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Stephen finds himself as a pony in Ponyville at night while he sleeps. Convinced he's dreaming, he tries to deduce why he's having these dreams. While doing so, he's invited by the Mane 6 to join them in investigating the disappearances of ancient artifacts from museums around Equestria. Stephen must learn how to use his talents to overcome fear and exhaustion while juggling his 9-to-5 job during the day and seemingly sleepless nights under the guides of our favorite ponies.

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:facehoof: C'mon, the Mane 6 wouldn't just ask you to go on an adventure to find artifacts. They just won't.

Oh well, I'm going to see if you can prove me wrong. TIEM TO READZ


Whelp, all I have to say, is... Yay. :yay:
You didn't do some crappy thing in which the character has abusive parents and dies and blah blah. To me, it looks like you balanced out the story, the character goes to sleep then sleeps again to wake up! SLEEPCEPTION :trollestia:

I've only read the first chapter so far, and I'll probably be reading some more!

You proved me wrong, for I was thinking of the same HiE plot, in which the character dies... I think you know that. :moustache:

The only thing in not to happy about is the Fluttershy moment. They got the quickest head start, and she didn't act too shy on front of new people.

Don't f:yay:ck this up, for I am just enjoying that start.

Good day, from your profile pic lacking user, WTHay

For some reason, I have a very unreasonable urge to kick Damien in the nuts... and the spine... and drive a bullet through his cerebellum... and maybe throw in a lava pit filled with alligators just for kicks and giggles.
What the heck is wrong with me? :applejackconfused:

As long as you don't turn that feeling into action we can qualify it as normal. Although I am tempted to ask how one would get alligators into a pit of lava without the result of very crispy alligators. I never thought anyone would hate Damien more than Stephen and Stephen is the one working with him.

Twilight read over the pages several more times. “That’s not the only question that remains. The book says the spell can only work if the target is willing to make the travel.”

Travel is a verb, here you need an adjective. I recommend "journey". :twilightsmile:

Well, this is certainly new. Congrats on figuring out something original, I shall be watching this closely.

A very interesting idea indeed. Can't wait for more!

"Huzzah"? Works at night? Loves videogames? Selena sounds a lot like Luna. Coincidence?

"Get over here!"
Applejack is best Scorpion (Mortal Kombat).

The couple oddities are so subtle that they don't interfere with the actual story flow.
-From what I gather, viknesh can either mean an outstanding adolescent or a derogatory term against self-esteem.
-Soup and waffles: the dinner of choice for Calvin's dad. :pinkiehappy: (Man, I feel old.)
Here's to hoping for Stephen's good health. On the other hand, if he does recover, then there wouldn't be a story.
I'm feeling a contradiction within my own emotions. I want him to feel better, but I also want to see more stuff happen.

heh that must have been startling for rarity to see him vanish right after he said that

I was wondering when he'd give Spike the "I already have a girlfriend" line.

Webcams: the best thing for solving problems since duct tape.

Until you catch a lamp shift a half inch while you sleep, then you're fucked.

If your lamps are shifting about while you're asleep; you have bigger problems and they've probably been there for a while.

Yeah, but they only seem to get really pissed off if you film them in the act.

Neat! I shall read further! :pinkiehappy:

Dang, wouldn't want to work there, but i guess someones gotta do it! :moustache:

Mmmmmm Alligator stew!

I guess it wouldn't do any good for me to ask what the scary thing is going to be, huh?

I have a feeling things are gonna go bad for Stephen very soon :twilightoops:
I wonder if we'll ever find out what his special talent is though

*waits for update* :pinkiecrazy:

Well that's... interesting.
Usually in FiM fiction, when artifacts are used for the wrong reasons, they end up being the Elements of Disharmony or something. But here, you've actually taken the time to explain distinctly named artifacts regardless of how ludicrous the ties that bind them are.
Kudos. :pinkiesmile:

dun dadun dun da! He didn't show!

Forget the artifact robbery! This... is spit getting real!

Comment posted by TheBBofC deleted Jan 18th, 2013

Poor Stephen. i hope he gets everything fixed.:fluttershysad:

I'd like to drag Damien into a live Rebecca Black recording... and then proceed to drill headphones into his ears that play nothing but Justin Bieber's songs.
But since this is physically impossible, I must be normal. I guess. :applejackunsure:

Comment posted by JaHarre deleted Mar 22nd, 2013
Comment posted by TheBBofC deleted Mar 22nd, 2013

Well, he seems to know Stephen, I would say Damien, and the therapist would be the prime suspects.

Something just occurred to me...

Time seems to match between Equestria and earth in this story, and while Stephen is in Equestria his body acts like it's asleep... So to the rest of the world it looks like he's in a coma right now.

The human body can only survive for three days without water, so unless he is found his body will die soon.

Who knew that "No, I'd rather not" would work with the crazed villain? :twilightoops:

2611249 If the villain forced him to try anyway, It would backfire! He said it himself:

“According to legend; only a willing earth pony of sound mind can turn the key. That, my friend, is where I was hoping you would come in.”

“I’ll be alright. Thank you fore everything though.”
That's an error peoples. Just thought I'd mention it.

2487967 He's also gonna pee and poop himself that whole time.

He'll feel so grossed out that even if he does survive, he'll have to kill himself over the fear of germs.

I mean, wouldn't we all? Right? :pinkiecrazy:

>>>“First, the pony must be willing to open the gate. Most ponies at least know what Tartarus is and know the destruction to Equestria would be devastating should the titans be freed. Second, they must be of sound mind and body. This makes sure the key can’t be turned by ponies who are malicious, insane or under mind control. Third, they must be an Earth pony. Since only a unicorn would be able to cast the spell on the artifacts to break the seal on the gate, if they are unable to turn the key, their efforts would be for nothing.”>>>

Uhm... if you never want the monsters to escape, wouldn't it be better to, maybe, not have the key anywhere somepony can get ahold of it? Or maybe make the key with some kinda of triple fractal alorithmic code 1,000 characters long?

That's always the weakness I see in these stories, making 'conditions' to allow something you never want to happen.

Why do magical seals always have the worst security systems?


Definately going to read this but have you ever read a series called Everworld? Pretty amazing and had a similar circumstance.

I sense Gamer Luna...... which makes me think: He's dreaming, but which parts are the dream?

...so what would happen if he tried to sleep in the library?..

I have not heard of that story. But of course, my interest has been peaked. Do you have a link for me?


The main difference between your story and Everworld is that when the protagonists are transported to this new world they can only return to their world by going to sleep. However when they go to sleep they find that their bodies in their home world continue on as if nothing had happened. It's like when their body in Everworld sleeps their soul wakes up in the real world and synchronizes their memories so even though they were in Everworld they also remember being in the real world doing normal things. I only finished 5 books out of the 12 but I'm guessing their souls have been halved. You can buy the ebooks online or "find" them.

Also this may be speculation on but I have a feeling that the second person that Earnest will rip from Stephens world will be his GF.

-edit I spent 4 hours at work and 2 hours at home reading your story from start to finish. Marvelous read but that means that I procrastinated at work AND on my own MLP story... T_T


That stinks. But at least you're not alone. I did the same thing when I discovered "Journey of Graves."

This all seems too easy. Waaaaaay to easy! He's got a few things up his sleeve I bet.

Don't be stingy with the comments guys, let the author know how he's doing! :pinkiehappy:

I'm not gonna lie :ajsmug:. I thought that fight scene was pretty epic. That cliff hanger (literally) is going to bug me till we find out what really happened.

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