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Things aren't always what they appear to be. The happiest, most confident seeming person you know could very well be the one secretly wishing for someone to depend on.

We don't always get what we wish for, but sometimes fate smiles on those less fortunate.

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Well written, nicely descriptive, no errors that I noticed.
Good story although I can't say that ending here would be the best choice, so much potential beyond this ending for continuation.

This is nice, gotta love the random hand of fate sometimes.:rainbowdetermined2:
I agree with Reaper, this could and should be expanded upon. You can do it!:pinkiehappy:

The mare smile gratefully This was the only thing I noticed.

Tears were shed:fluttercry:

Very, very nice.
You give it your best shot!

The feels
They exploded

That was excellent. Kudos mate. It ended on such a sweet note. :) Thank you.


Thanks for that. I read it over thrice and can't believe I missed that. Now I'll forever have to live with the shame of having published something less than perfect. ;_;

Oh, and I am fully aware that this could have been longer, but the truth is that I had never fully intended it to be written. It started off with me just practicing my descriptions of weather, the environment and sounds in general, and I needed a base. Then I remembered that I love Scoots, and wanted to give her a little gift, even if it's not the biggest and best thing out there. Anything to make the little (not) chicken smile. :twilightsmile:
She's had too many sad and tragic tales, and deserves something happy once in a while.

Yes, she really does...which is kinda why I want this continued. Any chance for happy Scoot stories is something I grasp fervently at.:scootangel:
And take heart, 1 out of 2,032 words is pretty darn close.:rainbowwild:


What I don't get about the orphan!Scootaloo fanon is how no one else in Ponyville would notice that she has no family/home/etc. I mean, she's pretty well known around town, right? And she goes to school...Even if the school is of a public nature and free, parents are still usually involved in the process of educating their children. Wouldn't somepony know of her situation?

Other than that, this was a really nice little story. It was well written and I enjoyed how Rainbow offerred poor Scootaloo the chance to snuggle and be a kid without breaking either of their aura of cool :D


I've justified myself on this in the past, so I'll just quote what I said, word for word:

"...I am a firm believer in the 'Scootaloo is an orphan' deal. I didn't take it for the sake of following a trend, but because I personally think that it makes so much SENSE.

For the fun of it, let me justify myself:
Think about it. In the show, she's the one member of the CMC that you never see with any family. She spends all her time either mimicking RD or daydreaming of her. Any child that age in a healthy family would have a role model in the form of a mother, father, or even older sister. However, it's been confirmed by the developers that Scootaloo is not related to Rainbow, and that just makes it even more strange that she'd choose an external individual for her inspiration and overall attitude, as opposed to family.

This leads us to speculate that she's been without internal influence or guidance for an extended period of time, if a complete outsider can define her entire behavior. So the most likely scenarios are that she's either an orphan, or she's severely neglected. In a town like Ponyville, I highly doubt they'd have any outright cruel ponies. Even if they did, someone would have caught on (A friend of the folks asks "How come I never see your daughter?" and one thing leads to another), so the more likely of the two would be the orphan scenario, where they either died or left the town outright, and she's too proud to seek help or let anyone know.

Call it deranged if you will, but I think it adds a new layer of depth to Equestria if things like death or abandonment can be allowed. Even if they're not explicitly stated in the show, so long as they avoid the topic and don't establish any canon, I'll just fill in the blanks, rather than try and add OC ponies into a place where there could very well be new characters in Season 3 or later.

TLDR; I think Scootaloo being an orphan is an acceptable way to add complexity to both her and Equestria on a whole, and the best part is that the show actually has more evidence supporting this theory than the alternative.

I'm not arguing my right to make her an orphan or anything, I just wanted to explain my reasoning in following the stereotype rather than trying to outright add on to it."

That's about it. Makes sense, right?


Any child that age in a healthy family would have a role model in the form of a mother, father, or even older sister.

Not that I'm trying to argue with you, but as some one who's worked with children ranging in age from infant to sixteen for the past twelve years (in many different capacities), I don't think this is necessarily true. While younger children do look to their parents or siblings as an example, many also look outside their home. I know just from my own experiences that any kind of possitive role model in a child's life can make a huge impact.

And I don't dislike the Scootaloo-an-orphan angle, per se, I just don't see it as realistic that no one would realize she has no family looking after her -- Though that might just be because I work in a profession where we are trained to look for signs that something isn't right with a child, as well as being BFFs with a social worker.


Now I get what you're saying, and I concede your point. Maybe if I do anything involving her in the future, I'll either find a way to explain it or just make it more realistic on a whole in an attempt to fix the stereotypes. More chicken smiles is always a good thing, right? :scootangel:

1463291>>1464438 You know, this conversation between you two is starting to remind me of another...

Piedol~ What have you been up to lately?! I thought that I was the only one for you!!!!:twilightangry2::raritycry::pinkiegasp:



And yes, chicken smiles are good...

Ohmahgawd it wasn't like that! I swear I was only peeking over my horn-rimmed glasses. D:

Why does this story sound VERY familiar? Very Very familiar...:trixieshiftright:


I did it completely on a whim, and was inspired mostly by the stormy weather I started writing it in. I mean that storm was MASSIVE, and lasted the better part of the afternoon. I can honestly say I got no influence from other fics or stories, just to set that straight.

Great story!
Scootaloo reminds me of me in this (minus the orphan part)
reminds me that sometimes we all just need a hug occasionally.

What the hell is with the sudden popularity here? O_O


This was a pure one-off. Will there be more like it? I don't have any plans at the moment. However I DO have an extremely rough outline for a multi-chapter fic focusing on three members of the CMC, and three more OC ponies that I dreamt up for the occasion.

Since you liked this so much I might start seriously working on it, but at the moment I'm keeping my attention on my main fic (ADT) and plotting out my NaNoWriMo venture.

good story tho i was hopinjg for it to turn into like a scootadoption thang

You really need to add a sequel. Like, really.

>> piedol

This was an amazingly written fanfic. I first heard about it from DerpyPony22 when he did a reading about it (which may be the reason for the sudden burst in popularity), but I just had to read it for myself.

You were very descriptive when picturing the environment and actions in the story. I love that! Love it when the author does such a good job writing the book that you can doze off and picture the exact moment in your head (yeah, I like visualizing stuff in my head :P).

This was an amazing fanfic, piedol! I think that this has helped me with writing too (after reading for almost your whole life, you start to pick up on the composition of a story. Then you can use that knowledge to spot out more parts to the story.)

And one other thing. Monochromatic Rainbow put it in a great way, but I'll still paraphrase it. This story shows you how everyone could use a hug, or be able to curl up under somepony's wing every once in a while. :pinkiesmile:

God, did I see what i see! I really appreciate you! No, really, thank you! Will be in our area, I give you a hand shake))

For a second there, I had second thoughts about this...But that was totally a ghost, wasn't it? Rainbow Dash, I mean. The wind blew that cyan feather along, and it was the only thing that was recognisable after Rainbow Dash got hit by that lightning!

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