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After hours at the Sugarcube Corner, a heavy storm thundering outside, Pinkie finds a pony knocking on the door.

Featured on Equestria Daily.

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Rarity is totally prettier with a wet mane.

I like it. Writing drunk is hilariously funny
Pinkie can be shipped with anypony (Pinkie/Rarity and Pinkie/Twilight fit WAY better than Rainbow Dash)
Keep up the work

Hmm. Pinkity? Eh...

I dunno. I mean, this is well written and all, no question about that, but I guess it's just an awkward ship for me. Which is why, um, I'm probably not gonna track it. Sorry! :fluttershbad:

But, I'll totally drop a like so it can be made known to the people who would like this ship! Best of luck in your writing adventure, my friend! :pinkiehappy:

So Pinkie Pie is at least sympathetic toward Spike. This makes me curious as to how she'll handle telling him after the two ponies fall in love. But if Rarity gives herself to Pinkie Pie without considering his feelings first, then this'll just be another shipfic where no one gives a horseapple about him.

Pinkie Pie is such a good friend! She always knows just what to do to cheer her friends up. Lovely story.

Like I said before, this was a nice little story! :twilightsmile: Even if you may have written the first part while drunk, it actually is pretty nicely done, coherent, and very in-character. :pinkiehappy: Overall, it turned out pretty good! Glad to be of help! :yay:

This is quite heartwarming. :pinkiesmile: Pinkie Pie and Rarity showing up as a pair in the actual episode made this all the more interesting. Great job!

Ya know, there's not enough Rarity/Pinkie fics. I like this one.

Oh, this is lovely. (I don't do that well when I'm sober.)

Not bad at all, will be watching, this has a nice buildup possibility

Awww. I always did like Raripie ships. Adorable ^-^

Hmm... Middle of the featured box, 37:0 like to dislike ratio, no giant feedback.

I'll read later. dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/shrug_Twilight_future.png

I certainly hope this is featured. A much stronger start than most of what I've read in the past few months.

And I know it was kind of the point, but I love just how little dialogue there was up until the very end; it really helped Pinkie to come across as a caring, faithful, emotionally intelligent friend. And the narration wasn't at all lacking, either. Fine work, author.

If you're fine with any ship as long as it's well-written, just go ahead and check this out now. There really isn't too much to say yet; it's just good.

wouldn't be surprised to see this featured tomorrow, very very good fic.

So... maybe tidiness was the tofu and cheese? Hmm...

Perfect mental image of Pinkie Pie: ACHIEVED

The title was misleading.:trixieshiftleft: I thought this was gonna be a Pinkie X Luna shipfic.:rainbowlaugh: (which I don't think anyone has done yet....)

Anyway, Rarity is my favorite pony, so for having a well written first chapter, you also get a fave.:pinkiehappy: keep it up!

this one was cuuute :D


Anyway, cute story bro. Not really a fan of Raripie ships... or anything that has to do with Rarity, but I can overlook that for this story

I DIDN'T SEE THIS COMING AT ALL. I was expecting some sort of epic adventure but then suddenly WARM AND FUZZY FEELINGS EVERYWHERE.

...I did enjoy it though. I need to learn how to read the tags on these things.

Awesome story. And there's gonna be more, you say? Excellent! Well done with how you're handling Pinkie Pie, in this, it's very good.

"Write drunk; edit sober." - Ernest Hemingway.

You're doin it right.

So I went to bed last night after a hard day at work, but before I went to bed, I saw that this story was actually doing much better than expected. This morning... I'm greeted with two things...


The hell!? Did I accidentally log into some other person's account!? I've never had a quarter of that number EVER. It's as if... if...


... *begins hyperventilating*...

... Note to self, make sure to get blackout drunk much more often before writing. Seems to help...

1429770 Considering how prolific that one picture of Rarity wet in the rain in "Sisterhooves Social" is, and how many times they've recolored it to fit almost every single other pony out there... I tend to agree :rainbowwild: Once again, thanks for all of your help!!

1429859 Not only is drunken writing funny writing, but apparently it is best writing. Sure, I had to edit out a few lines ("Rarity looked as upset at Republicans were when President Obama won the election" didn't quite work...), but overall, it's all there. As for the Pinkie/X ships, I tend to see RariPie to be the hardest one out there (ApplePie, while the best name, is up there as well). And I have a few friends who would give you nasty looks over saying RainbowPie doesn't work :pinkiehappy:

1429904 Hey, I know how you feel. No worries! Thanks for the upvote anyway, though your lack of a track means no pony icon for you!

1429918 Anyone that has followed my blog, or at least knows my feelings on shippings, knows that any ship that involves Rarity HAS to incorporate Spike in some way. Now, whether that is an internal struggle because she feels something for him, or just a mention on how to deal with him and his crush (depending on her level of mutual feelings towards him) depends on the story entirely. :twilightblush:

1429984 Honestly, given the situation, I could see any of her friends doing this KINDA. They would definitely go about it differently sure (Twilight would ask what the hell happened, Applejack and Rainbow would go out to beat the hell out of the guy, and Fluttershy would be too nervous to say anything too awkward), but it was Pinkie that she ran into, and so let's roll with it! :pinkiecrazy:

1430044 Thanks! And I am so so so so glad that you took the time to help me out with it! Major favor you did me :raritywink:

1430223 That thought process might've crossed my mind when I wrote this story...:trixieshiftleft:...:trixieshiftright:... Anyway, always loved the idea of the dynamic of those two together (not in a relationship, just interacting), and I'm glad it turned out how I wanted it to! :scootangel:

1430597 As I said before, I feel that RariPie is "hard mode" of shipping. Two complete opposites, with their only similarity being they enjoy social gatherings (albeit very different ones). This is obviously not the best one out there (by far), but I like to think I've done a respectable job so far! :yay:

1430737 It's all in the proper drink that you are drinkin'. You drink what I was drinking, homemade raspberry lemoncello, and things get wild. Go with something stupid like a few cans of Four Loco, and you end up taking a dump on your keyboard. :twilightangry2:

1430928 The suspense is killing us all... :rainbowwild:

1431171 A viewpoint shared by myself. I think I would rank this as my #2 ship, or at least in my top 5 :pinkiehappy:

1431177 As of this typing, it's now 97:2, with some feedback, so read it already!! Also, since you have a sword, find those two, and hunt them down like the rodents they are!!!! :pinkiecrazy:

1431321 Your wishes have been granted apparently, for as I posted at the beginning of this, it already has! :yay: But yeah, serious thanks for the complements. I really try to make sure that my spelling and grammar is well done, even if the story sucks (not implying this one sucks).

1431470 You were not surprised, and thanks!!! :twilightsmile:

1431669 This was actually one of the lines I wrote while blackout drunk. I don't remember writing it, but I'm glad my sloshed self thought of it!

1432405 I hear you there. I realized that it was going to sound slightly misleading, but thankfully, the character tags made it a little more clear. Obviously, the title comes from the very last lines Pinkie and Rarity share with each other in this chapter. I was debating another title like "Caught in the Rain" or "Despondent White", but those sounded... weird :rainbowwild: That said, I don't like ships with the alicorns at all (the whole ancient pony shipping with a normal one), but I digress.

1432445 I'm glad it turned out that way, and not to the point of icky sappiness :raritywink:

1432571 ... Sorry, but I can't think of an original response to this. Maybe... take your insulin because you now have diabeetus? :ajbemused:

1432604 It's funny. Rarity is my 2nd least favorite of the mane six (Applejack takes that title). However, if you look at my stories, you see that she's shipped in more of my stories than any of the other ponies out there. MADNESS I TELL YOU!! :duck:

1432755 Nah, my huge and epic adventure is the other story I'm writing. Btw, shameless self advertising ftw! :rainbowdetermined2:

1432867 That's an interesting quote. If you were to ask anyone today, I would assume that they would say things like "dude... smoke weed" or "take acid" or other drugs like that, rather than drinking, but hey, who am I to argue with a quote! :rainbowlaugh:

And once again, thank you all that commented on this sucker! I like to think that this is proof that I read every single one of them, and actually try to think about everything you say! :derpytongue2:

Nice Story +1 Feature Box Brother Brohoof /)


Why? I don't have-*flop*

1432963 I understand that feeling...

1432963 You're welcome! And I was happy to help! :pinkiehappy: Anytime, man! :twilightsmile:

Congrats on the story doing so well!

Hmm... I had little pony emocons all over my last post, yet they didn't display... hmm... :pinkiesad2:

1432974 \o/ Ain't gonna lie though, I never understood the /) or (\ for a "brohoof". I've looked, and I gotta tell ya, looks nothing like it :rainbowwild:

1432997 ... Well... this is an awkward situation... :rainbowderp:

1433111 What? The whole "I'm having a panic attack" sort of situation? Yeah... yeah it's funny. Either way, I just wanna take a second to congratulate you on your story doing better than mine :twilightblush:

1433533 Anytime? Alright then. Christmas morning, I'll have five stories for you to edit! :trollestia:

1433610 Haha! Yes that feeling. I don't think that I have completely recovered yet. Besides, at least you're doing good, too. :ajsmug:

1432963 I will my master...

After I find the 7 who did to my story :twilightangry2:

You're the new MallaJong: creating ships that have never been done before, and somehow making it work.
I like this very much.

ah buck it. i have been reading to many dark/tragady stories lately. lets have a story shipping my former favorite pony (:pinkiehappy:) with my former least favorite pony(:raritywink:).

tracking with interest.

1434148 Too many dark fics? I hear ya, time for some HAPPINESS!!:yay:

This story is so adorable! I rarely see Raripie ship fics, and ths is done really well. I love it! :raritywink::heart::pinkiehappy: It needs to update soon!!!!!

Lols... This is such a sweet story.
I bet reading this would trigger RD's gag reflex so many times.

1434275 I really do wish stories worked that way for me but he closest a story has got me to feeling something was a deep depression ... ah well :derpytongue2:

What a beautiful story. You certainly have a way with words and I have never seen a PinkiexRarity fic before so I'm definetely gonna keep track of this!

Raritie? Pinkity? Certainly not a very common ship, and one I have a bit of trouble believing, but the story is interesting. Favorited!


I seem to remember pony emoticons don't show up if you have too many of them. Though I cannot remember for the life of me how many is too many.


EDIT: Okay, the max is twenty.

I have the biggest Chick boner ever. :rainbowderp::yay:

"A sudden shift from her partner, followed by a gentle rub of Rarity forelegs against her own brought her eyes open again,"
I believe it should be "Rarity's forelegs."

I have to say, I am VERY impressed with how you write Pinkie Pie (and her thoughts). You make her in character, and being peppy and thinking like Pinkie Pie, all while being a serious and well handled character. You took a serious situation and a typically not-so-serious pony and melded them together very well.

Darling, you've captured why I love Pinkie. She always knows just what a pony needs and doesn't need, she is always smiling and willing to help, and this line. "Rarity must have had an exceptionally large soul, with paintings and throw rugs and pretty little knickknacks hung all over the place." That Pinkie logic is wonderful.:pinkiehappy: Please continue drinking heavily if it causes you to write this well. :raritystarry: I will be awaiting updates with baited breath.
Ciao :raritywink:

Hmm... So I've realized that this story has almost as many trackers as some of my other stories have views... sweet merciful God, what has liquor done to me!?

1433624 Thankfully, I've started to calm down from the near panic-attack I was starting to have. I mean, it's only a few hundred people that are tracking this story now that are now going to judge how my future work is going to turn out and whether it is good or a useless pile of garbage causing them to wield pitchforks and clubs and knives and OH GOD HELP ME!!!

1433852 By the way, each of them is as long as Fallout: Equestria ended up being...

1433990 I now have 9, so I'm starting to think that they are the same mopey people that go around spamming dislikes because... umm... insanity? :pinkiecrazy:

1434060 Heh, well, most of his stories (if not all) were all Spike shipping with someone else (or himself in one case). Of course, I don't plan on getting banned from this site either, so there's that :rainbowwild:

1434148 Pinkie Pie is your former favorite pony? Blasphemy!!! Pinkie Pie is forever best pony, and any argument against that is instantly invalid.

1434275 Yay for happy fictions! Dark ones are alright (except gore. I can't do gore), but I get numb to them after a while.

1434332 As I said before, I feel RariPie is hard mode of shipping. Of course, I think most ships with Rarity are harder than normal (with the exception of Spike of course), but that's just me.

1434600 Please, if she saw this fiction, she would gag sure, but then she would turn around and blackmail Rarity with it a heartbeat later.

1434610 For me, it's not quite that. Whenever I see a sad fic, I do actually feel sad (some have actually made me shed tears). When I read a over-the-top happy/romantic fic (if it is well written), I do feel happy. If I read a clop fic, I feel... umm... well... nevermind.

1434681 I myself have only seen one other RariPie story out there, and frankly, I think it was better done. Still, I'm satisfied with how this one turned out.

1434901 Heh, and that is why I think this ship is hard mode. It's NOT a pair that would really ever get together except in the strangest of situations. Still... I can believe... right? :pinkiehappy:

1435638 Good to know! Sweet! Thanks for the info. Sadly, that means I can't spam the emocons all over my comment to each person. I now have to be very selective with who I give them to... :fluttershysad:

1435813 ... I... umm... well... glad you liked it then... :twilightblush:

1435995 Yikes! Looks like one was overlooked! Fixed it now! And thanks a lot. I do like the whole "partial 3rd person/pony" perspective that I typically do. It's 3rd person, but the narrator is more inside JUST one character's head, and not the others. I think Game of Thrones did this, but I never read them...

1436082 Thanks for the complements, though my liver is crying at the prospect of your suggestion...

1436871 Ugh, you have to remind me, dontcha? :facehoof:

1436871 Really? O: Whoa! That's crazy! :rainbowlaugh:

1436969 I regret nothing! :pinkiecrazy:

1436971 And they're all in Russian

1436978 XD No problem, I have a friend who's Mother tongue is Russian, so he can translate them for me!


Hm...I don't know if you'd mind giving out the name of the other RariPie shipfic you've mentioned a couple of times? If you remember it?

Though I can see why you might not want to distract your readers from your own story. If that's the case, sorry. :fluttershbad:

1437059 Well... umm... I use Hebrew at times as well!

1437131 Psh. I'm surprised that nobody really thought of it themselves. It's Donny's Boy's Seeking Beauty. Damn good story.

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