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Set in Equestria's far future, 'The Amazing Spider-Mare' is set in Solaris90's Crusaderverse and was written with the permission of that author. The story is posted in its entirety on deviantArt and will be updated here on a weekly basis. NOTE: Pinkie Pie is NOT in the story but it does feature her descendant.

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Hey everyone. This story was originally posted on DA if you prefer to comment there (http://ecammace.deviantart.com/#/d59gnks)
This story is set in the universe of Solaris90, though I tried to make it stand alone. Still if you want to read that as well it starts here Word of warning; its a long one, composed of a long story, a twice as long sequel, and about 5 to 10 small stand alone stories.

If I could get some reviews comments on both this and my earlier chapter I would be very happy.

No update? Since november? :fluttercry:

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