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“... The night shall be as day. A thousand-thousand suns shall erupt in the sky. The heavens from north-to-south and east-to-west shall be set ablaze with fire and light. All of the stars in the universe shall be consumed. That which was torn asunder shall be reforged, and the horizon shall be destroyed and remade. The sun shall swallow the sun, and the moon shall swallow the moon. Here in, ends the third age. The world begins to shine again, and The Children of the Sun and Moon who were lost shall be found.

“May the Two Who Are One save us from nothingness. May they save us from themselves.” — Fragment of prophecy believed written by Star Swirl the Bearded. The rest of the manuscript is lost. (Date unknown)

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First Published
1st Jan 2012
Last Modified
30th Dec 2016

interesting story, i don't think i've ever read a fic about a scientist in equestria. keep it up.

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Hey I remember reading this on fanfiction .net love this story.

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I find this amusing.



me too

isn't there more chapters there? It this a revised version? Let's see.

That was the most creative use of an Iphone i have ever seen.

I need MOAR.

Kepp it up.

Hey! I remember reading this story on fanfiction.net a while back! Glad you came over here to post it. :3 Keep up the good work.

Spoiler (iif there are going to be revision anyways)

http ://www.fanfic tion.net/s/7262817/1/The_bGod_b_bParticle_b up to chapter 11.

>>100908 New chapters are coming. Yes. And the version here is being revised slightly and edited. Mostly, I am fixing grammar problems. But I'm also making some revisions to dialogue and visual descriptions. I feel like I'm a better writer now than I was when I first started working on this story, so I am going back to revise earlier chapters somewhat. The revisions to the earlier chapters probably won't be on fanfiction.net. But new chapters will be published in both places. I should have all of the existing chapters up here soon. But I'm still editing / revising them.

>>100934 For anyone who hasn't read the chapters at fanfiction.net, I would suggest being slightly patient and reading them here instead. They are undergoing some revision, grammar fixes. i should have all of the existing ones up here in the next day or two, once I finish editing.

I love these cliffhangers, keeps me interested in seeing the next chapter.:pinkiehappy:

Confound these Cliffhangers. They drive me to drink :pinkiesick:

Great story so far, it will be interesting to see how a Physicist reacts to Equestria as a whole. Also would be funny to hear him go on about Pegasi wings being to small and someone pointing out that it's scientifically impossible for Bee's to fly too :rainbowlaugh:

I have lots of mixed feelings about this story.  In many ways it's well written and compelling (and I guess I'll be watching it), but it also contains a lot of "itchy" bits -- implausible seeming details that rub me the wrong way.

Probably the worst is Twilight's almost panicked over-reaction upon learning that there is -- horror of horrors -- a strange creature lurking in Everfree Forest.  So...  The manticore, the cockatrice, the lake monster and the ursa are no pressing concern, but a human appears and it's a national crisis?

(I also wonder, incidentally, why does everyone assume that humans, or demi-humans at least, are totally unknown?  MLP G1 had them after all.  Plus even on our Earth we at least know what a unicorn and a pegasus are, despite not typically seeing them around.)

Time to get out the Elements of Harmony?  Really?  I thought those were kept locked in a special vault in Canterlot Castle.  They're the Equestrian counterpart of an atomic bomb.

And I've never ran into anything before, either in canon or in fanfics, that would lead me to expect Twilight could readily understand high-energy physics jargon.

love iiiiiiit :yay:

>>101349 Thanks for the comments. I think I can address all of the itchy bits and implausible details though in a way that even if you don't agree with my explanations, you will at least understand.

Twilight's panicked over-reaction

The manitcore and the cockatrice are documented species known to exist in Equestria. Hydras are known to exist as well, as are ursas. So they are kind of like grizzly bears are in our world. You know they are in some forests. You know they are dangerous if encountered. But you don't lose sleep over them because their behavior is at least somewhat understood and documented.

Here we have a sentient, talking, intelligent creature that has never been seen before, and that Fluttershy believes has some type of projectile / energy firing weapon that has never been seen before. It's the difference between an armed, intelligent, sentient alien species suddenly dropping in on your planet, vs a dangerous, yet known to exist non-sentient animal of some type.

Also, in canon, Twilight is known to over-react on a regular basis. After all, she thinks she's going to be sent back to magic kindergarden just for missing one weekly friendship report. She thinks Fluttershy's going to get banished and locked in a dungeon for taking Princess Celestia's pet, etc. I think it's perfectly in character for Twilight to over-react. And as I said, undocumented, sentient alien being vs. dangerous, but documented non-sentient beasts that are known to exist. I'm not even sure she's really overreacting that much.

Humans / demi-humans being unknown

G4 is a complete reboot as far as canon is concerned. None of the G1 canon applies to G4. No humans have ever been seen in G4, or even been mentioned as part of the history of Equestria. So I think we can assume that as far as G4 canon is concerned, they don't, and probably never have existed in the Ponyverse.

Elements of harmony being locked in a vault

These chapters were written before season 2 started, so what happened to them after they were used against Nightmare Moon was not known at the time. I wouldn't call them the Equestrian equivalent of an atomic bomb anyway. They are locked in a vault not because they are excessively dangerous, but because their loss or theft would be so devastating against Equestria's ability to handle dangerous enemies.

Twilight understanding high energy physics

Twilight understands astronomy in canon. she knows what comets are made of (she rattled it off during an episode). She understands chemistry, (at least we have seen her doing chemistry in canon). She's obviously very scientifically minded, geeky, and well read. It seems entirely plausible to me that she would have at least a basic understanding of sub-atomic particle physics. In fact, it seems unlikely to me that she would not have at least some understanding of it, given how geeky and well-read she is. And we do know that ponies have some advanced technology. We've seen hydro-electric dams, x-rays, and steam powered trains. And it would be a mistake to assume  the fact that they use steam power means their technology or understanding of science is primitive. It could be a lack of petroleum reserves on Equestria that prevents them from being able to utilize internal combustion engines or something.

Anyway, thanks again for the comments. I hope they help you see why I did some of the things I did, and why I don't think they are implausible. And thanks for watching it. :)

... Okay, admittedly, the philosophical debate trying to convince James he was actually seeing ponies was amusing, and you resolved it in quite a nice little way that I've never thought of before (then again, I've never been in a situation where I'm being held captive by my hallucinations). Unfortunately, I kind of broke down into a rage when he stated that Twilight's telekinesis was impossible. I know it's the reaction most people give, but I expected better from a scientist. I mean, let's ignore, for a moment, that there are no known laws explicitly stating translucent energy fields cannot manipulate solid matter - the fact that it happened blatantly shows that it is, in fact, possible. Now, he then tried to justify it by stating it violates all kinds of laws of physics ... like what? As I said, there are no laws that explicitly forbid it, neither physical nor logical, and so therefore it must be possible (if not probable). To quote Michio Kaku (who was probably quoting someone else, but I don't have the book in front of me) 'When a renowned physicist states something is possible, he is almost certainly right; when he states something is impossible, he is almost certainly wrong'.

... Sorry about that, but as I said, I expect scientists to be more accepting, and I certainly don't expect them to logically contradict themselves.

With that one exception, I am loving this story so far, and cannot wait to see more of it.

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>>101639 Thanks for the comment. And really glad you are enjoying the story.

There actually are several laws that telekinesis violates, including the second law of thermodynamics, the law of conservation of momentum, and the inverse square law. In the unlikely event that telekinesis is possible, the answer would have to be found somewhere in quantum mechanics. it would require throwing out a lot of our current understanding of physics for it to be possible.

But again, that's part of the premise of the story. James will have to learn to let go of a lot of his existing ideas, and learn to understand his knowledge of science cannot explain everything that happens in Equestria.

Again, glad you are enjoying the story. And thanks for the comment :)

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Admittedly quantum physics can be used to justify many things (including, in a number of instances, Pinkie Pie), and it will almost certainly come into play when attempting to justify telekinesis. That you are citing specific laws that are broken indicates to me you have a slightly more developed definition of 'telekinesis' than my own, however, I shall see what I can do. Firstly, I am forced to admit, I fail completely to see how thermodynamics applies here - pyrokinesis and pyrogenesis perhaps, but those aren't what we are discussing. The inverse square law is easily dealt with - I have not seen anything in the MLP-verse to suggest it doesn't apply. Conservation of momentum is not so easily dealt with. Whilst this is by no means a definite proof, lifting a book appears easier than lifting the Ursa Minor, did it not? This indicates that force does have some bearing on the amount of energy spent opposing it. Of course, the main source of data for this is the unicorn slated to be the most powerful in Equestria, so it's not like we're getting averaged readings, is it?

Finally, you state that acceptance of telekinesis would require a vast shift in our understanding of the laws of physics. This here is the other main point of mine. There is a massive difference between the laws of physics and our understanding of the laws of physics. The laws themselves are inviolable, whilst our understanding of them may not be. This was what got my hackles up, if you will - that a physicist, one of our more enlightened minds, could see something, and state 'this is impossible - physics does not allow it', when it clearly is possible and allowed by dint of the fact that it just happened. The question (which he failed to ask) shouldn't have been 'is this possible?' but 'how is this possible?'.

... Wait - forgive me if I misunderstand, but does your response indicate you are actually working off the premise that magic is outside the scope of scientific understanding? If that's the case, then I'm terribly sorry, and I'll just sit back and enjoy the story now.

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>>101910 Thanks for the response.

The basic idea of telekinesis is that you are using the internal energy of the environment to move something. One of the consequences of the second law of thermodynamics is that this cannot be done. It's basically the same reason why, as best we can determine, perpetual motion machines can't work either. You can't use the internal energy of the environment to power a machine. Both telekinesis and perpetual motion violate the concept of entropy and the invariability of equilibrium.

Also, keep in mind that in science, it's a given that a universal negative cannot be proven. So when a scientist says something is "impossible", they don't mean it in absolute terms. They mean statistically impossible. They mean that the statistical odds of it occurring are so small, that it probably doesn't warrant serious consideration. Maybe I should have clarified that. That when James says "impossible", he means "scientifically impossible" not "absolutely impossible". I can't say it's absolutely impossible that the earth will stop orbiting the sun tomorrow, and the sun will start orbiting the earth instead. But I can say that everything we know about celestial mechanics and gravitational force makes it scientifically impossible. The odds of it happening are so small, that it doesn't warrant serious consideration.

As far as the fact that he saw her do it, well, again, he tried to reason that away. Lots of people on earth have seen telekinesis happen. But it has never stood up to intense scientific scrutiny. It's always been some kind of sleight of hand or other trickery. James just met Twilight. How does he know she's not just trying to trick him? To make him think she's more powerful than she really is in order to intimidate him into complying with her interrogation? That seems like the more logical explanation to him at this point, rather than the idea that she actually is doing something that appears to violate at least three laws of physics.

I agree with your point that our understanding of the laws is not the same as how the laws actually work. But when you have laws that are as well established and tested as the second law of thermodynamics, or the law of conservation of momentum, one must proceed with great caution before deciding they are wrong because of a single observation.

does your response indicate you are actually working off the premise that magic is outside the scope of scientific understanding?

Well, James currently believes everything can ultimately be explained by science. And that everything ultimately has a scientific explanation, even if we don't know what it is yet. But then again, when you have an alicorn so powerful that she can control the movement of the sun--an object that contains well over 99% of the mass of the entire solar system? Well, I think it's safe to say you are getting outside the realm of science now, and into the realm of god / goddess.

Ah, right. Thank you very much - having read your explanation of telekinesis, I can now see that we were working off of two very different models. By your definition of it, I must agree that telekinesis does now sound highly improbable

As for the 'impossible' ... this is where I start flailing and ranting about proper use of language. I do understand that, unfortunately, such inaccurate wording does occur. Admittedly, I've never heard it from a professional scientist, but perhaps that's simply a matter of luck.

With James' immediate denial of Twilight's ability to break laws of physics - I did not mean to imply that we should question well founded laws on the basis of singular observations. What I meant was that he very definitely saw the glass fly into the air, presumably at Twilight's command - and he failed to question how what had happened may have happened, instead he immediately took up on one theory which was impossible (and supported the position he preferred). Yes, he does state that in his prior experience, telekinesis has always turned out to be a trick, but from what I read, he seems determined to beleive Twilight performed the impossible. Having phrased it like that, I now see why he might do such a thing, but I still think it reflects badly upon him as a scientist.

Finally, I'd be very careful with your wording there. I am assuming that you mean magic will be outside of scientific understanding, for the purposes of this fic. However, it is generally accepted that deific powers and 'magic' are not the same thing. Your inclusion of 'gods/goddesses' now has me questioning the nature of the Sister Princesses in your fic - namely, are they deities or powerful magical beings?

I see you posted this here as wall. I have enjoyed this series ever since you posted it up on fanfiction.net.

Bravo! :pinkiehappy:

Read all of the chapters on fanfiction good job I do understand the need to edit :twilightsheepish:

So he is skeptical of Celestia's total power, he'll have to learn that monarchy on earth doesn't work because humans are corrupt, but Celestia has no such corruption, or any selfish will at all. Also is Luna going to show up?

>>102122 As far as James's denial of what he saw. Well, James is human, and has human flaws. Are you possibly expecting too much out of him? Yes, he's a scientist. But he's not an android that can think logically all of the time, or maintain complete logical objectivity. He's a human being. He's scared and frightened right now. He's retreating to his comfort zone of what he knows.

Now for more detail on other points.

When it comes to wording, I supposed I should have clarified it. I probably will in a future chapter edit. This is kind of like the difference between scientific truth and absolute truth. Science will often say something is "true", or "fact". But again, this can't actually be proven to be absolute truth or absolute fact since it is not possible to test every single case. So in science, truth and fact is generally recognized to be something that has enough supporting evidence to be a statistical certainty. But again, a statistical certainty is not an absolute certainty. You can never get a confidence interval of 1.0 because you cannot repeat an experiment an infinite number of times. (with limited exceptions when a range can be known to be exact. Dice rolling for example. You can be 100% confident that you will get a value between one and six on a six sided dice because it is impossible to get a larger number. But by it's very nature, a 1.0 CI is useless because to get a 1.0 CI, you paradoxically already knew that the CI was 1.0. Like in the dice rolling example, you already knew the result would always be between 1 and 6. So trying to prove it is kind of pointless. But I digress.)

As far as powerful magical beings vs. deities? Well, that would be a spoiler. So you are just going to have to wait and see. ;)

Thanks again for your comments. And glad you are enjoying the story :)

>>102482v Is Luna going to show up? You will have to wait and see. Not going to give out spoilers. :twilightsmile:


I would never dream of asking for spoilers, that was more of me making a sutle suggestion if you hadn't thought of it yet.

Once again I find myself enjoying this story and wanting more of it, but simultaneously feeling that itch when I read certain parts of it, as if this were some strange parallel universe from the Equestria that I know.

The little debate over "what is a deity" seemed particularly off-kilter to me.  I'm really not sure what would have caused James to even ask the question to begin with.  Celestia hasn't done anything godlike in his presence, as far as I can see.  (Plus, if she had some kind of pharaonic cult going, then it could be dangerous to openly doubt her divinity.  That's a can of worms I'd be wary of opening, were I in his position.)

As for Twilight, I would expect her to merely snort and dismiss the idea out-of-hoof, rather than get into an abstract philosophical debate about it.

Also...  Although what Celestia said about not knowing how to send James home made perfect sense, I was a bit surprised to pick up no comment at all about wanting to investigate the phenomenon further and try to figure out what happened.  Or is that just too obvious, and it goes without saying that this needs to be researched?

Getting back to the technology level in Equestria, this is something I've given some thought to.  One reason it's hard to gauge is because we don't really know if anything we see can be taken at face value.  I mean, is that hydroelectric dam really a hydroelectric dam, or is it a thaumic generator broadcasting orgone energy to magical devices all over Ponyville?  Who can say?

However, if you assume all the devices we've seen are exactly what they look like, and you are contemplating hydroelectric power, steam trains, X-rays, the phonograph, and so forth, then you're still looking at roughly 1880s-1900 tech.  Even then it's spotty, since they seem to have no telegraph, radio, motion pictures or (as James observed) even fountain pens.

I normally don't read HiE. Once you throw in science, it becomes a whole new thing. Hopefully, I'm going to enjoy this just as much as Shalrath's The End, but I haven't read anything yet and I am tired at 1:40am goodnight.


Debate over deity

Did you ignore the the entire description about his initial impression of Princess Celestia? I mean he just met a being who radiates power thousands of times more potent than anything he could imagine coming from a single individual.

As far as the next several points of your comment, I can only say, have patience.  You are demanding spoilers. You want to instantly know the how and why for everything. I'm not going to tell you because those are called plot spoilers.  You will just have to wait and see.

When it comes to technology, it seems like you completely ignored what I said. About assuming steam power means primitive technology.  Again, what if Equestria has no petroleum deposits? And this makes internal combustion engines unfeasible?

I find it interesting you didn't actually address any of my rebuttal arguments. And Instead just went on to new arguments of your own. Honestly, are you just looking for reasons to criticize?

#30 · 276w, 6d ago · · · 1 - Lab 49 ·

As a physics major, I my interest is piqued.

hmmmm i thought that there was a fair bit of assumption in particle physics... but im only 13 so tell me if i derped:derpyderp1:

I'm sorry if I came off as either combative or dense.  I like to discuss this kind of stuff, but I never meant to get into an actual argument.  Please don't take anything I write as any kind of attack, because it really isn't meant that way!

So...  As far as James's impression of Celestia is concerned...  I do see this part:  "her presence inspired a sense of awe in him greater than any he had ever experienced in his life".  Somehow when I read through the story the first time, that just didn't make much impression on me.  Maybe it's because it's so subjective.  What does it really mean?  What does "radiates power thousands of times more powerful than anything he could imagine" really mean?  It seems a bit arbitrary, a bit heavy-handed, to just hit the readers with that by fiat.

I suppose it also chafes due to my own bias, because my personal take on the history and role of the alicorns is so very different.  (I'm working on something that delves into their origin a bit.)  But of course, there's no point in debating that, since everyone has their own interpretation.  Their very ambiguity gives us freedom to write a lot of different kinds of stories about them, and that's a good thing.

As for the potential spoilers, we don't need to get into that.  I'll try to be patient and wait for the surprises.

I can say this about the technology and science, though...  I'm sorry you feel I didn't "rebut" your arguments.  Maybe I just didn't understand them.  I don't see how a laundry list of late 19th Century mechanical technologies leads to an understanding of early 21st Century particle physics.  Where's the connection?

I feel much the same about internal combustion engines.  How is that relevant?  Do the ponies even have a use for that technology?  They have pegasus-powered flight and magically propelled balloons already.  They have earth pony power for pulling carriages and operating fixed machinery, after all.  But even if they had developed ICEs, what would that prove?

Eight months, Trollestia has taught you well Twilight.:trollestia:

scientist in equestria... So much better the the over done and abused concept of a brony coming to equestria or discord being released again...


Remember when Twilight was attempting to figure out the Pinkie Sense? She pulled out a computer with brain scan attachment. Even if it is steam powered, that sort of tech puts them on par with about fifty years ago, at most. As for the lack of proliferation of technology - think of why we make use of technology. It saves time, so we can spend more time doing things we enjoy. But in Equestria, ponies find something they are good at and enjoy, then spend the majority of their time working on it - so there is little need for labour saving devices, because much of the labour a pony does is what they enjoy.

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Physics and ponies.... my favourite topics

As a physicist, this just jumped to the very top of my extensive to-read-list. xD

Good story. Definitely different, but in a good way.

This is easily on the top of best "human-in-Equestria" stories I've read so far, with the notable exception of the with Firewall in it. I'm sort of ashamed I can't remember the title of it -.-

Anyhow, I don't really have any comments to this. That's a good thing though, given taht I usually comment only on the negative stuff.

I am looking forward to the next chapter! =D

Its kinda hard to find a basis for Equestrian technology from just the show alot of it has be calculated and usually you'll end up just picking a certain time/date because as you begin to think oh Equestria has technology like the European Middle Ages they throw steam powered trains at you, then you think ok they have about pre-industrial or industrial age  technology but then they throw modern day hazmat suits  at you so its challenging to find out a realistic equestria's technology level so we all end up picking a timeline we like and stick with it though i wouldn't have it be any other way as this adds variety to  the storys that people write so i wouldn't bug the author about the technology level of Equestria as everyone has their own ideas this may be completely irrelevant but i just decided to post what i felt like writing about  :twilightsheepish:

and i love starting philosophical arguments and Scientific debates as its always fun to teach someone something new or to learn something new and as long as the argument is kept from getting out of hand nothing bad usually happens unless you're one to get your pride hurt easily.

>>100913 damn straight son.:trollestia:

1. Your "scientist" is inconsistent with implications of being a scientist. Some introduction is required.

2. Your Equestria is inconsistent with implications of being an... Equestria. A lot of introduction is required.

3. Mirror world with ponies instead of humans, magic instead of stories of magic and Twilight suddenly being and expert in quantum physics? I think I know what object on this page I'm going next.


"Through the Eyes of Another Pony" is what you're looking for. Also try Article 2 by Muppetz, that's a personal fav.

Still a bit rough about the edges but this story has a fun concept for an HiE fic. Liking the characters but I'd like some more details about your interpretation of the world. Especially how ponies know so much about physics. Pretty good overall though.


Ah! Yeah, that's the one. Thanks! ^^

I will check out "Article 2" too. I'm very picky on my HiE stories though xD The only reason I read this is because I'm a physicist myself (err, a student at least), and wanted to see how well done this was. It's a lot better than expected xD

Now I just need to pick up some knowledge about theoretical high-energy particle physics, and I'm good to go!


But I won't be having that class before in 2013 -.-

>>104310 Thanks for the comment.

I actually find it interesting how many people are questioning why Twilight would understand high energy physics.  She understands astronomy. She knows what comets are made of (she talked about them in one episode). She understands chemistry (at least we've seen her doing it in one episode). We known ponies have electricity. They have x-ray machines (we saw an x-ray on the wall in Secret of My Success), which means they have at least some understanding of ionizing radiation and how to build x-ray tubes. And Twilight is a completely geek and a bookworm. It seems perfectly reasonable to me that she would have at least some understanding sub-atomic particles and high energy physics. In fact, I'd be surprised if didn't have any understanding of it.

>>103093 It's ok, I'm not mad. However, I think they have more advanced than you realize. X-ray machines didn't see why spread use until the early 20th century. The first particle accelerator was build in 1930 and predates even the Hoover Dam. This technology might be older than you think it is. It's definitely not early 21st century.

A lof of it is subjective, of course. Equestria seems remarkably advanced in some areas when it comes to technology. And remarkably deficient in other areas.

Regarding the internal combustion engine, well, again, they have trains powered by steam locomotives.  Diesel-electric locomotives are much easier to maintain than steam engines are. So yes, they could benefit from it. But again, why they don't build diesel-electric locomotives is something we can only speculate. Maybe they don't know how. On the other hand, maybe the do, but have no fuel source for them because there are no known petroleum deposits in Equestria.

>>103695 Thanks :) Really glad you are enjoying it. I hope to have another chapter up tonight.


Personal opinion here but I think a lot of it stems from the juxtaposition of worlds here. We don't have magic on Earth (well, spending an afternoon reading journals on quantum entanglement sure makes it feel like we have magic), so we've had to focus on the natural forces around us. With magic they have an entire different field to work with, and even their 'technology' could have magical elements. The fact that they've progressed far enough down the line to be looking for the Higgs is pretty impressive. I'd have to read through it again but didn't Twilight even call it the same thing? Just seems to parallel Earth a bit much.

Perhaps it is that Twilight came off kind of as, "Advanced particle physic? Piff, that was so yesterday." I don't think (again personal opinion here) that anyone is complaining that they know all sorts of stuff and are semi-modern, it's just that you've portrayed them as modern or beyond modern in some areas and that seems hard to swallow.

That complaint aside this story is really well done. I can't compliment you enough on the characterization of everyone really. Your twilight is near flawless (needs more adorkable!!!) While I am a dirty dirty whore for HiE fics  I have to admit most of them are pretty lacking, only a few really get me going "WHERE DEAR CELESTIA IS THE NEXT CHAPTER," and I think yours might have just hit that list.

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Why did that remind me of Half-Life?  Is this some sort of reverse Resonance Cascade?

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