• Published 16th Oct 2012
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Day One - Miniscule Literary

A man surviving in a cartoon world. Its not as easy as one might think.

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Risky, Hasty Means of Survival

A bad plan is still a plan.

Once night fell, David rose from the tall grass and made his way in the direction the pegasus had gone many hours ago. After a short walk, he soon came to the familiar form of Fluttershy's cottage. From there, the road to Ponyville was clear, even in the dark.

His assumption was correct. Perhaps, too much so. The denizens of Ponyville were so content in the knowledge that no one would travel at night, that there were no lights present in the town. Navigation was a nightmare, as it tends to be in pitch blackness in an unfamiliar environment. After a few close calls with a few stalls in the market, the man eventually found the epicenter of his hasty plan: the Ponyville library, home of the unicorn Twilight Sparkle and her assistant, Spike.

The next part of the plan was based once more on what he had seen in the show. At first, it seemed crazy, but after observing that his first assumption was indeed correct, he felt a little better about proceeding.

A basement containing intricate lab equipment lay within the library. Twilight had never used the room beyond only one of the episodes, implying that it was sparsely used, and, therefore, a potential home. At least for a time. The plan was, of course, incredibly risky: break into the home of the most magically attuned unicorn in all of Equestria, and live in her basement without being noticed. What could go wrong?

Although he didn't necessarily like it, or feel safe with it, it was the only plan he had. And it hinged on just one factor: whether or not the library was locked. Did ponies lock their doors? He wasn't sure. As far as he could recall, traditional door locks were never shown on the show. They seemed to be reserved for dramatic purposes, like containing the Elements of Harmony. The idea of a complete lack of locks was more than a little disturbing- and dangerous -from a human perspective. But from the perspective of a pony who lived in a world of magic and friendship, it seemed considerably more plausible.

Proceeding as quietly and as carefully as possible, the man reached for the handle and pulled.

Incredibly, the door opened.


After a moment of thought on the implications of this, David, stooping down somewhat to fit through the doorway, closed the door as quietly as he could behind him and looked at his new surroundings. It was as he remembered it: the dark confines of the library at night. As he recalled, the dwellings of both Twilight and Spike were on the floor above, which was blocked by a door. This made it considerably safer to proceed, without having to sneak past the sleeping duo themselves. After fumbling around in the dark for a few minutes, he eventually found the door to the basement and gently pulled it open, repeating the same care he had used when he had entered.

This, too, was as he remembered it. Down a large flight of stairs he went, with the large dark room waiting beyond. The lab equipment he had last seen within the room was in a much smaller form, apparently packed away after the events of the episode. It appeared to be quite spacious, even for a creature much larger than a pony, with a small enclave lined with books at one side, and another, empty enclave at the opposite side. He supposed this would have to do as his shelter for the night. He could only hope that the room was as abandoned as he thought. If the unicorn upstairs caught any sign of an intruder, no doubt she would have some form of magic to locate him, no matter where he may hide.

Browsing around the room in the dark, David found one of his sub-objectives for the night: a quill and a blank book, evidently meant to take down some sort of information that was at some point abandoned. Regardless, it meant that he could catalog his thoughts while staying in the alien world, just in case he ever made it back home. Mentally and physically exhausted, David quickly wrote out an entry in the journal:

"Ponies do not have locks. What the hell?"

And with that, he settled himself into one of the enclaves, clutching the journal to his chest, and, remarkably, quickly fell asleep.