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I still exist somewhere out there, drawing, writing, dreaming, under the same name as always. Farewell you kind souls. If anyone cares enough you'll find me on AO3 and tumblr etc links in profile



The dawn of the steampunk era has arisen.
A ragtag team of creatures from all across the world have taken the skies of Equestria for their own. Flyers and non, the ponies, griffons, dragons, changelings and diamond dogs have committed to a life of sky pirates.

Living without consequence the team sail the skies till the end of time.

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I think its about time I'd share my ultimate inspiration with you. This BEAUTIFUL thing! You will find all the locations mentioned in the Wiki page.

Also, inspirational SONGS!
Adventure: Theme-1# Theme-2# Theme-3#
Gilda's Theme: 1#
More eventually!

Not bad; and I'm surprised that they have a Changeling as a member of the crew, I guess not too many Drones feared Chrysalis after the whole Canterlot fiasco. And; I wonder if Geldas old friend Dashie commands a Ship of her own... And Spike as a Pirate? :moustache: I approve.

However, i'd reccomend getting a editor.

Will be watching this. :rainbowdetermined2:

(Now, precisely *how* did this little motley crew come together? I'm especially interested to know how and why Spike and Dinky joined up.) :trixieshiftright:

1548441 Mentally.

And fuck off Diamond Tiara, no one likes you.

1547319 trust me, i'd love an editor but i cant find one no matter how hard i try :ajbemused: (and trust me, i tried)

> diamond dongs
I lol'd so hard

Is this Sparity, since it just got thrown in our folders? The first chapter doesn't have anything related , and Rarity isn't marked as a character, hence my doubts.



On a side-note, you need someone to proofread your writing. I'm not sure if English is your first language, but every time you type whit when I think you mean with makes my eye twitch.

1566960 yeah sorry about that, english really isn't my first language if i write but if i talk you cant tell the difference... i tried to get a reader but so far none have responded so im a bit stuck...

on the sparity side of things, it'll be there, after a awhile, but it'll be there, so dont worry.

All other grammar errors I can forgive, but for the love of Celestia its WITH not whit! :flutterrage: ...Okay, feels better after I got that out of my system. Grammar aside, I think this is essentially good writing and storytelling you're doing here. You've raised a lot of questions for me so far. How did these people end up on the same crew? Why? Spike giving Twilight flowers? Gilda saying ''for the love of Twilight''? This is a very good thing. I'm gonna come back and see if I can get some answers :scootangel:

Not bad; still need a editor though, but still, not bad.


I'll keep a close watch on this.

Awww. :fluttercry:

I shall look forward to the next update!

Twilight revolutionised everything and gets a single gravestone, Octavia was just a musician and she gets a life size statue.

What... the f*ck?

1644876 she never asked for anything more...

1645245 Well yeah, but you'd think they'd at least build a monument in her honor.


"Splinters taste better" is probably my new favorite line.

Talos? Where have I heard that name before? Oh that's right! Here!

so did twilight kill her self? or something

1675470 nope. but you'll pick up bits and pieces along the way, mainly, a big hint next chapter.

1645272 there might be one in celestia's garden with the other statues

If i'm not mistaken, Talos is one of the Griffon Kingdoms from the 'Equestria and Beyond' Fan made map: http://fc07.deviantart.net/fs71/f/2011/248/b/d/equestria_and_beyond__rev_7_by_hlissner-d46wmzm.jpg

I'm guessing that the Jarl's of the Griffons are probably warring with each other; and perhaps one faction has the Equestrian version of Otto Von Bismark who will somehow manage to unite the warring Jarldoms into a coherent nation, and he's hired Gildas Raiders for a special mission. Also; I wonder if Goblins, Ogres, and the Great Apes, well, sapient Great Apes, exist in this Equestria.

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