• Published 12th Oct 2012
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Bits and Games - Brian Jacko

Twilight Sparkle gets an unusual birthday gift.

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The Magic of it All

Time went by and the girls kept spreading the word about this place. They even took the train to other towns to hang up posters around and to tell other ponies how wonderful this arcade is. Soon, ponies from all different towns both near and far, were traveling by train to come visit and to play games and save this arcade.

The arcade owner was so overwhelmed with business that he even had to hire an extra employee to run the snack bar while he took care of other things.

Business was booming and Twilight and her friends didn't really get much time to play since they had to share the machines with so many other ponies.

The owner saw that the girls were giving up their game time to allow new comers to play. The manager noticed this and came up with a great idea.

When closing time came, he had the girls join him at the snack bar and made each one of them an ice cream soda float. He then pushed over a key to each one of the girls. All the mares looked at each other in confusion.

"Excuse me, but what are these for, my dear?" Rarity asked.

The stallion wiped a few tears from his eyes and said, "You girls have been the biggest blessing to me. My dream and passion in life is to keep this arcade up and running and somehow, you girls were able to do it. I am ever so thankful for you all. I noticed you girls were letting others cut in front of you so that you could let the newcomers play the games instead. I had these keys specially made just for you all. You now have access to the arcade even when it's not open. You can play your games without having to wait in line. I trust all of you and I know that you'll behave without me there. I want you to know that I don't give these keys out to many ponies. Only a handful of my oldest and best customers get one, so please don't get these keys recopied or share them with your friends. Congratulations! I am so happy that you're all a part of this very special community. You all have earned this special reward!"

All the mares came in for one big group hug.

Applejack looked at the stallion and said, "Say partner, ya never got to tell us yer name, what do ya like to be called?"

"My name is Joy Stick," The stallion replied.

"Well, Joy Stick," Twilight said. "You can trust us with these keys and we'll also help fix up any machines that might be giving you problems. This is such a wonderful gift and we really all appreciate it!"

Rainbow Dash suddenly perked up and said, "Hey! Does Soarin' have his own key? Was that why he was here that one day when the arcade was still closed?"

The stallion nodded yes and said, "Soarin' as well as the rest of the Wonderbolts have been dedicated customers for a long time. They all have their own keys."

"Sweet!" Rainbow Dash said. "I have a chance to dance with a Wonderbolt, and it's Soarin' too!" Rainbow Dash put her elbows on the table and rested her chin in her hooves.

Applejack poked her side and said, "I reckon ya might be able to score a date with him too, lover girl."

All the other ponies began to laugh at Rainbow.

Rainbow sunk low on her stool and her face turned red. She was blushing quite a bit.

When they all finished their drinks, they left the building. Tomorrow was going to be a brand new day and they were going to take advantage of their new keys.

The next day, the ponies were back at the arcade for more fun.

"Hurry up, Applejack! I need to see if Soarin' is still there!" Rainbow Dash said as Applejack fumbled for her key at the front door with her friends. She opened it up and walked in with the others. She then closed the door and locked it.

All the girls ran over to their favorite games.

Rainbow Dash was surprised to find Soarin' already there on her favorite dance game picking out a song to play. "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" she said to herself. She ran over and hugged him. She was covered in his sweat, but she didn't care. She was crazy for Soarin'.

Soarin' smiled a nervous little grin as he felt a little odd for getting what might be his biggest fan soaking wet with his own sweat. "Hey Rainbow, I heard from Joy Stick that you got your own key. I had the day off today so I thought I'd stop by to see if you were here and if you wanted to play some games," the stallion said.

Rainbow's heart went pitter-patter. She stuttered to find words. "You mean you came out here j-j-just to see me?"

"Yup!" The stallion replied. "I really enjoyed hanging out with you before. I think you're really cool and fun to be around!"

Rainbow almost fell over in shock at what Soarin' had just said. "He not only thinks I'm fun, but he also thinks I'm cool!" Rainbow thought to herself. She didn't realize her mouth was hanging open and she shut it with her hoof. "Is this s-s-some kind of date?" she asked.

"No," Soarin replied as he scrolled through the song wheel.

Rainbow's heart sunk deep in her chest and she lowered her ears in disappointment.

He then turned back to her and said, "But it can be if you want it to be."

Rainbow leapt in the air and tackle-hugged Soarin'. "Oops," Rainbow said with bright red cheeks. "I didn't mean to knock you down. Are you Okay?"

Soarin' picked himself up and dusted himself off. "That's okay, I'm fine," he said. "I just wish you'd wait until I at least got to towel myself off. Now how about you dance with me?"

Rainbow's heart leapt with excitement. She opened up her bag and shoved in the bits. "First, he wants to date me, now he wants to dance with me, can this day get any better!?" Rainbow thought to herself. Just then, Soarin' bent down and gave her a peck on the cheek. Rainbow stood there in shock. "YES! This day can get even better!" She thought to herself.

Soarin' laughed at how shocked Rainbow was and said, "I have always liked you, Rainbow. I just thought I'd never get the opportunity to ask you out."

Rainbow quickly returned a kiss on his cheek. "And I never thought I'd be able to get a date with the coolest Wonderbolt ever!" she exclaimed. "Now, how about we dance and get a little sweaty?"

Soarin' smiled and held down the red button so that he would fail his last song so that he could play with Rainbow right away. He put some more bits into the machine and they both hit the green button simultaneously. They both bobbed their heads to the music as they decided what song they wanted to play. They locked in their choice, selected their modifications, and was soon stepping like crazy all over the dance pads.

Twilight Sparkle hung out with the Princesses for most of the time. She watched them play their favorite games and have fun. They talked about the games and how wonderful it is that the arcade would be staying open after all.

Rarity was quite impressed with how good the Princesses were at her favorite fighting game. Not even she could beat them.

Every pony had a great time and they were all happy that they were able to play their games without having to wait in line for a long time.

The Princesses couldn't stay long. They had a long day ahead of them and had to leave early.

Twilight Sparkle and her friends played all different kinds of games.

Eventually, Joy Stick showed up and gave them all a thirty minute warning before they all had to leave out the back door, so that no pony would see them. There was already a line waiting outside for other ponies to get in.

Soarin' stepped off the dance pad with Rainbow and said to her, "How about we go home, shower up, and we can hang out some more later? Would it be okay if I picked you up at your place?"

Rainbow Dash nodded yes with a huge grin on her face. Soarin' left the building and Rainbow ran over to where all her friends were sitting down and enjoying an ice cream soda float before they had to go. "Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh, GIRLS! I got a date with Soarin'! This is so awesooooome!" Rainbow Dash said.

Applejack just chuckled. "Never thought ya would be the romantic type, Rainbow, but ya'll look so cute together over there spazzin' out on that dance game. I think ya really oughta be thankful though. For if it wasn't for this place, ya would have never been able to hang out with Soarin' like ya did today. I reckon places like this help ya make new acquaintances, friends, and in yer case Rainbow, meetin' yer very own some pony special," Applejack said as she nudged Rainbow with her elbow.

All the other girls giggled at Rainbow's excitement.

When they all finished their drinks, they went back to Twilight's house to have some tea. They all gathered around the table as Spike was listening to all of their stories of epic gaming moments in the arcade.

Twilight looked over to Spike and said, "Hey Spike, take a letter to the Princess."

Spike got out a scroll and a quill and put it down on the table. He began writing down what Twilight said. "Dear Princess Celestia, Today I learned that going to the arcade isn't just for colts and fillies, but also for grown stallions and mares as well. Video games are a wonderful form of entertainment and can challenge us in many ways, including improving our eye to hoof coordination and our imaginations. I learned that arcades are in fact a very special place to meet new ponies, make new friends and create special memories. Sharing a game with a pony is one of the most fun and magical experiences I have ever had. I have even seen healthy and friendly competition brought out from playing these games. I learned that with a little team work, ponies can overcome just about any problem, including saving an arcade from shutting down. I used to be afraid to admit that I had fun playing these games, but I am now proud to call myself a gamer. Oh, and all my friends wanted me to tell you that they are proud gamers too! We'll definitely keep coming back again. Thanks again for introducing us to such an amazing place! Yours Truly, Twilight Sparkle."

Spike sent the letter away with his magical dragon fire breath.

The girls continued to sip their tea and talk about their accomplishments at the arcade.

Rainbow was so busy getting excited, talking about her high scores in her favorite game that she almost forgot about her date with Soarin'.

Applejack chuckled and said, "Hey Rainbow! Don't ya have to be with yer some pony special today?"

Rainbow perked up with a look of seriousness on her face. She suddenly yelled out, "I got to go girls! See ya later!"

Just then she ran over to the mirror in the library. She started to panic. "Oh, how do I look, girls? I'm still a sweaty mess aren't I? Do I look pretty?" Rainbow asked as she started to mess with her own mane.

Applejack started cracking up. "I never thought I'd see the day when Rainbow started worryin' bout lookin' pretty," she said.

All the other girls started laughing except for Rainbow. She shot an annoyed glance at all of them and said, "Hey! This isn't an ordinary day! I got a date with Soarin' and I need to feel well, uh, you know. I need to feel a little bit pretty."

Rarity blinked her eyes affectionately at Rainbow and said, "Well, you could stop by my boutique and I could give you a head to hoof make over."

Rainbow put her hoof to her chin nervously and considered this option. She then said, "How long would it take, Rarity?"

Rarity took a sip of her tea and said, "In your case Rainbow, I'd need to spend a few hours on you. What do you say?"

Rainbow frowned a bit then began to laugh to herself. "You know what, Rarity? I think I'd better just go home and take a quick shower. That should solve my problems," she said.

Rainbow burst out of the door and flew home.

All the girls laughed at Rainbow's consideration of getting a makeover. They continued to enjoy their tea and talk about games.

Thanks to their efforts, Ponyville’s last arcade would still stand and become popular again. Ponies from far and near would travel to play some of the greatest games ever invented.

The girls continued to play at the arcade and Rainbow Dash continued to date Soarin'. They were so in love with each other and eventually Soarin' was able to get Rainbow Dash on the team with the Wonderbolts. Rainbow found it amazing that their relationship came about, all because she found and enjoyed a video game. She loved playing the game so much, but she would have never guessed that it would bring her the love of her life as well.

The girl's would continue to help out the arcade manager and run weekly tournaments for ponies hungry for competition and fun.

For the arcade was a special place in deed for all ponies who wanted to share the joy and magic of sharing game's with each other and creating precious memories.

The end.

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too bad i was not at the arcade, arcade in the usa are dyeing out and being forgotten. I miss the days where all you need to be a gamer is a 25 Cs are 5 Cs if you go to the ow wow nickle arcade


Considering the upgrades in home technology it is no surprise. Better TVs, better sound systems, and graphics are just as good at home means that the only thing an arcade gives you is a place to hang out at the mall which they are finding are no longer so necessary. It is a sad but true state of affairs.

3395192 You know sometime i just wish i live in thos country you know like japan and others like it that understand that an arcade and cyber cafe are more than just there to wast money.

I mean really you go to japan and you see hundens if not thosen of arcades and cycber cafe you see that there full of people enjoying ever min of it.

The malls are no longger need for the USA becasue some how people think is supid to walk you fat ass out side and get to see some soon, i think tech have taken over our life way too mech if you ask me.


Interesting that you mention walking and it is part of it though not in the way you are talking so much.

Japan is a bit more squished than the USA with its large land area. It also boasts the use of more public transport and the use of more walking where both are more convenient there. Both of these make it much more convenient for the Japanese to want to stay out to hang out with friends rather than go back home. For an American going out to the suburbs and then hanging out with your friends at home is easy and expected so you can easily use your fantastic home entertainment where in Japan you might have to both use your public transport to get to one friends home hand out and then they have to go back. Japans public transport is very good but that is more of a hassle and when you have these arcades built nearby to where you work/go to school it is more convenient to hang out there and then go home when you are done.

At least these are the sorts of reasons that the articles I have read seem to think. Also with the even newer technology you are even seeing home gamers being able to interact with friends directly while playing the games in different places. In many ways all of the advantages for an arcade are slowly dying out except in the ways that the newer arcades in teh states are popping up and working. Those newer establishments are designed sort of like bars and other social scenes where it is all about the night out and the arcade is just the activity but it is really about the package of a night out with friends. Those seem to be working in the states but the simple arcade of just to play standard games after school? There just isn't much reason to do that anymore considering how awesome home entertainment is now.

3396640 good point about that about japan, but what about other country ( not as big ) like south Korea and china along side other eastern country they have the somethings like us but they more likey go to a cyber cafe or arcade ( mostly cyber cafe ) that they use.

Also yes it look like the only way the arcade can have any hope is to make it like hhhmmm like in this video here where the player is in like a virtual room kinda

Cute story i love it!

Why haven't I liked this yet??!?!?!?!?!! Awesome story btw

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