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Hey guys! I write sadfics and sadfic accessories! Oh, and I also do comedy things. Yeah. Feel free to check out my stuff! And I hope you enjoy whichever story of mine you happen to be on! ^^


Chaotic Harmony, a pony who crafted mystical stories of woe that made ponies return to their beds and sob as well as one who crafted those that made tears that sprouted from laughter, figured that a simple trip to the market wouldn't change anything about his day other than how much paper he had in his desk.

Of course, he was wrong.

<Special Thanks to HeatWave for doing the coverart!>

[Please note that this is in no way meant to be taken seriously nor is it an accurate representation of my other works]

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Your best work so far. Just the right amount of feels

OMG, at first I was like :rainbowhuh: , then I was all :facehoof: , then I had an epiphany and I was all :yay: but then I saw how you ended it and I was all :ajbemused:

tl;dr da fuq was this?

Hrrm. Leave this uncompleted so that when you get more followers you can add a new chapter each time.

(Just wants more of the funny.)

*stalk* *stalk* *stalk* *stalk* *stalk* *stalk* *stalk*

1441893 lol I have that book Thor is holding on order!

at first I was like:rainbowhuh: but then I realized it was a :trollestia:fic and then I was like :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

I need to give myself the bucking time to read this! xD Tomorrow for sure since i get out of school early.

And I did read that, because...? Ah, never mind.

1453632 You read it because it called to you with the call of hilarity. And I hope it answered the call. :rainbowwild:

Well, hilarity isn't one of my main aspects in personality, but I wasn't bored, thought.
(What's maybe the reason that I'm not much into comedy..)

Don't know how to judge this. The choice of words was a good one, and it fulfilled what it's supposed to be. Random.. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_Sparkle.png

1453775 Oh... well.... yeah.

*goes back to doing major edits on My Fault*

HAH! I feel soooooooooooooooooooo special now :scootangel:
As always, very well done. And now off to the new part of My Fault.:twilightsmile:

At first, there was a bit I didn't understand.
Then I remembered I'm stupid.

and also I realized I'm not awake enough to comprehend most of it.

I liked it, if not only for the fact that it was a silly trollfic.

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