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[NOW RETIRED FROM WRITING] I'm a Scotsman who liked to write stories, not all of which were of the self-insert variety.


This story is a sequel to Harmony In Azeroth

Equestria may be at peace once again, but back in Azeroth, the disappearance of King Varian's son Anduin has forced him to enlist the aid of Zorann and Luxxoria once more.

The two former Horde soon find themselves journeying through a new land with two of their Alliance counterparts, as the four of them attempt to find Anduin and bring him home.

But the discovery of this new world has ignited a new war between the Alliance and the Horde. As their armies clash, an ancient evil soon manifests. When it spreads to Equestria, it falls to Zorann and Luxxoria to put it to rest.

But to do so means making the ultimate sacrifice...


This is the final chapter of my Warcraft In Equestria trilogy. Click here to read the previous story in this series.

Rated Teen for violence. Comments may contain spoilers.

Cover art background by BonesWolbach on DeviantArt. Characters created by me using the World of Warcraft Model Viewer. From left to right, they are Baegon, Navitas, Luxxoria and Zorann.

Chapters (10)
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Comments ( 37 )

lol man lol, and seeing as you said trilogy that inculdes Horde in Equestria, this part and part one of Harmony in Azeroth

I would love to see the conversation that takes place between pandarians and the mane six.

Hmmmm will it be pandaria in equestria or ponies in pandaria? Only time will tell.

once again into the fray we go

hey there long time no see had a feeling you would show up here

interesting, didnt think pinkie sense worked across demensions then again pinkie can break the 4th wall at will so that makes sense i guess


Yay, one of my fav fics is back. But still, missing son is kinda cheesy ;p I'm not up to date with Pandaria lore, maybe it's canon, I donno ;d

Great, but combining our fav horde disguised with actuall ally is one helluva recepy for a disaster :D When I'll have more ideas I'll post it, maybe You'll write special chapter based on my idea like before :D

What are they gonna do about it?

This problem seems tailor made for the Elements...

And, I hate to say it, but I must:


I think this is your best story in my honest opinion.:twilightsmile: I also have an idea for a Warcraft/MLP crossover as well (Probably end up writing it at a later date.) I will eagerly await the next chapter.:scootangel:

Great chapter. My only hope is that Baegon and Nativas are able to meet the mane 6 later on. Keep up the fantastic work.:raritywink:

A NEW CHAPTER (:yay:). .Once again , you keep me intrested on every turn. I shall eagerly await the next chapter:pinkiehappy:

bravo bravo

I'm going to guessing a sha is inside Zorann. Either way, Thank you very much.:yay:

wow... its hard to describe both the awesomeness of that chapter and the gut wrenching horror that it instilled in my soul

FINALLY! A PALADIN! :pinkiehappy: I've waited so long for this! :pinkiecrazy:

So.. Gordul has died thrice? Doesn't Garrosh get sick of his failures?

Baegon reminds me of MY pally.

Bu-bu-I wanted Baegon to come too :fluttershysad:


He would... if he wasn't killed in the second story of this series. :twilightsmile:

Wow, did not see that ending coming. GENIUS.


to the fallen druid and mage i salute you... may you find peace in the nether

well, the start was a bit rocky, but all in all, bravo, good sir, bravo ~ Dream Weaver :scootangel:

Didn't they die in the first story and then simply respawned back in Azeroth on a graveyard? how come this dosn't happen here?

Fucking ninjas cutting onions in my room.:flutterrage::fluttercry:


The druid and the paladin began casting spells. Navitas' hands swirled with orbs of green, while Baegon's hands were glowing a bright white as he muttered a prayer. Both spells finished casting at the same time.

Suddenly, both casters were knocked to the ground as their spells backfired on them.

"What the...?!" Navitas yelled. "What was that?!"

"I don't know!" Baegon yelled back. "Some kind of magical interference left over by that sha, perhaps?"

Problem solved.

1609306 That is canon, trust me on this.

Elementals do have faces, just hard to see lol

I'm not crying... it's just the rain

Lol. I loved this story and the prequel also. I think you did a great job on this fic. My favorite part was when Garrosh died (FOR THE EFFING ALLIANCE!!!!!!! [Drainei paladin here! :twilightsheepish:]). If I had to pick a favorite part out of part 2, it would be the part where the paladin said that he had weirder. That was priceless. :rainbowlaugh:
Also, I would say that Vol'jin would be a better Warcheif than Baine, even though that, by the time I post this comment, he is already Warcheif. :twilightblush:
Edit: This was very well-written. Could've done a bit better with the structure, but still good enough to be added to my favorites!

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