• Published 16th Oct 2012
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Day One - Miniscule Literary

A man surviving in a cartoon world. Its not as easy as one might think.

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A Game of Wits in a Time of Peace

The inevitable is sometimes the most difficult to react to.

David watched as Applejack calmly and defiantly trotted down the stairs. He thought about going after her, to try and convince her, but did not want to return to the rope's merciless grasp. They had convinced her to let him go, and that was a start. He did not see her running the streets of Ponyville screaming about his presence at Sugercube Corner, but he did not see her being quiet for long either. Inevitably, she would tell the others. Inevitably, they would come to Sugarcube Corner. Some may try to harm him, some may try to understand him, but he felt like he wouldn't be making any allies just yet.

The man turned his gaze from the stairs to the the pink pony still bouncing innocently around the room. Pinkie had betrayed him, twice. But as much as he wanted to be angry, to find a single source of his problems, he couldn't. He was imposing on her to begin with, staying under her roof. He could blame her for not anticipating the full extent of her actions, but he could not blame her for his discovery. He couldn't exactly expect her to isolate herself from her friends just for his sake, after all.

But she had complicated an already complex and potentially dangerous situation. But perhaps it was necessary. Sneaking around would only dig him deeper into trouble. This outing was inevitable, but he had preferred it be done on his terms, rather than against his will. But she had no regard for his safety! But she was also his only friend in this strange new world. And she had just saved him from a humiliating fate in front of town hall for all to see.

It wouldn't be smart, then, to oust the only friendly face he had come across.

"Alright..." he said at last, turning to the pink pony, who looked up expectantly. "Please tell me your friends don't have any plans to get together today."

"My friends don't have any plans to get together today," Pinkie repeated cheerily.

"Good," he replied, turning away from the pink pony.


The earth pony bounced merrily toward the stairs, before suddenly stopping. "Oh! We're all heading down to Rarity's later to check out her newest designs! Wanna come? It'll be a blast!"

"I-...You-...I just sa-" David stammered, his hands clasped around his head. When the hell would he learn?! "...Nevermind. No, Pinkie, I think I'll stay here."

The pink pony blinked, shrugging. "Suit yourself! I'm off to work, have a great day Mr. David!" she called in a sing-song voice as she descended the stairs and disappeared from sight.

That pony truly would be the death of him. And even then, he probably wouldn't blame her.

David was a wreck. He paced the length of Pinkie's room endlessly, trying to come to a conclusion. Should he run? Would the Equestrians respond that badly? Should he just wait it out, see how they react? Should he hide, and hope they are unable to find him? How long would he have to wait until they came for him? Would they just ask him questions, or would they try to hogtie him again?

So many unanswered questions. All would be answered by tomorrow, he surmised. Again he was stuck in a sort of purgatory, confined in the pink pony's room. But instead of trying to pass the time, he felt as though he were awaiting death. Surely that was an overreaction. Surely it wouldn't be that bad...right?

Before he realized how much time he had wasted lamenting internally to himself about his situation, Pinkie returned to the room almost without him noticing her.

He might as well get a fresh perspective on all this, even though he felt as though he may regret it.

"Pinkie," he said suddenly, grabbing the bubbly earth pony's attention. "What do you think I should do?"

"About what Mr. David?" she asked innocently, her head titling slightly.

"...About Applejack? Telling your friends that I'm here? Being exposed to Ponyville?"

"Oh, that!" she responded, waving a hoof dismissively. "My friends are great! Ponyville is full of interesting ponies like them. I'm sure you'll be friends with them all in no time!"

He admired the pony's optimism.

"Thanks, Pinkie. For the advice and for the help," David said with a sigh of resignation. He fell back onto the floor, hanging his arms over his knees as he sat.

"No problem at all!" Pinkie Pie replied with a smile, mimicking the gesture a few yards away, falling back onto her haunches with a thump.

The two played a series of games to pass the time, including checkers and tic tac toe. For once David was actually enjoying himself, almost distracted enough by their simple games to forget about the complexity looming over him. Suddenly the earth pony jumped up with a gasp, her eyes locked on the window.

"I almost forgot! I have to be at Rarity's!" she declared before disappearing from the room in a blur. A moment later, however, she returned, stopping a few feet in front of David. "Are you sure you don't wanna tag along?"

"I'm sure. Have fun," he responded with a smile, gathering the materials they had amassed during their games and placing them neatly on one of the nearby tables not currently occupied by party supplies.

"Okie dokie lokie!" Pinkie Pie responded before shooting out of the room like a bright pink bullet. Now that, he wished he could learn.

David spent the next few hours in a daze, alternating between staring blankly at the ceiling and practicing his tic tac toe strategy. Pinkie had beaten him 7 to 3 during their game time, and by god he would learn to best her if it was the last thing he did. Probably because it very well could be.

In time, his bubbly roommate returned, trotting nonchalantly up the stairs just as David was enjoying another rousing game of 'count the balloons'. He sat up quickly to greet her, and to hopefully discover his fate.

"How'd it go?" he asked as Pinkie took a seat opposite to him.

"It was great! Rarity made some really pretty stuff! She's very talented, you know," she explained as David pulled out another sheet of paper and a few quills so they could continue their games of tic tac toe. He made the first move, directly at the center square.

"So I've heard," David replied simply. Pinkie, expertly manipulating a quill in her mouth, claimed the lower left corner.

"There were games and drinks and food! Rarity makes some of the best punch! We talked a lot, and Applejack told them you were here, but I didn't say a word, even after they started asking me a bunch of questions!"

David made a very sloppy X in the middle right square, almost bringing the quill off the page as Pinkie spoke.

"Is that so?" he said, his voice cracking as he tried to sound calm. Pinkie secured the middle left square with one swift motion. "I appreciate it, friend."

"I would never break a Pinkie Promise, Mr. David!" she assured, just as David drew an X on the upper left square.

"How did they respond? Were they mad, happy, intrigued, skeptical...?" he questioned, figuring he might as well get some insight if he could. Pinkie claimed the lower right corner before responding.

"All of the above!" she said with a giggle, watching as David claimed the lower middle square in retaliation. "Since it was Applejack telling the story, though, they didn't doubt her for a second!"

"I can imagine," he responded, frowning. Of all ponies to discover him, it had to be Applejack. No one would question what she discovered. Pinkie made her move at the top middle square.

A draw. At least he was getting better.

After a few more games and even more chit chat, the two decided to pack it in and go to sleep. Instead of being stuck with the floor again, however, David returned to his makeshift bed above. By the time he had scaled the stairs, Pinkie was already fast asleep, snoring softly below him. Before reaching his bed, the man gave a lingering look out the window into the darkened recesses of Ponyville, the cold dark that he used to thrive in. Nothing stirred, not even the breeze.

For now, all was peaceful.