, finding that she was disappointed, for some reason or another. Maybe the field test wasn't enough. I could get Dash to grab me another cloud. She wasn't all that impressed, though, and I wouldn't want to bore her too much in one day. Twilight shook her head, smiling as she continued on her way. "Besides, this is evidence enough for now. When it isn't so clear I'll run a few more tests, just be sure."

Humming, the mare trotted the rest of the way home, her head filled with thoughts on how to re-word her theory to fit her new findings, and almost as an afterthought decided that it would be best to mention Dash's help, to have a witness to her findings. Besides, she thought as she pushed open the library door with her magic, quickly finding her tied up paper and proceeding to open it back up, she went out of her way to help out. She deserves some credit.

With that in mind, she brought out her quill, inked it, and began scratching down on the parchment once more.

Author's Note:

Hey all! Finally, the fourth chapter is done! This one took quite a while to write, mainly due to the holidays, but I got it out!

This is actually one of my favorite parts of the story so far. Perhaps not in terms of writing, though I think I did well, but definitely in terms of plot development. After reading it, I hope you all know why.

I certainly hope I played it off well, since it is rather difficult for me to emulate a growing relationship. It isn't exactly the easiest of emotions to capture while it's still growing.

But moving on from my continual lack of confidence in my writing, thank you to For The Plot for being my pre-reader! It's a huge help, since I don't have to self-edit it all by myself.

To all of you reading, thanks for sticking along so far! Finally, we're getting somewhere relationship-wise with the two! Hope I'm keeping the build-up realistic, and enjoy!

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