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While researching ancient history, the Cutie Mark Crusaders find they have a strange affinity for battle skills that have been unused for centuries. Meanwhile, a new threat rises, one that may need their newfound abilities to combat. But can three fillies really make a difference when up against an ice princess?

Chapters (3)
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Yeah, by all means let's let these three, three intelligent, imaginative and fearless fillies, learn about the warrior ways of the past. I can't see how anything can possibly go wrong with this plan, can anyone else? :fluttershbad:

Scootaloo, one day a certain colt or filly will catch your eye and your idea of 'mushy' will change forever. Not too soon though, I hope; time enough for that in years to come so enjoy being a foal first. :twilightsmile:

For those wondering, this will be updated every week. That's mainly so I can write for NaNoWriMo, and still continue this story line without taking a month's hiatus. I'll try to get these up every Wednesday. Thanks for coming to my story!

Looking forward to an update. :twilightsmile:

Interesting story so far, nicely sized chapters... I'm left wondering what will happen when the older relatives find out about what the CMC are up to.



Sometimes, the gifts of goddesses will wait until they find someone worthy to wield them again.

Somepony call the ancient secret service! Applebloom is on the case! :eeyup:

Scootaloo as the heir of the Pegasus version of the Shao-Lin? The plot thickens!

Sorry, I couldn't get this up tonight. School is sapping much more time than I expected, and I'm naturally a slow writer. I'll try to get this up over the weekend.

MY only complaint about this story.... Is that is seems to be dead.. :fluttercry::fluttershysad:

Man this is a blast from the past I wish this thing wasn't dead I mean seriously it has 0 dislikes

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