• Published 16th Oct 2012
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Day One - Miniscule Literary

A man surviving in a cartoon world. Its not as easy as one might think.

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The Unraveling

Complacency is hazardous with the inherent uncertainty of life.

David awoke rather early the morning after his trip to Sweet Apple Acres, for no particular reason. He found sleep not only much easier to acquire, but far less necessary. Only sleeping about six hours a day, he had yet to experience any negative effects from it. Today was yet another day filled with boredom, books, and idle thoughts. Despite understanding numerous texts by now, when he thought back to what they had taught them, he found himself at a loss for words.

Twilight seemed to spend a considerable amount of time in the library on this particular day, limiting David's activities further. He had detected no sign of any strange activity, such as preparing to storm the basement. The librarian had very few visitors as well, which was also unusual. Typically when she spent a lot of time in the library, her friends would visit her quite frequently throughout the day. Yet, on this particular day, they were no where to be found. Curious.

By the time dusk fell on Ponyville, Twilight and Spike had already retired to their quarters. Being rather early in the night, David was not about to assume the coast was clear just like that, however. But as the sun set and the usual time of his departure came around, he had heard no sign of the unicorn or her assistant. Perhaps this was a new behavior he hadn't seen before? Twilight feeling down, possibly sick? It would explain her isolation and early sleep.

Yet another example of the kind of danger he was in. Although she had a fairly predictable routine, to expect the same behavior one hundred percent of the time was absurd. This particular odd behavior was good news for him, however, as Twilight seemed (from his observations through the tiny window in the basement) to stay awake later than the rest of Ponyville. Thus, he would have much more time to explore on this rare night. And although he wasn't in any particular need of supplies yet, he wasn't about to pass up an opportunity like this.

After making certain the coast was clear, David made his way out of the basement and in a few silent strides, out of the library completely. Just as he had expected, Ponyville was already fast asleep. Windows were shut, blinds were drawn, shops were closed. An incredible silence dominated the air, interrupted only by the soft howl of the wind, and the crickets chirping softly on the outskirts of town.

Dark enough that he would not be easily spotted but still rather early in the night, David felt a sense of freedom he never thought he would experience in the alien land. Perhaps he could actually enjoy himself this night, instead of worrying in some way about supplies or what to do next. Of course, he would not pass up an opportunity to gather materials. Later, he could locate something of worth before heading back. But for now, he would enjoy his freedom.

And it was then that he heard voices.

Turning slowly in the direction he had heard them, he could see a faint light in the distance, gradually moving toward the library. Toward him. Who would be up at this hour? He had never seen a pony wandering the streets at night. In his week living in Equestria, he had no inclination that such a thing would happen, especially with the rumors of "the monkey monster" wafting around. This was madness. Absolute insanity.

But these were not just any ponies.

As they drew closer, he began to recognize them, both by voice and by appearance. Rarity and Applejack, walking side by side toward the library, the former's horn lighting the way for them. Rarity and Applejack...why did this suddenly seem less spontaneous? Was there something he forgot? Why would-

...Slumber party.

Oh shit.

He had to abandon the library for now. There was no way he could get inside without being discovered. But perhaps he could slip away before they caught sight of him. It was rather dark, after all.

"What's that over there? No, by the library."

Time's up!

David slipped away around the side of the library, hunching over to try and limit the amount they could see moving in the dark. Sounds of confusion and slight alarm followed. This was not good, not good at all. He couldn't just run for it, they would spot him for sure, and might actually follow. This was Applejack, after all. She would catch him with ease, and he did not want a lasso aimed at his head.

He continued to circle around the back of the library, keeping the building between him and his would-be pursuers. Scanning his surroundings as best he could in the dark, he spotted a street directly ahead of him that would keep the library in the perfect place behind him. Staying low and moving as quickly and as quietly as he could, David pushed off from the arboreal home and hobbled his way down the street.

"It went this way! C'mon Rarity, we can't lose 'em now!"

Apples. It was the apples. They cursed him. He took from the Apple family orchard, and justice would be dealt for his crime. He should have known than to mess with Applejack's apples! He was such a fool.

He couldn't stay on the street. They would only continue the chase if he did, and he would not last long. He had to disappear, and quickly. He knew he was passing behind a few buildings, but he could see only one back entrance a few yards ahead of him. He had no choice.

With a swift hobbled run, he darted over to the door, pulled it open, closed it as gently as he could behind him, and braced hard against it with his shoulder.

And waited.

Minutes went by in cruel silence. From inside, he could not hear whatever might have been going on outside. Only the gentle creaking of the home he took refuge in reached his ears now. He knew that if he had been spotted, it would only be a matter of time until he found out. Even bracing against the door as he was, one mighty buck from the earth pony pursuing him would throw the door wide open, and possibly him too. But as the minutes went by, no assault came. No final discovery, no lasso of doom. Just silence.

He had escaped. Again.

It was a few additional minutes after this realization that he finally moved away from the door. He couldn't believe how close he was to discovery. And it an incredibly bad way, too. By all means, they thought they were chasing the monster. And they probably would have treated him as such. Hog tied and in front of the whole town by morning. Not the best way he would like to introduce himself. He couldn't leave. Although they might not know where he had gone, they could be searching outside. He would have to lay low for now.

Turning away from the door, David finally took in his surroundings. In his haste, he hadn't really looked around after he entered. If he had chosen poorly, he argued to himself, it would have been made known immediately. So far, it had proved quite desolate. Looking around now, this was indeed the case. A large room lay directly ahead of him, while he and the door he entered were in a thinner, longer room that stretched out in both directions.

His senses slowly began to heighten as he calmed from his ordeal. Incredible delicacies surrounded him, bombarding him with mesmerizing scents even though many were still in the process of being made. Cakes, cupcakes, donuts, bear claws, even a tub of ice cream lay before him. He was in a kitchen. A baker's kitchen...producing pastries...

A thump was heard upstairs.


A light in the room ahead, from the stairs.

"The prophecy is fulfilled!" David whimpered to himself, falling to his knees. "She has come to bring me to my doom."

He fell forward, his face hitting the floor with a loud thump.